• Day81

    Somoto Canyon

    March 18, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

    Early in the morning the crew around Chuck left full of excitement to go to Somoto. I didn't realize till we were on the bus that it was a 2h busride just to get to that town. Here we were picked up by our guide who jumped with us on a second bus to get to the entrance of the canyon. Here we got a little introduction to the tour and left everything but our water bottles and cameras behind as we were swimming a big part of the tour. Luckily I had bought the neopren swimsuit from Kim as this would also keep me warm here. Also the had water shoes so I didn't have to get my sneakers all wet.
    First we walked for a while into the nature and along the water till the point where we had to enter the water for the first time. Our guide took our bottles and cameras for us in his dry bag so we could swim freely. They made us wear life vests which I first thought was stupid but realized pretty quick that this was pretty cool as you could just float through the water with it.
    Along the way there were a lot of situations where we could jump into the water from rocks of different heights. In between we would hike, climb, swim and float through the canyon. The views were super impressive. Floating on your back through the water looking up you would see the canyon walls on both sides and the clouds moving over the gap. It was such a weird perspective.
    The canyon got narrower and narrower and the rocks to jump down from higher and higher. The last one was 20m. But nobody did that one except for a local guide. And even he was standing up there quite a while before he jumped.
    I took the one below that which was probably about 10m heigh. For the last bit you take a boat till the end of the canyon. After a nice lunch we started making our way back which still took us a few hours. But it was a really nice daytrip and the crew was super!
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