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  • Day166

    The Grand Canyon

    May 31 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    5th day after leaving LA we finally hit one of the National Parks and we started big with the Grand Canyon. James was still feeling a bit rough but managed to still see this with his own eyes. They say that no matter how many photographs and videos you see, you're still awestruck by the immensity of it. They are right.
    We went to the South entrance of the park and there is a rim walk all along the canyon. It was difficult at the end of the day to just turn around and walk away from it!
    Without James' support Armelle didn't dare venture on a hike to the river (and also because she's not crazy) but tested her legs to go to the Ooh-Aah point. Easier to come down than up!
    As we were in the desert the past few days, it was surprising to see some wildlife in the park! There are horses wandering around as well as elks who are quite used to humans. More discrete there are also some squirrels and cliffs chipmunks that show their cute faces. Finally the king in this environment are the birds. They fly using the currents in the canyon and it looks like that's the best way to experience it!
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    happy to know James can enjoy travelling again👌🤗




    ...wouaouh !!!!

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