• Day27

    Winter Sports in the City (rated PG)

    December 17, 2019 in Norway ⋅ 🌫 -3 °C

    The capital city of a ski-obssessed country must of course provide ski facilities within its vicinity. Indeed, if you ride T-bane line 1 to its northern terminus you will discover Vinterpark, Oslo's very own ski resort!

    Skiing was a slope too far for me on this trip, but I happily rented a toboggan and threw myself down the Korketrekkeren slope - twice! 🛷 The name means Corkscrew and I understood why as I screamed my way down 2km of twists, turns and big bumps which gave me some significant air time. My POV video commentary cannot be shared - no one wants to hear such extreme panic just before Christmas!

    I then proceeded on the T-bane to the futuristic Holmenkollen Ski Jump. Mist-erious weather saved me from looking down to the bottom 😅, so I still can't appreciate the emotional state of a ski jumper.

    En-route to Vinterpark was Vigeland Sculpture Park. Joanna and I thought that Malmö had a lot of naked statues. But Vigeland had over 200 nude human figures, some in questionable poses. It was quite a sight, but I can't help but be confused by the number of naked likenesses in cold, cold Scandinavia.
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