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  • Day34

    Day 2 - Mendoza

    May 6, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Waheey I finally get to write on 'our' blog. Today is (was) Blake's birthday. The big ole 31 or trinta y uno as we are now slowly starting to learn our numbers. We had no alarm set which was nice and were in no rush to get up.

    Now before we left we had a lovely dinner round Danny's and Libby gave me a birthday card from them which she asked me to smuggle in my bag until the big day. Luckily I some how managed to do just that. And even better, Libs left it open with no name on the back so if found it would look less suspicious. It also allowed me to scribble my name in nice and fresh whilst Blake had jumped in the shower. I don't think that this was noticed...

    We had bought some food the day before to make a picnic and headed off to the park Portones del Parque General San Martín for lunch. We arrived at the park and headed to the information centre to grab a map, we then chose to head towards the big lake in the middle for the feast. By feast I mean some posher bread than we were used to and some pâté with some cheap and cheerful crisps on the side. I know what you're all thinking, this guy knows how to treat a lady!! After we let the food go down we continued to walk around the park until we got to Eva Perons house. If you remember Eva featured in a previous post and was a pretty big deal in Argentina. We headed back to our Airbnb from the park as that afternoon we had booked to do a sunset horse ride with an Argentinian BBQ and Wine after.

    We were picked up in a mini bus and driven out in to the desert like area before entering a winery where the horses were kept. We scribbled down our details for the 'insurance' and were led outside to meet our new friends. These four legged friends seemed very tame and well behaved but we were told one important rule! Don't let your horse eat!! As soon as you do this he will take advantage of you by stopping when he wants to eat, the frequency of which will increase until your horse just won't move anymore! With this in mind we were helped onto our steed and off we went. Out the winery gate, across the road and onto the path leading up the foothills. I was about third in the line and between Blake and I was the slowest horse ever with a pretty terrified English lad on. He was told to hit his horse with the stick every 30 seconds so he would keep up but I'm pretty sure he was happy with that pace so Blake was about 200m behind most of the way up. As we got higher and the sun got lower the views started to get more and more breath taking. We finally made it to the highest peak of 1100m where we all lined up for a group shot.

    On the way down we were reordered so that the horses wouldn't kick each other on the way down. One horse in particular liked to kick most of the others but apparently mine was safe so we got lumbered behind him. It didn't matter for too long as the English lad from before whose hose was fast asleep before had woken up and decided to run down half the hill over taking most and plonking himself near the front much to the dismay of its rider who I'm sure was almost screaming as he ploughed passed us (another important rule, do not let the horses overtake at all costs as they may start fighting). The way back down was even more beautiful than the way up as we were facing in the direction that the sun was going down. With the cloud there were a lush mixture of reds and purples all over the horizon.

    Now on the way down Blake was behind me and I heard a loud 'oh no' and some laughing. If you remember the number one rule from earlier you can imagine my entertainment when I turned round to see Blakes horse tucking into some yummy grass with her yanking the reigns with one hand and tapping him on the arse with the other. I'm pretty sure he took no notice and only carried on when he wanted to! From then on it was a constant hilarious battle to make it to the end!

    We did finally make it to the end where we were greeted by some wonderful smelling MEAT on the BBQ!! I had been looking forward to this meal ever since we booked it. We had a mixture of sausages and about a quarter of a cow in various cuts and sizes accompanied by some delicious potato things and some salad which I obviously didn't touch. We also had help yourself red wine to wash it all down with :)

    After we finished eating our guide grabbed a guitar and played some songs which we all got involved in. The red wine by this point was helping us all ;) my particular favourite was hit me baby one more time by our Britney! After we had consumed as much as we could and sang all we could we headed home.
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  • Day133

    Mendoza Musings

    December 9, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    To get to Mendoza, we took a 15 hour bus ride from Buenos Aires. The bus was decked out similar to Business class on a plane, with a seat that folded back into a bed. It wasn’t silver service, but it was actually comfortable. Fortunately, we slept most of the way, ignorant of the challenges that were ahead of us. We arrived in Mendoza, a town in the central western part of Argentina, east of the Andes, around 10:45am. We dragged ourselves through the streets of Mendoza, laden like mules with our backpacks, only to discover that our Airbnb apartment did not exist. The address provided to us was nowhere to be seen.

    We asked at a nearby hotel, hoping that it was simply an error and that our temporary abode was still waiting for us. A kind woman in the hotel allowed us in and gave us access to their Wi-Fi , which by the way is pronounced wiffy in Spanish. We quickly jumped online to get the contact details of our Airbnb host and tried to make contact. A desperate message sent in an attempt to secure our lodgings for the next two days. No response. A phone call. No connection. Things now were pointing to the real possibility of sleeping on a park bench under the stars and sharing our food with the stray dogs. In a last-ditch effort, still hoping that we would be able to make contact, we kindly asked the Concierge to phone our host. Contact was made. But we did not like the response. Apparently, the non-existent apartment was no longer being rented and she hung up.

