• Day253

    Final countdown

    May 17, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    With the help of the German embassy, we got seats on a repatriation flight to Munich. So we said goodbye to our hostel family in San Gil and left for Bogotá. Juan Diego, the owner of the hostel, organized a bike rack for his car and drove us to the capital. The drive was quite nice: we passed beautiful mountain scenery and the "cycling state of Colombia", Boyaca. As interstate travelling is usually not allowed yet (we had an official document from the embassy), roads were empty and we made it to Bogota in about 5 hours.
    In Bogota, we organized bike boxes for the flight. Our host for a night in the city, Marcelinus, welcomed us warmly, helped us pack the bikes, cooked us Colombian meals and gave us a lift to the airport the next day.
    In Colombia, the airport is closed and only operates few humanitarian flights. Our flight was the only one that day. Necertheless, we had to be there 5 hours early because of security checks. After waiting in line for 2 hours (with a 1.5m distance of course), we had to wash our hands in mobile sinks and had our temperature measured. Check-in went smoothly, so we had to kill another hour before boarding. Luckily, we met a couple who we knew from the San Gil hostel before lockdown. So we played pantomime with them which was great fun.
    Boarding was line by line which took quite a while. Seats were uncomfortable, inflight entertainment turned off, food was served in a plastic bag and we had to wear a face mask all the time. We definitely had better flights before, but well - we landed safely in Munich.
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