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  • Day196

    Surfers Paradise

    March 30, 2016 in Australia

    Nach Fraser Island bzw. Hervey Bay ging es weiter nach "Surfers Paradise", ja so heißt der Ort wirklich 😃 Der Ort liegt eine Stunde unter Brisbane and der Gold Coast und mir gefällt es hier richtig gut! Ich war jetzt 4 Nächte hier, fahre morgen weiter, aber könnte gut noch länger bleiben! Der Ort wird oft verglichen mit Miami und Las Vegas und wenn man erstmal hier ist weiß man auch warum.. Überall sind Hochhäuser, die Stadt hat ne Hammer Skyline und überall sind Clubs zum feiern, Casinos, an der Strandpromenade fahren die ganzen Biker suf ihren Harleys rum und ab und zu kommt einem mal ein Lambo oder Maserati entgegen.. 😎 Am ersten Tag war ich erstmal ne Badehose kaufen und dann ging es an den Strand. Der ist echt richtig schön und die Wellen sind auch echt gut 👍🏻 Überall sieht man Leute am surfen und man kann da echt gut entspannen .. 🏄 Danach bin ich noch in ein Museum gegangen das "Ripleys Believe it or not" heißt. Da geht es um Ripley, den es wirklich gab und der früher durch die ganze Wekt gereist ist um verrückte Dinge zufinden und die Dinge sind dort ausgestellt.. Zum Beispiel ein großes Gemälde von Jesus, dass nur aus Toast gemacht wurde 😃 Am Abend hab ich mit den Koreanern wiedergetroffen und wir waren koreanisch essen.. Das war echt mal was ganz neues, denn man hat sein Gericht bestellt, aber man musste das trotzdem selber zu bereiten.. Angeblich ist das normal in Korea 😃 Wir haben einen Elektrogrill auf den Tisch gestellt bekommen und haben dann unser Fleisch dort selber gegrillt .. Außerdem wurde ich die ganze Zeit ausgelacht, weil ich nicht mit Stäbchen essen konnte 😃 Später ging es dann noch in den Pub 😃 Die anderen Tage sahen eigentlich ähnlich aus.. Nur am Strand.. Einmal war ich mit Ho und Jun den Koreanern noch essen, dann sind sie aber weiter gereist. Seid gestern ist aber Florian, den ich noch von der Farm kenne auch hier und morgen fahren wir zusammen weiter zum nächsten Ort.. ☀️Read more

  • Day22

    Although we haven’t done any surfing, surfers paradise was so cool! The city and skyscrapers are right on the beach. The first day we rented bikes and cycled to Burleigh National Park, there we swam in the creek, the water was so clear !!! We went to a club called sin city in the evening. Feeling a bit rough the next day, we went a sunbathed on the beach followed by bananagrams in a cafe. In the evening we went on 3 hour walk along the beach with an amazing sunset!!Read more

  • Day71

    Day 71 - Small World, Big Pineapple

    April 19, 2017 in Australia

    Our last big (ish) drive today and therefore our last full day with the Sweat Box. We said goodbye to the Noosa caravan park and pootled to Hastings Street, the trendy touristy street we visited on day one, and picked up some artwork for the house (which makes it sound fancier than cheap prints of Australian animals).

    Next stop was Eumundi Markets where Matt almost ran over the parking attendant which could have been a sour end to the camper adventure. Unlike the vast majority of the markets we've visited so far no one was shouting Missy Missy/Boss Man at us which was nice. There was a vast array of stores from psychics to a man selling ammo out of the back of a truck (?!) plus your more typical ones selling jewellery and smoothies. We had a bit of a binge for lunch. We both had empanadas (aka posh Greggs), Matt tried to take himself back to Vietnam with a banh mi and I had amazing calamari from a stall run by a couple from York where the other customer being served was also from that neck of the woods (today's 'it's a small world' event number one)

    We hopped back into Sweaty and headed towards Brisbane. Unfortunately for Matt I'd spotted an important landmark we had to visit. No, not a geocache, but 'Queensland's most Southern biggest thing', also known as the Big Pineapple. Inside said big pineapple were two floors dedicated to displays about the growing and canning of pineapple sponsored by a canned pineapple company and a top food observation deck. There was a sign which said as the Big Pineapple was a heritage site they had to get permission to spruce it up. Permission clearly hadn't been granted yet as it was a bit run down but coolly kitsch. Inspired, I even styled my hair into a (small) pineapple to match.

    Finally we did get to Brisbane and excitingly went to a DIY car wash and had fun cleaning Sweaty - not that he looks much better as most of what appeared to be dirt was chips and rust. Then even more excitingly we cleared out the camper and packed. Whilst drinking beer at least. Matt chatted to a guy to told us Byron Bay (our next main stop) is full of druggies, hippies and unemployed people and we watched loads of cockatiels in the tree above our freshly cleaned van. This is campsite living at its finest.

