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  • Day98

    Day From Hell

    March 5, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Today is going to be a long day , we are catching the overnight train from Rosario to Buenes Aires, but it doesnt leave till midnight, luckily we have managed to get our room for free as we have been here for 4 nights and the fifth is free , we use the morning to pack and in doing so Mark finds that he has lost his bank card. The next 3 hours are sent trying to cancel it. Firstly topping up the phone then on the phone to India, going though security to a point of having to give my shoe size. we send the rest of the afternoon chatting with a lovely couple from Brazil, Vicky and Raffael, and share a lunch of Aubergine pizza(i will share the recipe when i get home). An hour before we are due to leave another storm starts and we agree a taxi to the station is the best way, but trying to get one in the rain is nion impossible , after an hour we flag one down and say our goodbyes to the greatpeople we have met. Wearrive at the station and go to the ticket office book the tickets and the guy start speaking to me in Spanish, but i havent a clue what hes saying. Eventually i figure out that you cannot pay by card and as we are leaving Argentina to head to uruguay I dont have enough cash. The nearest cashpoint is 7 blocks away and it is now nearly ten thirty. The chances of getting a cab are slim so i speed walk like ive just had 8 cups of coffee I arriive at the cashpoint and it wont give me any money ? I check the balance and its 0 My worst fear, whoever has had Marks card has cleared out the account. I hastily flag down a taxi( it has now stopped raining and head back to pick up one of the other cards from Mark at the station tell the taxi driver to wait again and head back to the cashpoint with the other card. Thank god this time it works , and i ask the driver to take me back to the station. He must think ive lost the plot. Back at the station i call the bank again (this costs me 15 quid) and they advise me the reason its showing zero is because the bank i was using wasnt compatable with the card, and our money is safe. I get back to the station purchase our tickets and im tempted to not tell mark and let him suffer a little for his irresonsibility but cant do it. we board the train, both relieved. The train is really comfortable, and far cheaper than the bus so we recline our seats, get our blankets out and sleep.Read more

    Amanda Galtrey-Brown

    Love that you found a red telephone box 😂😂

  • Day94

    Rosary Beads

    March 1, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    So we have survived the bus journey and have arrived in Rosario, it is five in the morning and I suggest to Mark that we stay in the station, grab some food and use a decent toilet , get some cah because we ar yet again in another country. We have come to Rosario, because we were recommended it by 2 girls we met in a hostel, who live here. We met Ceci and Ana in Arrial De Cabo , lovely girls, and were proud of their city . As we pulled into the city i got a warm feeling we were going to like it here , it was civilised but with a layed back feeling. We order one of the promotions wherevyou get 2 snacks( i dint recognise the word cuerno)and a coffee turns out they were croissants absolutely delicious as well. We grabbbed a cab and gave him the address written on a piece of paper(STILL NOT CONFIDENT WITH THE BASICS IN SPANISH)I google all our hostels as to how near they are to the station and local points of interest but this one is 20 mins by car and over an hour walking so a cab it is. We arrive at the hostel just after 7.30 and were greeted by a guy who speaks no english so once again thanks Google translate. Luckily we could book straight into our room , and for the second time in the trip we have booked into a double room and not an 8 bed dorm. The painting on the wall is suggestive but The first thing we do is ........ sleep. We wake a coule of hours later and head out to take a look around . The city is just over 200 years old but the buildings are contemary Spanish and the whole feel here is something quite different. The sound of tango music rings in your ears and the smell from the bakeries wafts through the air, We arrive at the monument historica nacional a la bandera which is the museum of the national flag it is closed till 2pm so we stroll down to the river and walk along through the beautiful parks ,everywhere you go in South America there is graffiti, but its artisic graffit and a lot of itnisvthe voice of the youths trying to express theyre feeligs and thought, not at all offensive.we try to find the museum of fotbal but with the phone running out of battery and Mark unable to read maps we end up walking miles and getting nowhere so head back to pick up a paper map from the hostel . A really nice guy who works here called Menke helps us out with the local info and we set off again. We arrive back a couple of hours later and were keen to try the argentinian steak so we ask one of the guys here where we can go. They advise is that they can have the food delivered and we wait in great anticipation for our bloody steak to arrive , we get delivered a steak sandwich and although wasnt what i was waiting for was still delicious . An earliesh night for us and a wonderful day sent in Rosario, I am not dissapointed.Read more

