• Day15

    NYC #2 Statue of Liberty

    October 2, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Apparently viewing The Statue Of Liberty is free, being a gift from the French and a symbol of freedom and the rest of it but they must have got the Toll Road guys in to work out how to squeeze the punter without going against the spirit of everything that Liberty symbolises.
    How this works is the only way on to Liberty Island is by official ferries and they charge you a fare for this so the cost is supposedly just for the transport over and return.

    But I noticed a disparity here so what I asked them was how come the lowest fare is just to get to the island. A higher fare is charged to enter the Pedestal and a much higher fare applies to enter the Crown, that’s for folks who go right up the top and stick their heads out of Liberties crown but this section is booked out until 2020.

    So my rationale is, they are charging for the viewing, it’s plain and simple the more you want to view the more they charge.
    I would have taken this a lot further but Rhonda said something about me and ruffling feathers and something about her being sick of it, I’m not sure I was too busy sending off a furious email to the American National Parks Association demanding to be reimbursed for our Pedestal admission.

    I was on a good roll too being inspired by the statue herself with all that righteousness and the “for the people by the people”stuff.
    The Statue of Liberty certainly does this flag waving and freedom for all stuff well starting with the sheer scale, I think it may still be the largest sculpture of that type in the world, if not it should be because it is one powerful piece of art and a more impressive thing is that they created and erected her in the 1880’s, and the size of some of the construction is on Egyptian Pyramid scale.
    Like our Opera House the position out in the harbour, at the entrance to New York City adds to the power of the piece, anywhere else it could get lost amongst the skyscrapers of Manhattan but instead those buildings become a backdrop for Liberty.

    The experience so far of NYC is, we suggest that any of you who never want to visit any cities in the world or are turned off by what they’ve heard about this place should make an exception, just once and try a trip to New York.
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