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  • Day17


    March 4 in Australia

    Für den 04.03.2018 hatten wir uns mal wieder einen "Coastal Walk" vorgenommen. Nachdem wir mit Yoga und Morgenspaziergang am Strand und einem leckeren Frühstück mit Meerblick auf unserer 'eigenen Terasse' in den Tag gestartet waren, fuhren wir zum "Boyds Tower", einem alten Leuchtturm, der in der Geschichte des Walfanges von Eden eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt hat. Von hier aus wollten wir einen Teil des 40km langen "Light to Light Walks" verfolgen, der vom "Boyds" Leuchtturm zum "Green Cape" Leuchtturm führt. Wie wir allerdings während der Strecke feststellen mussten, war die Route nicht annähernd so schön, wie sie im Internet beschrieben wurde und wie die, die wir bereits in den vergangenen Tagen gesehen hatten. Wir entschieden uns also die Tour abzukürzen und hatten damit nach 9km unser Soll erfüllt. Nun ließen wir den Bundesstaat "New South Wales" hinter uns und erreichten "Victoria", wo wir nach "Mallacoota" fuhren. Hier verbrachten wir den Abend und fuhren zur Übernachtung nach "Genoa" auf einen Campingplatz.Read more

  • Day16

    Narooma&Eden, Australia

    March 3 in Australia

    Am frühen Morgen des 03.03.2018 starteten wir unseren Tag mit der Weiterfahrt von "Bodalla" nach "Narooma". In Narooma angekommen, fuhren wir bis an einen Küstenzipfel, an dem wir ganz besondere Gäste erwarteten. Wir bereiteten unser Frühstück vor und genossen es bei herrlichem Sonnenschein bei nächster Nähe zum Wasser. Gerade rechtzeitig, als wir unser Frühstück beendet hatten, trafen die gewünschten Gäste ein. Langsam schwommen die ersten Seehunde die Wassermündung hinein, einige schienen Dehnungsübungen auszuführen, andere sich zu waschen und wieder andere nahmen Platz auf den riesigen Steinen und nahmen ein Sonnenbad. Wir verbrachten den gesamten Vormittag damit, diese lustigen Kerlchen zu beobachten und waren dankbar, dass wir das Glück hatten, sie so nah zu Gesicht zu bekommen.
    Nach diesem tollen Erlebnis, führte uns der "Grand Pacific Drive" durch "Tilba Tilba" weiter in die Region "Sapphire Coast" entlang der Küstenstädtchen mit Zwischenstopp in "Merimbula". Von hier aus ging es geradewegs weiter bis nach "Eden". In Eden steuerten wir als erstes einen Aussichtpunkt an, von dem aus man einen tollen Blick über die Küste und das Meer erlangen konnte. Besonders für das Beabachten von Walen in der Zeit von August bis November, wenn sie auf der Rückreise mit ihren Kälbern in die warmen Gewässer sind, soll dieser Spot gut sein. Leider blieb uns dieses tolle Erlebnis vorenthalten, da wir schlichtweg zur falschen Zeit vor Ort gewesen sind.
    Nach ein paar kleinen Erledigungen fuhren wir dann zum Strand, wo wir den Nachmittag ausklingen ließen. Glücklicherweise gab es hier mal wieder eine kalte Dusche, ein leckeres Abendessen konnten wir uns hier ebenfalls unter freiem Himmel servieren und noch viel besser, wir konnten sogar gleich am Strand stehen bleiben und übernachten, da es mal kein Verbotsschild für Camper gab.
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  • Day45


    March 23, 2017 in Australia

    Seid Montag bin ich nun wieder in Melbourne und hab viele coole Leute kennengelernt. War shoppen, war im Kino, in ner Bar, auf dem summer night market, im casino, usw und ich war zum Glück nie alleine... richtig coole Woche hier.
    Heute gehts nochmal zum Strand und evtl noch in eine Rooftop Bar.
    Ab morgen mache ich dann eine Great Ocean Road Tour 3Tage lang.😊

  • Day45

    Wilsons Prolontory National Parc

    March 23, 2017 in Australia

    Gestern war ich auf einer Tagestour zum Wilson Prolontory National Parc. Er liegt ganz ganz im Süden vom australischen Festland (Ca 4h Busfahrt). Das war abartig schön. Die Gegend ist fantastisch! Wir machten einen coastal walk, einen rainforest walk und einen wildlife walk....

  • Day3

    Chicken n beer

    December 10, 2016 in Australia

    While we were at the cricket Isabel found the little restaurant called "Chicken n beer", it had a Friday special for $1 ribs and $40 beer tower. Since we have been craving ribs for a while now we decided to go there after the cricket.

    When the waiter said 12 ribs per person is a medium size portion we should have known these ribs was not going to be pork ribs and maybe the restaurants name should have given us a hit. However I have never really seen or heard of chicken ribs being worthwhile to eat, I mean KFC don't have chicken ribs on their menu.

    When the ribs arrived we all looked at the plate and it was like the light went on for all us at the same time as we realized for the first time we are having chicken ribs. It was hilarious!

