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    Day 4 Ponte De Lima to Tui

    April 19, 2016 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Day 4 Ponte De Lima to Tui (Spain)
    37.5km 23.2miles
    The benefit of staying in an Albergue is that everyone gets up early even if you don't want to.the lights on the dormitory came on twice at 6am because someone couldn't find their head torch. Never mind the other 15 people trying to sleep.
    As a result, I was packed and on the Camino for 6.30am. Feet felt good. I was aiming for Valenca on the Portuguese/Spanish border.
    I watched a beautiful sunrise and walked along very muddy tracks.
    A lot of hills today but no main roads. It culminated in a slog to Portela Grande at 435m and down Rubales. At least one or twice, I had to take my shoes off to cross swollen rivers. The reward was cool feet.
    I passed through a lot of villages. These were usually marked by chained dogs going mad as you walked past. You usually knew how far a peregrino was ahead or behind you as the dogs barking echoed up and down the valleys.
    I didn't see that many peregrinos. I did walk with a German guy called Phillip from Near Stuttgart. He had recently finished his studies and decided to walk the Caminho.
    The heavens opened mid afternoon for about a hour. It was a case of head down, iPod on and stretch the miles out to ACDC.
    I made the conscious decision to walk through Valenca. The town was located on an elevated fortified position overlooking the Rio Mino and Tui in Spain.
    I crossed the bridge and entered Spain. At least now, my evening class in Spanish might come in useful.
    I stayed in the main Albergue. Just 36 beds in 2 dorms. I was first in the second room and had a great spot. No internet last night, hence the post now.
    I was exhausted but delighted to be in Spain. 37.5 km ticked off. I showered and washed my clothes at the same time. Al Cox and other peregrinos understand this. I then did a tour of Tui Cathedral. It dates from 1584. The cathedral is dedicated to St. James 'The Moor Slayer'. Of course, everyone loves the Irish so I was safe.
    I went out to a local restaurant ordered my food in Spanish. Felt very smug. My Spanish teacher would have been impressed. Fell into my bed at 8.30pm.
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