• Day99

    Bayan- Ulgii to UB- last day of tour!

    October 8, 2019 in Mongolia ⋅ 🌙 1 °C

    Up at 5.30am for a 6am pick up to the airport. We luckily had a jet so the 3 hour flight turned into 2 hours and with the hour time difference we landed in UB at 11.20am.
    Checked back into the Ramada for the last time and then off to lunch.
    K and I got put into a taxi which u get by just standing in the street and putting ur hand out and getting into any car that stops!! It doesn’t have to be a registered taxi.
    We went to the Institute of Mongolian archaeology as per previous post, and then made an elderly man v happy by getting in his car for a lift back to the Ramada. We showed him the wad of notes which was the correct amount so he nodded all was ok. 2 metres up the road he stopped the car in the middle if the road, rolled down his window and asked another driver for directions!!
    We got back fine and we were all v happy!
    A bat mobile was parked in the Ramada car park! ( mongolia gets more bizarre every day!!)
    We dropped off our laundry, sorted out Unru’s tip and then we had 11 mins before pick up for the cultural show ( see seperate post).
    After the show it was dinner at a Mongolian BBQ and then back to Ramada 17th floor for a nightcap.
    Long but great day.... and tmrw we r free!!! 1 more day in UB before train to Beijing on Thursday.
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