    Amanda Galtrey-Brown

    Looks beautiful x

  • Day96

    Beatles Mania

    March 3, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We had plans to hit the beach today so we arose early to find they had predicted cloudy weather all day , and it's one of the coldest days we've had since being in South America so we opt to see more of the city. Our first port of call will be the museum of contemporary art, about a 40 min walk from the hostel. The atmosphere here is so relaxed that it's 10 oclock before we leave the hostel. Mark picked up a book in Paraguay and hasn't been able to put it down, so I spend almost an hour pulling him away from it.
    Rosario is full of beatiful parks and the walk to the museum is along the river , along the way we come across an area that is dedicated to sexual diversity that flys the pride flag and actually has the stretch named as such -Paseo de Diversidad,. Rosario is one of the gay capitals of South America and has the romantic ambience to go with it. We arrive at the museum to find it is closed due to an exhibition taking place so we leave a little dissaponted and head for another museum located several blocks away.
    On route we stumble across a Beatles bar and head inside to quench our thirst. There is endless memoribilia and in the back is a Beatles museum, it even puts the one in Liverpool to shame as some of the things are really iconic , we finish our drinks and continue the voyage in search of an open museum.
    In most places in the city their roads run like a grid, everything is square so it's pretty easy to find your way around , unless your name is Mark .
    The next museum is also closed so we have to do the next best thing and shop, a couple of tops later and we make our way back to the hostel for tonight's acado ( Argentinian bbq)
    I cannot wait to eat the Argentinian steak and after last night's disappointment I am more than ready. The bbq is lit with all the coals in a 'bucket' in the centre once they are hot they break them into smaller pieces and spread them underneath a huge grill. The various meats are cooked slowly and then for the last 10 minutes with larger hotter pieces underneath. After a long wait 10pm and dinner is served. The various cuts of beef are served with sweetcorn and potatoes with egg . We eat intestine, blood sausage, ribs and the art de resistance fillet steak, it is delicious , with a full stomach I head to bed.
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    Amanda Galtrey-Brown

    Steak sounds amazing x

  • Day96

    Till We Meet Again

    March 3, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Today I woke early and left Mark in bed while I headed down for an early breakfast, only to find we have no water and no electric. I sit and relax planning our excursion for the day. There is still lots to do here and I really want to make the most of it. I wake Mark and we have agreed to take a trip to the Independence park, we still have a few leftovers to use in the fridge so I throw them together in a frittata , Mark pops to the shop to pick up ciggies etc and I go upstairs to pack a few things in the bag... meanwhile our frittata is still cooking in the oven, as we start to leave the hostel Mark remembers the frittata, which is just about salvageable. we walk for approximately 1 hour and arrive at the entrance. To the right of the entrance is the football stadium and I try to distract Mark, but miserably he has spotted it, so our picnic in the park is on hold for a little longer . thankfully the stadium is closed but the museum is open, and e make the most of actually finding one that is. The museum is all about the history of Rosario various struggles for independence, the various wars and artifacts of the eras.
    Finishing in the museum we walk through the park and find a picnic spot under a tree to eat our well done frittata. Mark offers to paddle me around the lake in a rowing boat, but I decline and we continue to walk through the segregated park of rose gardens and monuments. Heading back to the hostel it is a perfect day to go up the monument a la bandero, which gives us a birds eye view of the whole city. From up here the city seems really built up, as you walk the streets the buildings are so beautiful, you don't sense it.
    Back to the hostel before we head out with friends we met in Arraial do cabo , Ana and Cecil. They arrive punctually and after a quick beer in the hostel we go down to the river. The mosquitos are in they're thousands here , but as we eat dinner something drops on the table and to my horror it's the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. Everyone is screaming at Mark to kill it but instead he stabs it with his fork and waves it around in the air. The cockroach fly from the island opposite when the weather is a little cooler just to have a quick warm, then fly back again. Pizza consumed and a few campari's drunk (they are on happy hour) we say adios to the girls........until the next time xx
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  • Day95


