• Day14

    Traffic lies.

    August 7, 2019 in Russia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Silly o'clock start as the bargain taxi firm said traffic could be bad. So bad that the taxi was early or in fact there was no traffic & got here with time to spare. Said our thanks & within 5 mins we were at the station - unsurprisingly no change was offered. We were at the station before the taxi had been booked for & were just under 2 hours early. Oops. Settled down for a long wait, well sort of - went for an explore. Tried to establish what platform the train was leaving on. Google helped a little & found that she didn't know - wait 40 mins. Once that was sorted battled through the tour parties to the platform & waited some more. Unsure where our carriage would be - agonised for a bit & stayed put. As it happened we were right & made it to the carefully chosen seats - by the baggage rack & plug - forward facing. Settled in for the 4 hour journey. Plenty of leg room helped & free wifi with films also helped - well for one of us. Good job because the dominant feature outside was trees - lots of them. Picked out when we crossed the Volga & that was about it. Into Moscow & it was noticeably warmer. Down to the metro & a very helpful lady battled with her English to get us the right ticket. Not too busy & our first sight of the famous lavish Moscow metro. Short walk to the hotel & relax.Read more