• Day26


    March 8 in Panama ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    A young local woman who was on my bus got off the bus where I did, somewhere on the sandy coastal road at Bluff Beach. She didn’t speak English but waved me to follow her through a gate.
    I had forgotten the name of the hotel that I was looking for but knew it was on Bluff Beach. I figured that I would try a hotel and if I was wrong I could use their internet to check my old emails for the correct name of our yoga retreat hotel and then walk to it.
    As it turned out the young woman’s name was Milka and she was a kitchen worker at Bluff Beach Retreat and indeed it was my hotel! Lucky me!
    The buildings of the retreat are new and luxurious. The food was exquisite and plentiful every day.
    Karen, one of the American owners, welcomed me and showed me around the grounds and to my room. I took advantage of the large pool to cool down from a long day of travel.
    The rest of my Toronto yoga group arrived later that afternoon and for the next week we practiced yoga twice a day.
    It felt really great to get back to my practice.
    On Wednesday most of the group took a 5 hour snorkeling tour after our morning yoga class.
    I was pleased to see the extensive areas of healthy coral. There were several fish species that I had seen before while snorkeling in other locations but they were not great in numbers. The exception was the dense schools of minnow sized fish that were abundant and obviously curious about me.
    The week flew by far too quickly and tomorrow I will use the same shuttle company to take me to Boquete, Panama, in the mountains.
    The beach portion of my holiday is done.
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