• Day46

    Walking tour in Melbourne

    March 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    The night was short. At 02:00 am my alarm went off because I had ordered a taxi for 02:45 am to go to Brisbane airport. My flight to Melbourne was at 05:10 am. It was very quiet at the airport and the counters did not open before about 03:45 am. Checkin and security check were fast and then I had much time to enjoy a croissant and a coffee. The sunrise after takeoff was beautiful once again. At about 08:00 am I landed in Melbourne. From Melbourne airport I took the Skybus to the city centre and then went to the hostel. Of course, I could not go to the room yet, but I left my luggage there and went on a little stroll around the city. Honestly, I was not really motivated because I was pretty tired and exhausted. I would have loved to spend most the time, until I could checkin, in a nice café, but I just did not manage to find a nice one in between the skyscrapers. From my first impression I did not catch the vibe of Melbourne. For the afternoon I had planned to go on a free city walking tour, but first I returned back to the hostel. It took still a while until I could go to my room and then I had immediately to go to the starting point of the tour again. And, except for the rain that came down every now and then, the tour was really nice😀We were told interesting facts about Melbourne, saw nice Victorian and other buildings as well as beautiful parks and just went on the "right" path through the city. I figured out, that in the morning I very often had just turned left or right too early before I would have reached the nicer areas🙃We also went through Chinatown, which is the oldest in the world, as well as through impressive small laneways full of bars and restaurants. The tour ended after about three hours at a place where we had a beautiful view on the skyline. The concept of the tour operator is, that it is in general free, but that you give in the end what you consider the tour was worth to you. I think, it was a great tour to get insights into Melbourne. Anyway, I was still tired and not very motivated to do much after the tour. I walked around the city, grabbed a bite and returned to the hostel to fall asleep soon...Read more