    March 2, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Today we woke quite late, and this is unusual, but i guess the relaxed atmosohere has helped me catch up on the multiple hours of sleep I have lost over the past few weeks. we grab some breakfast but decide to just have a few hours chilling around the hostel and enquiring about the various must see places in the city, Ana is a German girl who is currently working in the hostel, and her help has been invaluable, although she hasnt been here that long, and hasnt seen half the things herself. After a coule of hours catching up on blogs , learning Spanish and speaking with my lovely daughter , we invite Ana to join us to viisit the museum memoria. This museum is a memorium to all the men, women and children that "disappeared" between the years of 1975 and 1977, in excess of 20,000. The new dictatorship basically culled anyone who they think posed a threat and over the months people would just dissapear.
    The place is harrowing but also eye opening to the fact this happened only 40 years ago and i have never heard of it. Young highly educated people were kept in concentration camps , beaten to death or put into planes and literally dumped in the sea to die. Whats even worse is the families of these people had no explanation, and often no bodys were found so they were left with the fact that there wives husbands or children were just "missing".
    The museums way of showing this was also heart wrenching as they hung the id cards of all the people that had not returned , there was also an improvised picture of a group of teenagers in a park , all friends who had all disappeared within weeks of each other. This genocide has happened during my lifetime and as a mother i feel an overwhelming sense of wanting to help.
    We head for the supermarket on our return as i am cooking mexican tonight grab the relevant ingredients and back to the hostel to cook eat aand sleep with a very heavy heart. I never took any photos here as it didn't seem appropriate but will upload some others of beautiful Rosario.
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  • Day61


    October 18, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C


    - mitten im Zentrum, beim Parque Independencia
    - großer Spielplatz nebenan
    - sehr laut, an 6-spuriger Straße, aber auch etwas ruhigere Parkplätze auf der anderen Seite des Spielplatzes vorhanden
    - gegen eine kleine Spende haben die Parkeinweiser unseren Camper im Auge behalten, als wir unterwegs waren
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  • Day13

    Rosario, Argentina

    January 4, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Busquei minha identidade na casa de câmbio
    Usei a primeira vez o app carpoolear
    Cheguei em Rosario
    O hostel era na verdade um hotel
    Uma moça brasileira de lá que se diz Bruxa tentou se aproximar
    Consegui transferir para o dia seguinte o pernoite pq consegui um couchsurfing
    Conheci o Gustavo de 45 anos q é homo e fomos comer lomito e uma volta de carro
    Lavei minha roupa na casa dele

    Cidade menor é mais fácil couch me pareceu

    Confio cada vez mais em mim
    Acredito que crio tudo
    Está tudo na mente
    As pessoas demoram um tempo até confiar e se abrir
    Posso ir calibrando e alterando os limites nas interações
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  • Day15

    Rosario, Argentina

    January 6, 2019 in Argentina ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    Conheci Felipe colombiano no café do hotel
    Professor, instrutor de yoga e já foi do monastério
    Saímos para passear, fumou porro, tomamos licuado
    Consegui um couch para noite que era gay, foi me buscar
    Comi pizza com Felipe de noite e uma cerva
    Couch nos buscou e deixou ele no trem para retornar s BA onde vice sua irmã.. seguiria para Cordoba
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  • Day10

    Über Fußball

    February 16, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    In Rosario gibt es zwei Fußballmannschaften, deren Namen ich vergessen habe. Ihre Farben sind blau-gelb und schwarz-rot. Bei letzterer hat Messi gespielt, als er sechs Jahre alt war, wie ich vorhin erfahren habe. Deswegen müsse man selbstverständlich zu dieser Mannschaft halten. Flor hats genau andersrum erzählt. Naja, ist wohl wie mit Rapid und Austria ...
    Die Anhänger hinterlassen jedenfalls gerne ihre Spuren.
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    Alois Graf

    So lange die Anhänger nur malen und nicht zerstören...

    Werner G

    soweit ich weiß wird hier nur gemalt :)


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