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  • Day99

    Vatican City, Italy

    August 13, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    I've arrived in Rome!! After a bus, subway train, another bus, flight, shuttle bus and 1km walk, I've finally made it to Rome where Nana and Kim are. It was really great to see them both after 3.5 months away from home. Nana struggled with her knee on the flight so spent the day stuck in bed with it elevated, barely able to walk! Luckily she managed to take some pain killers that returned it to normal and she's been able to explore Rome with us. Our accommodation was literally 100m from Vatican City and we spent our first day on a tour learning all about the state within a state. I'm not religious so a lot of it went over my head or through one ear and out the other but the actual buildings were incredible. The long hallway museum through the Vatican was covered with the most amazing paintings depicting life as the Bible describes. We made our way to the Sistine Chapel and it was cool to see the Michelangelo paintings that the world talks about so much. Unfortunately the whole place is overrun by tourists so it's difficult to really grasp the spiritual vibe of the place. It's ironic that there are signs everywhere asking for people to be respectful, not take photos, cover shoulders and not talk, yet thousands of tourists are allowed in everyday without a limit. I'd love to see the city introduce time slots with limited tourist tickets or something similar to hold on to the serenity of such a religious place.Read more