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  • Day82


    August 19, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Bonjour! After checking into our Airbnb in Paris we decided to walk around and see some of the major sites of the city. We first walked around the Luxembourg gardens which were really pretty. There was a central fountain area with remote control boats that kids played with. It reminded me of Easton in the summer. You just have to replace the 3 Victoria Secrets with a bunch of fancy old French buildings and it’s practically identical! Columbus and Paris are practically the same am I right?! After strolling the gardens we went to the Notre-Dame Cathedral to visit Quasimodo. The line to get into the cathedral was huge, but luckily it went fast. It was a pretty cathedral, but I was honestly left unimpressed especially when comparing it to the superior gothic duomo in Milan. Naomi and I were wondering why it’s such a household name, and I honestly think the Hunchback of Notre-Dame movie\book may be the reason. Looks like Vienna may not be the only place on people’s radar largely due to a movie! Next, we went to Shakespeare and Company which is an English bookstore. The store was frequented amongst famous ex-pat authors such as Hemingway. After walking around the store and then Paris a bit more, we went to a treat yourself meal at chez Julien. I got steak with a side of bone marrow and potatoes. Naomi and I also shared a bottle of wine, cheese, and dessert. It was all delicious and a great introduction to French cuisine! When we were done feasting we went to the Eiffel Tower since we had reservations to go up to the second floor. Even with the reservations the line to get up the tower was still about an hour long! Going up the tower was pretty cool since the elevators have to follow the curve of the towers legs. The view from the tower was nice but a little underwhelming. That was a bit to be expected though since the view can’t be too exciting while standing on the most interesting thing in the skyline. There were less lights in the city than I expected for the “city of lights”, but I guess all cities are so lit up these days that all cities deserve that title. It was still really cool to go up the tower, and the tower itself is by no means disappointing. It is lit up beautifully at night, and is a cool beacon that you can see all around the city. It even sparkles for a few minutes every hour which is dazzling to watch! When we got back down from the tower we walked back to the Airbnb and called it a night. The next day we started at the Orsay museum. The museum is an old train station turned into an art museum. It had many great pieces, especially impressionist and post impressionist works by artists like Monet and Van Gogh. This was probably my favorite museum we visited, I liked the art in the museum and thought it was a good size. There was a lot to see, but it wasn’t overwhelming. After seeing everything in the museum we got a quick lunch where I had French onion soup. For some reason I thought it would taste like fresh onion chip dip, so I was slightly disappointed, but it was still tasty! Next we went to the Rodin museum. The museum consists of many woks done by the French sculptor Rodin on display inside a building as well as a sculpture garden. I am usually not the biggest sculpture fan, but I thought the way Rodin showed movement and form was very interesting. I was impressed by his ability to evoke emotions when viewing his works. I also found the garden area very relaxing to walk around. When we were done museum hopping, we rested at the Airbnb for a bit before dinner. We went to dinner at a place where the staff did not speak English well, which made ordering a bit tricky since we didn’t understand the menu so we weren’t sure what we ordered. We also discovered after sitting down that they did not serve at alcohol which was a bummer since we wanted wine, but it felt rude to leave after sitting so we decided to stick it out through dinner. I know I know, we are incredibly brave, not all hero’s wear capes. I wound up getting a steak risotto and it was really tasty! After dinner we went to the famous Cafe de Flore so we could have a glass of wine and order dessert off a English menu. Both dessert and wine were pricey there, but we decided to really go all out in Paris since it is famous for food and we were nearing the end of our trip. Once we were done indulging in these tasty treats we went on a night cruise of the Seine. The cruise was really nice and allowed us to see many of the famous landmarks of Paris at night. Naomi and I agreed that the best part of the cruise was the people watching. Tons of people sat along the Seine hanging out and having picnics which was really fun to observe. After our cruise was done we walked back to the Airbnb and called it a night. We needed to rest to prepare ourselves for more days of delicious Parisian food. Bon appetite!Read more