    Take a few deep breathes and don't panic. You can imagine a few expletives were hurled out at this moment. After a few moments of disbelief, and a couple of “we knew this was going to happen, things are going too smoothly”, we got to work on finding alternative accommodation. At this point, we were prepared to take almost anything. Stopping short of knocking on every hotel or inn as if we were Joseph and Mary, we thought that we might have to stay in a manger because almost every room for rent was unavailable. To our surprise, we found out that a big soccer match was on in town. But persistence paid off and we found one of the few remaining rooms. Phew!

    But the drama didn't end there. We had to find the last remaining bed and breakfast in town. We were told to head to Clark street. Upon arrival, we looked at the building and the picture on Airbnb and the two didn't match. Had we been given a bum steer? At this point, we were beyond breaking down in tears. Instead, we stood looking at each other in disbelief. Out of desperation, we rang the buzzer and a voice with a very thick Argentinian accent answered. At first, we had not a clue what he was saying. Then it clicked, he was telling us to enter. We fumbled about trying to communicate that we were looking for a guy called Shane. The doorman mumbled a few things to us and we got the impression that he knew the guy we were looking for. Things started to look promising but we didn't want to get our hopes up. But ten minutes later, an American guy who introduced himself as Shane entered the building. The Bed and Breakfast was actually located a few houses up the street.

    At this point, we weren't fussy about what the accommodation looked like as long as it had a bed and shower. We were pleasantly surprised, and very relieved to say the least. After quickly offloading our backpacks, we set out on a mission to find a place that would print-out our bus tickets to Santiago, or risk being denied onboard. But searching for somewhere to print the tickets was almost more difficult than finding a room. Being a Saturday afternoon, on game day, there were only a few places open for business. After trying all the local places, we stumbled upon a hostel. Gingerly, we approached the woman behind the counter. Jason asked: “¿hablas ingles? When she responded in English, Ricky thought Jason was going to leap over the counter and hug her, especially when she said that she could print-out our tickets. Giuliana came to our rescue! We were so grateful for her generosity, but she wouldn't accept any money.

    With a place over our heads and our bus tickets to Chile printed, we could enjoy the remaining time we had in Mendoza. Near our accommodation was a large park with a lake and mountain scenery. We walked through the park in an effort to walk off all the panchos and milanesas that we had eaten over the past few days. And of course all of the drinks! We were careful enough to avoid the Gringo Catchers, the name given to the gutters in Mendoza by the locals. The gutters are shallow channels between the footpath and the road. Apparently, drunken foreigners fall down them all the time. We eliminated the chance of falling victim to the Gringo Catcher by drinking at the Bed and Breakfast along with our new friends, David and Terrie, from Canada. At least our misfortunes had taken a turn for the better, with new friends and a gift voucher from Airbnb for the inconvenience.

    Next stop: Santiago
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  • Day1

    Settling in

    March 12, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    We had a short flight westwards yesterday from Córdoba towards the Andes and wine country. There was a great biew of Aconcagua as we landed. Our AirBnB is located just off a street of hip and happening bars which we visited last night. People were actually eating and drinking before us. We are also close enough to Independiente Rivadavia's football stadium thst we could hear the roar from our room when they scored from. Games here start at 9.30 PM.

    Today we walked around the city enjoying the wide streets, green plazas and the lovely parque General San Martín. We've decided there is lots to do here so we are going to stay some extra days. We have booked a wineries tour for tomorrow which we are very excited about.
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  • Day5

    Planning day

    March 16, 2016 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    The temp has been climbing and strangely peaks about 7 PM. It's in the 30s now. Both went for a nice run around the lake in the big park this morning then did loads of planning and booking. This is the part of the trip where we have four weeks with little planned and lots of choices to make. After some decisions we headed out for a late lunch and toured all five plazas in the city including the tiled Plaza España. Then back for more Internet and messaging remote places in Spanish. We didn't go out for dinner til after 10 PM.

    Here is the plan - 5 day road trip of national parks north of Mendoza. Then head to Salta early by plane, not 20 hour bus.

