• Day28


    January 31, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We had an awesome day today exploring a place called Kualoa ranch where they filmed a lot of movies including Jurassic park! We got there nice and early and we were out in a group to ride quads on the movie sets with a WHOLE group of Asians! Now I am not being racist but I just had this feeling that the quad experience was going to be hilarious. We were the only two that got a safety talk in English!!! And the rest were all in different languages, now with in the first 5 minutes of doing the practice lap to make sure every one was okay one of the dim sims crashed of a small drop and sat there trying to get out of the hole the wheels spinning like crazy!! Toby and I turned to each other and Toby's words to me went a little like this, " well this is going to be fucking eventful" 😂
    The ride was nice and slow with one of the dim sims being close to the age of 60+ he had to be!! It was definitely a very funny experience. After our quad tour we went on a jungle tour to see Hawaiian temples, traditional stone packed fences, along with how they fished and come to use the land.
    We headed to lunch after this tour where we filed up on once again mostly Asian foods lots of rice 😂 and headed on to our last adventure on the ranch which was the tour of all the movie sets and sites that were filmed there. We seen where movies like 51st dates was filmed, soul surfer, Jurassic park, King Kong, the movie pearl harbour and Hawaii 5-0 which was being filmed for season 8 while we were there!! We didn't see any of the actors but it was exciting seeing them set up.
    After all of our tours we headed back to our hotel had a little kip then went down to the jacuzzi for a dip before dinner! It was a pretty miserable day, raining on and off so the jacuzzi was a good idea! Not to mention it was full of multicultural people having loads of debate and one Aussie being a wanker!! We had a pretty cool day 🌸
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