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    Day 7 Takes Us to “Fun in Port Townsend”

    May 9 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 52 °F

    Since we made good time getting from Colorado Springs to Tacoma, we didn’t have to delve into the two “what-if” days we had added to our trip. So, we headed to Port Townsend for lunch today ... going up via the Olympic Peninsula and returning via the Kitsap Peninsula.

    Why make a 205-mile round-trip drive for food? Well, we like Port Townsend ... have fond memories of our very first camping trip there. Plus, the forecast called for the sun to put in an appearance up that way. And perhaps most important, we needed to near-deplete the CR-V’s fuel tank as we are only allowed a ¼ tank or less gas in each vehicle when we deliver them to Tote Maritime on Tuesday.

    We arrived in Port Townsend about ½-hour before our lunch reservation @ Doc’s Marina Grill. That gave us a bit of time to wander around and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine. We were glad we had our thick jackets with us since it was quite cold with a breeze adding a chill factor. So glad we resisted the temptation to request a table outdoors for once.

    After lunch, we headed over to Fort Worden State Park. This is where, in June 1982, we had our very first camping experience ... in our car. We were penniless youngsters, newly emigrated to the US, and could afford little else. It’s a memory that we still talk about fondly. (Here’s a link to the story from 1982:

    With my left foot in a “boot”, we weren’t able to do much more than drive through the park and snap a few photos. Too bad since the skies were a beautiful blue, with what I call character-clouds adding interest. And the temp had warmed up nicely so that it would have been a delight to go for a stroll on the beach.

    All in all, we had a lovely outing ... enjoyed reminiscing about old memories ... and making new ones to add to our memory banks.


    For those interested in what’s pictured in the “food porn” photo ...

    We started out by sharing a Crispy Fried Calamari, served with a pesto aioli. Then, we both ordered seafood dishes — for me … Salmon Aglio e Olio [a traditional Italian dish; grilled Northwest salmon on a bed of angel hair pasta, sautéed with garlic, chili flakes, and fresh herbs; topped with a baby arugula lemon salad]; for Mui ... the Saltwater Café Sauté [Manila clams, Penn Cove mussels, salmon, cod, and prawns; sautéed in white wine, butter, garlic, and herb broth ... with asparagus and Yukon gold smashed potatoes]. My beverage of choice was a pint of Manny’s Light Ale; Mui had a glass of the Montoya Vineyards Pinot Noir. We finished with the Legendary Big Fat Chocolate Cake …. which was moist, big, and rich … just like it was described on the menu. All in all a very satisfying meal.
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    what did I miss here? left foot in a boot? thought I read everything...

    Two to Travel

    I did a quick blurb in departure day. Achilles tendinitis...since a few days before the trip. All that running around must have aggravated it. Getting better, but will continue to baby the foot until we get to Alaska at least.


    Yum!!🥰 [Linda B]

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