    Thurs 17 Pick up the car. Drive 450 km to San Agustín de Valle Fertíl.
    Fri 18 Drive to Talampaya NP. Evening meet up with a tour group and stay overnight in tiny place called Jague.
    Sat 19 Up at 5AM for a day trip to Crater del Corona del Inca and Laguna Brava. We will get as high as 5430 metres in a 4x4 convoy. Apparently the highest road you can drive up in the world. They bring oxygen tanks with us and we are suppose to eat in moderation and be very well hydrated the day before. No Malbec for Clare! Back to Villa Union that night.
    Sun 20 Drive to Ischigualasto NP (great name) aka Moon Valley. Evening back to San Agustín de Valle Fertíl.
    Mon 21 Drive 450 km back to Mendoza
    Tues 22 Fly to Salta in the afternoon
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  • Day262


    January 11 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Two weeks later, and I’m leaving Mendoza! I need to detox I think. Lots of amazing red wine, steak and generally not doing too much...apart from eating, and there was a fair amount of walking too...and some swimming.
    I arrived thinking Mendoza would be a good place to hang out while my debit cards made their way from England. I was kinda right, but it took a lot long than expected!
    In a town famous for its wines, there’s a lot of wine to be drunk, and that’s what it does to you! The amazing thing about wines from northern Argentina is that they don’t have sulphides, so you don’t get any bad red wine hangover, so drink as much as you like and it doesn’t hurt! Well, your wallet and liver maybe.
    Anyway, so in my time here, I did a wine tour on a bike, which could have been more dangerous if we hadn’t found a stray puppy on the road. I did get the info on how to do the poncey tasting things, so now I can act like i know what I’m doing! I also went to a vineyard, small production, and had a banging lunch of fillet minion (yep that yellow cartoon thing) and had a proper tour of a boutique wine makers. Even met the owner and shook his hand!
    After three hostels, I finally found one which was sociable, which was great, but I ended up being a city guide to everyone as o knew the place, not a bad thing ☺️
    I did see the funniest bing of my trip here too. A plaza dog, basically steet dogs, with one eye, scoop up a pigeon and parade around our tour with it in his mouth. So funny. It was still alive until I told him to go away and eat it, which he did! Pest control! There were no pigeons inside the plaza!!
    I finally got my cards buffered off across the boarder to Santiago!
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  • Day132


    January 15, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Аргентинців було чути вже в автобусі, яким ми їхали до кордону)) Оскільки чверть населення цієї країни - потомки італійців, то італійський темперамент тут відчувся відразу)) Спереду сиділи жінки, а ззаду переважно чоловіки, і тільки водій поніс їжу і напої назад, як жінки здійняли ґвалт))) Тож водій повернувся наперед і почав роздавати снеки спершу жіночкам 😁 Хтось потім ще траву закурив 😁 Нагадаю, ми їдемо до кордону 😅
    Сам кордон проходили довго... Все разом зайняло по часу близько 7 годин, прямо як українсько-польський. Єдине, що наш автобус чекав майже всю ніч, тож весь цей час ми спали і це було не так виснажливо. Найвеселіше, що, отримавши на в'їзді в Чилі два штампи про в'їзд, я не отримала жодного про виїзд 😅 Вони просто все занесли в систему, не штампуючи. І отак на ранок Аргентина зустріла нас бадьорим "бонджорно" від одного з пасажирів 😀
    Ця країна на початку 20 століття була однією з найбагатших в світі. Сюди приїжджали мільйонами імігранти, передусім італійці та іспанці, інші європейці. Після другої світової до влади прийшов президент, який провадив жорсткий контроль над країною і дуже обмежив міжнародну торгівлю, що, зрештою, призвело до сильного удару по економіці. На додачу у 80-х Аргентина ще вирішила захопити Фолклендські острови, які належали Британії. Але Тетчер це пробачати не збиралась, тож скоро острови повернулись назад. Аргентина ще досі тисне на Британію щодо мирної передачі їй цієї території. Притому що рідна мова островитян - англійська (там живуть вихідці з Великобританії) і інтересу щодо приєднання до Аргентини вони не висловлюють. Хоч ООН вважає теж, що територія має належати Аргентині. Зрештою, напочатку 21 століття криза досягла свого апогею: держава була майже банкротом, інфляція, безробіття, борги були величезними. Але потім наступні президенти почали поступово все налагоджувати: економіка росла, з'явилась якась стабільність. Зараз президентом став колишній мер Буенос-Айреса, який одразу почав вдало проводити економічні зміни, ще рік тому песо не важив нічого, і на чорному ринку його можна було придбати за дуже вигідним курсом (що для туристів незле 😄), зараз же ситуація врегулювалась. Тепер Аргентина має досить сильну економіку, хоч на ноги повністю ще не встала. Третина аргентинців все ще живе в бідності.
    Щодо індіанців - їх взагалі не видно, адже їх тут менше 1%, та й ті живуть в Патагонії. Тут навіть метисів небагато, переважно біле населення. Навіть світловолосих чимало.
    Ще декілька фактів: тут знаходиться як найвища, так і найнижча точка Південної Америки. Че Гевара - аргентинець. А ще тут дуже поширене мате - аргентинці обожнюють цей чай і всюди носять його з собою - на пікніки, на роботу - видно по термосах в руках)))
    Їх іспанська має купу особливостей. Вона подібна на італійську - італійські слова, вимова, навіть жестикуляція))) Деякі слова вимовляються зовсім інакше, тож для нас розуміти навіть ті слова, що знаємо, часом важко. Деколи взагалі не розуміємо що вони говорять. Так було і в Чилі. Після Болівії щось пішло не так 😀
    В Аргентині я відчула втому, оскільки досі наша подорож була досить таки інтенсивною. Крістоф ще в Чилі відчув, що втомився. Тож ми вирішили нікуди тут не поспішати і відвідати краще менше місць, але довше часу побути в кожному з них. Тому за перший тиждень в Аргентині ми відвідаємо 3 міста, а за другий - одне (бо в Буенос-Айрес на менше часу, думаю, навіть не варто їхати). І це таки йде на користь: відчуваєш знову приплив сил.
    Першим містом на нашому шляху стала Мендоса. Це центр виноробства в Аргентині: тут близько 1100 фабрик з виробництва вина! Вони продукують 75% всього вина в країні. Це дуже сухий пустельний регіон, хоч по місту так і не скажеш - купа зелені - через хорошу систему водоооснащення. Тут було дуже спекотно, на вулицях вдень нікого немає, всі виходять десь лиш в 19 годині - лиш тоді стає трішки легше. Тому сієста - це норма. З 13 до 18 практично все закрите. А після 18 знову відчиняються, тож десь лиш в 20 годині помічаєш, що це взагалі-то густонаселене місто)) Січень в цих регіонах взагалі найспекотніший, тому в багатьох установах на цей місяць навіть особливий графік. В нас кожен день близько 37 градусів, воду п'ємо як слони))) А в Буенос-Айресі через високу вологість взагалі буде ще важче переносити спеку. Проте перед приїздом в морозний український лютий я не проти трохи тут постраждати 😄
    Саме тут, неподалік Мендоси, розташована найвища точка на континенті (і найвища в світі, крім Гімалаїв). І взагалі, тут видно сніжні вершини гір, які біліють навколо міста, і це так контрастує з цією спекою.
    В Мендосі ми спробували аргентинське вино - найвідоміший його сорт мальбек - воно дуже легко п'ється, але має дещо вищий градус, ніж інші вина зазвичай. Ну і ще ми тут пішли на винний тур в найближчу долину, де виробляють вино. Там розповідали про технологію виробництва і частували різними сортами свого вина. Всього відвідали 3 виноробні і 1 оливкову фабрику. Тут ще вперше почула про природньо солодке вино, яке роблять з певного солодкого сорту винограду, не додаючи ні грама цукру. І воно дуже смачне, не порівняти з поцукрованими винами, дуже легко п'ється і має зовсім невеликий процент алкоголю - саме для літа 😊
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  • Day14


