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  • Day40

    Mendoza Wine & Olive Oil Tour pt2

    December 11, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    More images that we couldn't fit on the first post 😂

    Loraine Fricker

    Hi Charlotte

    Loraine Fricker

    Hi Charlotte and zach looks a big place anyway enjoy your travels love dad and mum

    Charlotte Fricker

    Hey guys :D thanks it's really chilled here! Nice atmosphere

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  • Day40

    Day 38 - To Mendoza

    February 4, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Up early to check out and over to the air park (it's the air park for the downtown port and the airport for the international port north of BA) for our 9:00 flight. Once there we discovered I'd made the reservation for a 9 PM flight! We were able to get a new reservation, in Business class, for later in the morning and waited for that.

    We had a good flight to Mendoza, cruusing over heavily farmed plains. Our hotel (Villaggio) is a small boutique one in the center of town. We walked around the central square and a pedestrian street.

    Mendoza is a large city (130,000 in the city proper and 1.7 million in the greater metro area). It's 650 miles from BA but only 150 miles from Santiago, Chile, across the Andes. It is the commercial hub of the wine growing region but doesn't seem crowded or busy. Wine is THE business here with 90% of all Argentine wines produced in the area. They also grow olives and produce olive oil and bottle the mountain water for sale throughout the country.

    At a shop on the pedestrian mall I finally found a leather belt I liked. At the hotel we arranged tours for Wednesday and Thursday then went around the corner for a great Italian dinner (with wine, of course).
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  • Day134

    Mendoza and the wine region

    December 4, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    After a week of spanish school in Mendoza , we got ourselves wrapped arround the past and the imperfect. And Suse tried her first Mate' , and we learned about the ceremonial love affair of passing the cup when meeting people. On the weekend we see people under trees at the creeks and in parkinglots making Asado ,the other argentine past time ,our spanish teacher explained it "as an exuse to get together and bbq all day" . Mendoza is a lively , joyful town and the largest wine region in Argentina just south of the city allows Napa valley like tours and tastings .We camp at rio Atuel ,which forms an impressive canyon.Read more

    Gabriele Lukow

    Could also be Paris

    Gabriele Lukow

    Looks refreshing

    Gabriele Lukow

    Very great pic!!

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  • Day34

    Ice cream, vino, fountains & music

    November 10, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    First exploration of Mendoza:)
    I found out that they have the best ice cream so far, cheap wine and some nice entertainment at Plaza de Independencia 👍
    In Mendoza, there is even a Liverpool pub 😁

  • Day40

    Mendoza Wine & Olive Oil Tour pt1

    December 11, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    After our long 17.5hr bus journey from Bariloche to Mendoza we are finally in the wine capital of Argentina! We arrived at 7am so had time for breakfast at our new digs, before booking a wine tour to the valley of Luján de Cuyo, on this tour we visited the Roberto Bonfanti bodega which is a small family run vineyard that specialises in boutique wines. The owner talked to us in Spanish (not helpful, but our helpful tour guide was at hand to translate lol 😂) about the process they use... Then the most important part of trying their wines!! We tried 3 different wines; Single Malbec (screw top aka cheaper wine) then the reserva Malbec and also (which was my favourite as its white) the chardonnay.... It was amazing, so we bought some of course! Next we toured a bigger wine producer in the same area; Dante Robino which produces Malbecs, whites but also lots of sparkling wines too ( yum😋)! The last place we visited was the olive oil producers of Laur, they are the 4th largest producers of olive oil in the world, plus no.1 in South America! Their olive oil and balsamics were lovely too.Read more

  • Day43

    San Martín Park in Mendoza City

    December 14, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today we just spent a day walking around the parks and getting to know the city a little more, the main park reminded me a little of Central Park in NY, but on a much smaller scale, with dedicated running, walking and cycling paths, and a lake in the middle (which didn't seem to be used for any water sports!) it also had a mini sports centre within it and basketball courts. We had a play on the outdoor exercise equipment, which wasn't a great idea in the desert heat lol 😂Read more

  • Day284


    February 14, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    On our way to Mendoza we flew over a huge mountain range – reminding us of flying into Cusco with the plane seemingly not high enough above the peaks. Once over the mountains, the landscape became very flat and dry.
    A downtown Airbnb apartment served as our base. Dangerously, it had Netflix. While we caught up on a few series, we also managed to get out and about a bit.
    The downtown was bustling and full of restaurants, cafes and wine bars. Many of the buildings were charming, but not nearly as impressive as in BA. While it felt safe, we were put off by many of the small corner shops taking orders through barred windows – even in the middle of the day in nice neighborhoods.
    Wine country was a change from Chile with the main difference being there seemed to be hundreds of small, independent wineries near Mendoza in contrast to what seemed to be fewer, bigger ones in Chile. The tasting fees were also far more reasonable (~$10-15 instead of ~$25-30), likely because of so much competition. We visited a few wineries (including the sparkling wine maker, Cruzat) and had lunch at a beautiful wine lodge. The vineyards were pretty and the wine delicious with huge mountain ranges visible in the distance.
    On one of our days here, we took a drive back towards the Chilean border through a stunning desert landscape. It made us wish we’d taken the bus here instead of flown so we could have seen even more. We were surprised to learn that the highest mountain outside of Asia is here, called Aconcagua, an impressive 6,962 meters (22,841 ft). Luckily we had a clear day so had very good views on our short hike near the mountain. We enjoyed the city and would recommend it for a visit, but the highlight for us was the nearby mountains and landscapes vs. the city itself or even its’ wine country.
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    Lucinda Ayers

    Yum! And wearing the beloved elephant shirt too! Perfection.

