• Day19


    August 24, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Hey guys and today we're at Lake Erie the top of it and that means we're going into Canada we just had to show our passports and boom done we can go into Canada but the main reason why we're in Canada it's because we're.....going to meet our cousins and my bored level is over 9000 its 9000.01 I'm super bored are you guys probably not being entertained by me reading it to you those people that of those people following by blogs thank you so much for doing that you are the best jimmy is #no.1 for commenting on my blogs first if you guys want to be number one you just have todo something awesome like do like comment first on my blogs or have good feedback I might buy you lunch for that get it? Pun included feedback lunch is food hahahhahahaha then we went to the Mall it was pretty big we went to the rainforest café and there were animals one animal moved every ten mins and a thunderstorm was every 30 minutes it was cool anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I will see you later bye!Read more