Puerto Bandera

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  • Day113

    Ice Ice Baby

    March 20, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    we wake at seven and i can barely contain my excitement. Today is the day we see Perirto Moreno. This is one part of the triip i have really been looking forward to. When i have seen pictures in books it has given me goosebumps and the fact i am going to see it with my own eyes fills me with excitement. We are so blessed to be doing wht we are and these things will stay with us forever. We board the bus for the short journey (one and a half hours ) and the scenery on route is breathtaking in itsself.There are a couple of treks here and the bus drops us off at canal de los tempanos which is a lake at the rear of the glacier. We have decided to take a boat up to the glacier and decide to do this first. The boat takes us pretty close to the glacier (or so it feels) in reality its about 400 ms away but its close enough to see huge shards of the glacier dropping into the lake below. The wind here is bitter although the sun is shining but wrapped u in our scarfs hats and gloves we are comfortable. Whiilst we are on the boat a huge surge of water like a geyser comes up in front of the glacier foloowed by what i can only describe as a little island appears , bright blue in colour , this is due to the ice underwater overturning on the surface and the lack of oxgen causes huge compression leaving it bright blue in colour. As the day goes on this will change colour to white as it is oxidised but this sight is truly amazing ( i have been having chemisry lessons) The boat takes us back to land about an hour later and we start the trek of the park. The trek is a very well laid wooden walkway that passes along side the glacier and around the northern side , with several viewing points both above and below the glacier , unfortunately part of the trek is closed for security reasons? so we head up to the to trail and find ourselves at the wrong bus stop. A we try and make our way down we come to a lift that can only be used by the old or pregnant woman so im a naughty girl and tell the guy im pregnant (sticking my belly out to emphasise the point)so at least we can get on the right path. Back on the right pathe we make the journey back to the start. There are no toilets through the trek, and you are not allowed to smoke , and I cant beleive how far we have walked it feels like forever getting back. finally we arrive and enjoy the remainder of ourpacked lunch and a nice cold coke before heading down to the lake to spend our final hour. The scenery on the bus back is even more spectacular as the sun is shining and it makes the water look a beautiful turquoise blue , Perito Moreno is a must if you are in Argentina. We arrive back in town and book our bus out of here for the morning at 8am so another early night is in order. Its really crazy how we haven't stopped recently but we need to do this and push on up north as time is starting to run out. We stop off at the supermarket and buy a couple of steaks as Mark is cooking and soon we will be leaving Argentina so want to make the most of it while we are here. We are tempted in for an ice cream to a shop that is called Tit the dolce de leche ice cream is to die for and dinner will have to be served later as I'm a now full. We eat our dinner at ten and literally get straight into bed.Read more

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    Looks Amazing guys .. U r both so lucky .. Enjoy every minute of ur trip 😘 xxx

    Amanda Galtrey-Brown

    Wow it looks bloody fantastic x

  • Day12

    Perito Moreno

    November 16, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Ce matin le bus nous emmène à 80km d'El Calafate car nous voulons voir ce grand glacier: le Perito Moreno.
    La nature est un peu plus riche qu'à El Calafate . On voit de l'herbe, des arbres , des troupeaux de moutons , quelques vaches.Mais le spectacle est ailleurs . Un parcours de passerelles et des volées d'escaliers nous emmènent près du glacier de 5 km de largeur et 50m de hauteur .Eblouissant . Les lunettes solaires sont bien nécessaires et la glace prend par endroit des teintes de bleu magnifiques.
    Le car nous attend, il faut partir.
    A El Calafate Edith et Benoît passent prendre un verre dans un bar original tout de glace . Équipés d'anoraks et gants prêtés par l'établissement, ils consomment une boisson dans un verre en glace!
    La chaleur de Rio est loin Mais Les découvertes là encore valent la peine.
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    Photos sublimes.


    Ça cest bleu! Superbe. Eric

    Claire Brias

    Je veux y aller !!!!! 😢

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