• Day245

    Lammington np

    October 11, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    E kurvigi Strass - fasch wie e schwiizer Passstrass - het ois zum Nationalpark gfüert.
    Mir hend e churzi Wanderig gmacht und de Treecanopy walk.
    Bim Zmittag im Picknickareal het ois en hungrige Regent Bowerbird oisi feine Brioche welle us de hand riisse! Läck sind mir verschrocke wo de ois plötzli aagriffe het! :) Debii gsehnd die so schön und lieb uus...

    Bild 5: Regent Bowerbird
    Bild 6: Crimson Rosella

    A very curvy street led us up to Lamington national park. We walked the tree canopy walk and saw a couple of birds and small kangaroos.
    The highlights of the day were the Regent Bowerbird. They tried to pick the food right out of our hands and weren't shy at all. Most likely some poeple fed them before and now they think they can do as they like.

    Picture 5: Regent Bowerbird
    Picture 6: Crimson Rosella
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