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  • Day3

    Evening stroll

    February 3, 2016 in Argentina

    Went for a walk with half of the city in los bosques de palermo this evening. I can tell you that rollerblading is in big time here. Walked around past the zoo and saw flamingos, a giraffe and capybara. Then had 38 seconds to cross twelve lanes of traffic - but at least you get a countdown. Dry January finished on Sunday night but we've just started on our first bottle of Malbec (£2) and we are both a bit drunk on one glass each.Read more

  • Day23

    Buenos Aires - Tag 2

    February 29, 2016 in Argentina

    Sind heute hauptsächlich mit dem Touristenbus durch die Stadt gefahren, weil wir noch von gestern Karten gehabt haben und diese noch ausnutzen wollten. War ganz nett durch die Stadt zu fahren, obwohl es eigentlich nur ein kleiner Teil der Stadt war. In der Stadt leben ja fast 3 Millionen Menschen und in der gesamten Metropolregion sogar über 13 Millionen, dementsprechend groß und weitläufig ist auch die Stadt (+Umgebung).
    Sind dann am Abend noch in ein nahegelegenes Restaurant gegangen, weil zwei andere Restaurants wo wir hingehen wollten heute geschlossen hatten. Keine gute Idee - das Essen war grottenschlecht. Der Spinat hat alt und erdig geschmeckt und die Soße war etwas süßlich und hat ansonsten kaum einen Geschmack gehabt. Bisher hatten wir insgesamt einfach kein Glück mit dem Essen in Argentinien. Bis auf ein paar gute Empanadas und andere Kleinigkeiten und die Steaks (gestern und das Chorizo-Steak in Iguazú) war alles geschmacklos. In Brasilien hingegen war das Essen ausnahmslos gut bzw. sehr sehr gut! Wundert uns ein wenig...
    Naja jetzt freuen wir uns schon wieder auf das Essen an unserem letzten Tag in Rio (übermorgen) und natürlich auf unser gewohntes Essen in Österreich. 😉
    (Restaurant-Fotos von gestern beim Streak-Essen.)
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  • Day73


    February 10, 2016 in Argentina

    Hi all, this is Rachel (sans Nick's input on this post). We are currently laying in a park outside the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With the exception of the wonderful Sunday in Mendoza that included wineries, a 6-course meal, and a Peyton Manning Super Bowl victory, we've been having a rough go of it in Argentina. From major road closures and bus delays, to bus companies that took our money but then claimed we had no tickets when we arrived, and now to being mugged (of our wallets, my phone, my passport, and a significant amount of cash), let's just say we've had some blows to the morale this week. I'm writing this alone because I want to share how amazing Nick has been through all of it; I really feel lucky right now, despite everything that has happened.

    Those of you who know me well know I am not an overly sentimental person, at least on the outside. I'm corny at best when I try to express my feelings publicly. And while I certainly did my part to try to hold myself together yesterday, Nick was the rock that has pulled us through. He stayed calm as I cried and swore in the police station. He stayed focused and polite when dealing with credit card companies, and inspired me to do the same when I made my calls. When I was demoralized, exhausted, sweaty, and just wanted to give up, Nick stayed strong and motivated me to get it all done ASAP. He helped us persevere so there was nothing hanging over our heads when we laid down last night that didn't have to wait until business hours. When I panicked, he took over telling the police and our moms what happened. And on top of all of that, he held my hand and rubbed my back so I was able to calm down.

    Could I have done this had I been totally alone? Sure, I'm a strong, resourceful woman. But it would've been very difficult, and having Nick by my side helped me to not just survive but be able to bounce back quickly to my (relatively) normal self. To Nick's family and friends: thank you for shaping my husband to be the wonderful person that he is. To my family and friends: I hope you already knew this, but we are lucky to have Nick as a part of our team.

    As Nick keeps reminding me when I start getting down on myself with the would've could've should've's: we have each other, and our health. Nothing could be more important. We were not significantly injured or even threatened. We lost some money but we have each other. For a moment there the muggers tried to separate us and we both thought they were trying to take me. When it's just a bag with some stuff, and not your wife or your life, it feels like things haven't gone too badly. I have Nick to thank for having this perspective.
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  • Day63

    Buenos Aires

    April 1, 2017 in Argentina

    Nach einer weiteren längeren Busreise bin ich in Buenos Aires angekommen. Eine unglaublich vielfältige Stadt mit freundlichen Leuten, vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und dem allerbesten Fleisch auf der Welt. Am Samstag Abend spielte dann noch Boca Juniors, was für jeden Fussballfan ein Highlight in der Stadt ist.

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