• Day9

    Sightseeing in Adare

    June 27, 2019 in Ireland ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    After a filling and tasty lunch, we set out to explore Adare for a bit.

    When I picked Adare as the waypoint for today’s drive, it was because I wanted to see the thatched cottages in the village. Turns out that two of the cottages, built on the orders of the Countess of Dunraven, burned down in 2015 and the others house restaurants and shops. They weren’t the charming cottages I’d been envisioning. Oh well.

    I was also hoping to check out the ruins of a couple of monasteries. Turns out that in place of two of the ruins there are churches now — the Trinitarian Abbey, where the monastery by the same name once stood, and the Church of St Nicholas, built on the grounds of the Augustinian Friary. Both churches have beautiful stained glass windows, so at least we had a chance to see them.

    The third ruins — those of the Franciscan Friary — are indeed ruins, but they are only accessible from the grounds of Adare Manor … not open to the public, but can be seen on a tour. Since we had some exciting plans for later in the day, we didn’t have time for a tour unfortunately.

    But I at least got a shot of Desmond Castle reflected on the River Maigue before we left Adare ... even if it met taking my life in my hands to do so!
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    Nickie Wilkinson

    Such photo clarity with your camera -- makes your pics so pretty.

    Two to Travel

    Thanks ... the photos I shared here are 50/50 with my iPhone and my Fuji XT-10. I do process and export them through Lightroom, but the editing I do is minimal and certainly nothing that would much improve the clarity coming out of the phone or camera.