    Rowena Singer

    What a lovely vista, with only one car seen on this long road. So cool!

  • Day99

    86. Argentina - Mendoza

    November 29, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 79 °F

    Love Mendoza! Greater Mendoza is a city of almost 2 million people. Strolling through the streets, I feel like I'm in a mini version of NYC (without the skyline). The city of 21 sq miles is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and plenty of accommodation options. There's no shortage of plazas and small parks as well.

    The main industries here are olive oil and wine production, with a focus on Malbecs. We took a wine tour at 2 wineries, including Domiciano Winery, with a mostly Spanish speaking group. I connected with an old friendly woman who walked with a cane. I think she got hammered pretty fast. I didn't understand a word she said, but she made a joke and laughed, and I laughed too. (Maybe I was a little hammered as well?)
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  • Day41

    Mendoza - Wein, wein, weimn ...

    February 26, 2018 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Wir also mit dem bus so nach Mendotza. Hat fiil jereschnet. Und wir dann so sex tage mit Wein, wein, weimn wweikbn frkzx ofrnvcrlnl wwrtzzg bmlüüifesv gewdde bugezk wein lotdgdd gff wein nvfev wein ghvk sex n jvlvifc olkhdqfcb vkb vb vhjjbv wein nkh kb jbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ...

    Next: Flug (FO5450) nach Iguazu am 1.3.






    Okeoke. Natürlich gibt es noch ein paar weitere wenn auch teils verschwommene Erinnerungen an Mendoza. Wir waren ja nicht nur betrunken. Aber endlich mal. Auch das Saturday-Night-BBQ im Hostel in Mendoza City entpuppte sich als eine richtig steile Sause. Ausserdem haben wir ja das mit dem Mietwagen nochmals versucht via Rentalcars, den Pfeifen. Und was soll ich sagen? Es hat geklappt. Wobei, ich wollte ja einen Tesla. Weiss. Und schnell. Wie mein über alles geliebtes „Schinkenbrot“ eben. Aber Tesla gabs nicht, also haben wir etwas sehr ähnliches genommen. Also das Gefährt, das die nach dem Preis aufsteigend sortierte Liste als erstes ausspuckte. Das Resultat? Ein scheusslich hässlicher Chevi „schiessmichtot“ von einer Firma namens Cactus. Mir reicht die erste Silbe. Ich hoffe Sue hat keine Fotos gemacht. Was würden denn alle meine versnobten (Private-)Banker-Freunde von mir denken? Wobei, da sind ja nur noch Dani und Isli, und die sind ja eigentlich ganz cool ohne Schlips.

    Wie der Tesla hat auch der Chevi, der ziemlich sicher im Kofferraum vom Tesla Platz hätte, ... äh, vier Sitze. Ohne Leder. Damit enden die Gemeinsamkeiten aber auch schon. Zumindest für mich. Naja, schalten macht ja auch Spass und dank Pedro Fictivo (aka The Stig, haben wir ja hautnah miterlebt, wie wenige Verkehrsregeln es effektiv zu beachten gibt in Südamerika. Dieser Umstand dürfte den Tesla-Autopiloten sowieso eher ausbremsen. Und so schlage ich die vom Navi errechnete Ankunftszeit dank altmodisch manueller Fahrweise bei jeder Gelegenheit und sehr zur Freude von Sue. Denke ich. Ihren Kommentaren nach zu urteilen, ist sie auf jeden Fall sehr bei der Sache. „Es isch ROOOT!“ ... „do chasch NID überhole!“ ... „das langed NIE!“ ... Tss.

    Wir nutzen das kleine Scheisserchen also, um mit überhöhter Geschwindigkeit und doch total lässig und entspannt - „flüssig“, wie The Stig es nennt - von einer Weinerei zur nächsten zu cruisen und uns allerlei Wein präsentieren zu lassen. Guten Wein. Das können sie hier wirklich. Und nachdem wir uns in Santiago irgendwie schon wieder an den ganzen Luxus gewöhnt haben, entschieden wir uns neben den teils schäbigen Hostel-Zimmern in dieser Woche für drei Übernachtungen auf drei verschiedenen Weingütern. Das hätte auch einen perfekten „smaak!“-Ausflug ergeben. Salentein ist wahnsinnig imposant, Gimenez Riili sehr familiär mit toller Küche und Cecchin? Hm, Cecchin ist Bio, einfach nur Bio.

    Jaja, kosten tun so Winery-Guesthouses natürlich einiges mehr als ein Hostel. Aber wenn man berücksichtig, dass jeweils noch eine Tour, oft ein Tasting und manchmal sogar noch eine ganze Flasche Wein auf dem Zimmer inkludiert ist, ist es immer noch scheiss teuer. Aber man gönnt sich ja auch sonst alles und die verbliebene Speckrolle sehnt sich seit Wochen hartnäckig nach Gesellschaft. Sue für ihren Teil kontemplierte ob der selbst gewählten Unterkünfte, dass die Reise dann wohl schon im Dezember enden könnte, man aber vieles gesehen und möglichst nichts ausgelassen hätte. Ich lächelte, nickte leicht und dachte mir nur „deine vielleicht“! Wir werden sehen. Go Bitcoin, go!

    Ein kurzes Video dazu gibt's hier:
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    Pascal Widmer

    mega 👏, gnüssids! 🥂🍷🍾


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