    June 4 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    In Mendoza fühlen wir uns auf Anhieb sehr wohl. Wir haben ein herziges Hospedaje im schöneren Viertel von Mendoza gefunden. Das Haus ist schon über 200 Jahre alt, besitzt einen Innenhof mit Weinreben und hat bereits mehrere starke Erdbeben unbeschadet überstanden. Aufgrund der häufigen Erdbeben, hat die Stadt breite Alleen und Trottoirs, die einen Stadtspaziergang sehr angenehm machen. Auch hier nehmen wir eine Free Walking Tour und erfahren sehr viel Historisches, unter anderem über San Martin, den General, der Argentinien in die Unabhängigkeit führte.

    Mendoza ist besonders bekannt für die Bodegas, also buchen wir für den nächsten Tag eine Bodega-Tour. Die Weinreben sind riesig und auch die Weinkeller sind mehr Villen als Fabrik. Bei einer spannenden Tour erfahren wir sehr viel Interessantes über Weinanbau und die verschiedenen Sorten. Da wir die einzigen englischsprachigen auf der Tour sind, geniessen wir sozusagen eine Privattour. Anschliessend besuchen wir noch eine zweite Bodega, dort kaufen wir dann auch einen feinen Malbec für ca. 3 Franken.
    Um Abschluss des Tages geht es noch auf eine Olivenfarm, denn Mendoza ist auch für feines Olivenöl bekannt.

    Da uns die Stadt so gut gefällt, verlängern wir in unserem Hostel um ein paar Nächte. Am nächsten Tag fahren wir per Uber zum Hausberg, dem Cerro de la Gloria und picknicken dort zu Mittag. Die Sicht auf die Stadt und die nahen Anden ist wunderbar.
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  • Day58


    February 28, 2017 in Argentina ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Ich hab es getan! Obwohl "Höhe" und ich nicht die Besten Freunde sind wollte ich immer schon mal Paragliding machen... Hier in Mendoza wird das angeboten!
    Was soll ich sagen - es war großartig!! Viel ruhiger und entspannter als ich es erwartet hatte.
    Es gibt sicherlich Spotts mit beeindruckenderer Aussicht, aber ich fand es super 👍🏻Read more

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