    The ribs or whatever part of the chicken was amazing, it only had a very thin bone and loads of juicy meat. Best of all it was fried to perfection even Isabel said she loved it.

    On a side note, someone on a NZ radio said, there are two kinds of people those who love fried food (I am one of those) and those who say the don't like fried food but actually they do (Isabel for sure).

    Tonight I learned 2 things; how to pour a beer out of a beer tower and that chickens have ribs and they taste much better than any chicken wing I have ever had.

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  • Day149


    August 29, 2017 in Australia

    First thoughts on Melbourne, it's bloomin freezing! I thought it was supposed to be hot in Australia! We woke to Maddy leaving us a heartfelt note, a key and some towels before she headed to work. We didn't have any food so we decided to go out for breakfast. Maddy lives in Richmond, just outside the city which has a plethora of coffee and food places, not dissimilar to North Street. We decided on a place called Lumberjack where Si opted for a delicious looking baked eggs and beans style dish and I went for a lovely porridge with mixed berries, apple and nuts.

    With breakfast sorted we could move on to the main goal of the day, getting Simons barnet snipped. For a boy that usually gets it cut every 2 weeks, after more than 2 months since the last snip it was getting out of control. Even the barber commented on the length!

    In addition to haircuts we also did a spot of grocery shopping and picked up some Myki cards which we need to use the trams and other public transport in Melbourne. All in all a very productive day.
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  • Day150

    Day 2 - Melbourne

    August 30, 2017 in Australia

    We are staying with Maddy for a couple of weeks so it's nice not to be in a rush to see everything. We had a lazy morning before venturing out to purchase an Australian SIM card. This was followed by another quick trip to Coles to pick up a couple of groceries and then back to Maddy's for a lazy afternoon playing with her housemates cat, Whisker.

    In the evening, we headed to the winter night market which was a lot of fun. Maddy came and met us after work and fortunately for her she missed out on a chap completely murdering Kings of Leon's Use Somebody. Ingrid and Dan, another camp friend, came to meet us as well which was lush.

    There was so much going on at the market, from live music, street performers and a silent disco. There was even a live web stream from Europe of a Romanian band called Moonlight Breakfast. It was a bit strange as they were by a beach playing in the sun whilst we were watching them on a tv screen whilst drinking mulled wine (I know what your thinking, mulled wine in August, crazy) but their music was really good. There were loads of market stalls and a huge variety of places to eat which made it very hard to choose as everything looked delicious. I decided on leek and potato soup which came inside an enormous cob roll whilst Simon went for some chicken kebab. It was a really fun evening and lush to catch up with old friends.
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  • Day154

    Day 6 - Melbourne

    September 3, 2017 in Australia

    Slightly fuzzy headed from last night we went out for breakfast at one one of Maddy's favourite local cafes, Touchwood. The food was delicious and the portions were huge so feeling nicely full we headed back home to resume lounging on the couch.

    It's Fathers Day in Melbourne so Maddy headed out to do her daughterly duties whilst Si and I caught up on some admin at home. We did manage to venture out again to grab some bits for dinner so all in all a very productive day!Read more

  • Day161

    Day 11 - Melbourne

    September 10, 2017 in Australia

    The weekend has caught up with me and getting out of bed this morning was very hard! After pulling myself together we packed up and were on our way back to Melbourne just after 11am (with a quick stop to see the damage the car had left in the day light). Maddy was meeting some friends in the afternoon for drinks but absolutely pooped from the weekend we decided to stay at Maddy's to catch up on some admin and cook her dinner for when she got back.Read more

  • Day162

    Day 12 - Melbourne

    September 11, 2017 in Australia

    A lazy day of recovering from a boozy weekend and washing clothes was top of the agenda today followed closely by some more planning. We have now booked our flights to Cairns on Wednesday and have a hostel booked there for 4 days (back to slumming it). We also signed up to the WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) app which allows us to do voluntary work for people in return for food and accommodation. We thought this could, if required, save us some money and be something different to experience. So far we have applied to work at an organic farm and a yoga and meditation retreat so watch this space.

    On the family Christmas trip front we also successfully booked our Melbourne leg but Gold Coast and Sydney are proving a bit more difficult as the time of year means the prices sky rocket!

    As we hadn't left the house all day we decided to go out for dinner and experience our first Pho (Pho for those that haven't had it is meat, noodles and veg in a broth almost similar to a ramen but Vietnamese style). Victoria Street in Richmond is renowned for its many Vietnamese restaurants and was only 5 minutes up the road from Maddy's house. We sat down, ordered and were brought out three giant bowls which looked delicious. This is when it all went down hill for me. I decided to spice mine up a bit with some chilli. This little mishap meant my broth was now like a hot spicy lava every time it touched my lips. Next, on an attempt to cut some of the giant meat in my bowl on the back of my spoon with a fork (in hein sight a terrible idea anyways) I slipped launching broth all down my clean jeans and Blakes shoulder, with no idea as to where the meat actually went. After searching my lap, the floor, behind us, our coats and hoods we concluded it must have made its way back into the bowl. Blake and Maddy, both in stitches, managed to eat and enjoy theirs quite respectfully whilst I left hungry, wet and disappointed.
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