• Day81

    San Sebastián

    August 18, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    When we got into San Sebastián we were super exhausted from not sleeping much the night before so we slept in until about 8 pm. It was nice sleeping in an Airbnb instead of being in a hostel with lots of other people. When we woke up we got dinner nearby. I had clams which were good but I only got 6 of them for my meal, so I was still hungry after eating. We then walked to the beach where there were tons of food trucks. Apparently this weekend was a big holiday celebration in San Sebastián so that’s why there were food trucks by the beach. The trucks came to save the day and I had a bubble waffle with ice cream which put an end to my hunger. Hooray! We enjoyed the view from the beach at night and then went back to the Airbnb. Before going to sleep we heard a bunch of loud noises, and looked outside our Airbnb to see a big firework show! The balcony of our place had a great view of the show and it was a lovely surprise, especially since I didn’t see any on the 4th of July. It was pretty cool how we accidentally stumbled upon this celebration! The next morning we woke up and did laundry while eating brunch. The laundry machines were pretty pricey to use, but at least we got it done and shouldn’t have to do laundry again during our trip. After finishing the laundry we went to the beach. It may have been the most crowded beach I’ve ever been on, but we were still able to find a spot with people not too ridiculously close by. The other beach goers were all respectful so it was okay having a lot of people there. The waves at the beach were incredible. They were constantly the perfect size for body boarding which was lots of fun! It was also really nice to just sit on the beach, relax, read, and do nothing. I did make one stupid mistake. I thought that since I hadn’t gotten a sunburn all summer that I could get away with just putting sunscreen on my face and shoulders and get a nice tan without getting burned. That was foolish and I of course got burned. The burn isn’t bad, but it’s still a burn. I deserve this fate, I was an Icarus who flew too close to the sun. After getting back from the beach and lotioning my burn we called Anna to get recommendations for when we visit London. When the call was done we went to get dinner. Many places were closed since it was a Sunday, or booked since it was a holiday and San Sebastián is known for its food. However, we were able to find a pintxos bar to eat at. Pintxos are the tapas of San Sebastián and are small dishes typically served on bread with sticks going through them. It was a lot of fun to try! After dinner we took the funicular to the top of one of the hills to see the views of the beach at sunset. The sun didn’t set in the direction of the beach, but it was still an amazing view! And we did get to enjoy seeing the beach during blue hour. I’m sure Dad is jealous! We finished the night by getting some ice cream by the beach. The next morning we got up to take the train to Paris. Getting to the train station was pretty stressful. The bus station for the bus to the train station was impossible to navigate with the buses located in the wrong numbered spots. We somehow eventually found the right bus, but it left a little later than the posted time which worried us. The train station was right on the border of Spain and France on the French side. The bus got stopped by police on the border for about 20 minutes while the police heavily questioned every black person on the bus. The whole ordeal was horribly racist and gave us a bad first impression of France. It also almost made us late to our train which was super frustrating being stuck on the bus when the station was so close by. Luckily, we just made the train by running to get on once we reached the station. Running to trains seems to be a theme of my trip. This was my last train so I lucked out on all of them. I guess throwing my coin in the Trevi fountain payed off after all!Read more