    We bussed into town and went for tapas and drinks. Brisbane has a very pretty skyline and it's a shame we're not seeing much more of it before moving on to Surfer's Paradise tomorrow. On the bus home we did have Small World moment 2 though when one of the guys from our Fraser Island group tour got on. I know we're still in the same country but what are the odds? We had a quick chat before his stop and we managed to get off at the right place for our last night in the Camper Van. Eeeek it's becoming very scarily close to the end.
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  • Day72

    Day 72 - Serving Time In Surfer's

    April 20, 2017 in Australia

    It's Matt back on blog duties today.

    The day started with the unexpectedly sad return of the Sweat Box. After a ropey start with the leaky roof we've both grown to love it. It's like reversing an oil tanker and the handbrake is very dodgy but it served us proud and I reckon we covered more than 2,000km in it all in all. Think some of the sadness was also the realisation that the trip is nearly over.

    At the rental place the bloke working there had brought his dog, Diesel, to work, it had a limp and we felt sorry for it so I went over and stroked it but made my hand go black and smelly (sure you're thinking wow great story -sorry slow news day).

    After an Uber to the bus depo we made our way to Surfers Paradise. We've tried to avoid backpacker places but as we're only here for one night we booked a private room in a hostel. It's actually a room in a two bed apartment, it's ok but furnished like a young offenders institute. The helpful lady on reception told us they organise a bar crawl that starts at 10pm, given we've been in bed by that time most nights and I'm double the age of the other guests we didn't attend.

    We went to the Sushi Train for lunch (Yo Sushi knock off) and then attempted a walk down the beach but it started pissing it down so we took refuge in a Macca's (been in more McD's this trip than the last ten years combined) and used their wifi to workout we're actually staying just outside Surfers Paradise and had been walking in the wrong direction.

    After this minor setback we regrouped back at the hostel. I had a reasonably priced beer and Helen fancied a wine. Funnily enough the wine list here isn't extensive, there's one option; purchase a whole bottle of white for $9 (£5.40). This was the same cost as one glass in Brisbane last night so the only question to answer was how many plastic cups do you want with it. Helen polished off half the bottle (tasted surprisingly decent apparently) before gifting the rest to a backpacker from Sweden called Adrian who seemed a bit incredulous that someone was giving away alcohol.

    Dinner was at a Greek place where we got a mixed grill to share before a drink or two then back to the cell, sorry room. The hostel yoofs were pre drinking before the bar crawl so we'd not even stayed out past the start of their night.

    Byron Bay tomorrow (in an airbnb apartment to ourselves) to spend the weekend with some friends from back home who now live over here so we're looking forward to that and might even stay up past 10pm.
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  • Day163

    Surfers Paradise

    March 10, 2017 in Australia

    Nachdem wir Brisbane am Morgen verlassen hatten, waren wir schon bald im Hinterland. Wenige Kilometer hinter der lebhaften Küste mit den schönen Stränden und den grossen Städten fndet man sich inmitten von Landwirtschaft und Regenwälder wieder.
    Auf einem Spaziergang durchquerten wir eben einen solchen und vermutlich waren wir die einzigen oder ersten Gäste, denn was wir innerhalb kurzer Zeit gesehen haben, war erstaunlich:

    - Bush Dragon, eine Art Waran
    - eine grüne Schlange
    - eine grosse Spinne, wie die Schlange vermutlich giftig, wie fast alles Kleingetier in Australien
    - zwei Wallabys
    - kleine Papageien
    - einen wilden Truthahn
    - und einen Kookaburra (lachender Hans)

    Anschliessend fuhren wir nach Surfers Paradise, das Miami von Australien und liessen uns auf das Gold Coast-Feeling ein.
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  • Day2

    Broadbeach, Jupiters

    February 13, 2016 in Australia

    Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast sits proudly over looking the Nerang River, like a beautiful a-symmetric architecturally sound mother ship, guiding its fleet home. This was Queensland’s very first casino, and the leader in setting the bar high for the rest of the Gold Coast’s gaming venues to try to live up to.
    Located in Broadbeach, the complex covers eight acres of land and juts out into the river, marking its territory. Opened in the mid 80’s it has had two refurbishments and extensions since then. They made the gaming floor twice as large as it had been, added a much sought after Gold Club Room, and built a massive 2000 seat theatre for the most high tech, and high quality entertainment.

    This place is impressive, so lets go inside!

    The Casino

    This casino is world class. On the gaming floor you’ll find over 1,600 machines and over 70 table games to get you into the swing of things. The shiny machines will welcome you with their vibrancy and entertainment. Try games like Double Shot, Dinomight, Lighting Cash and Golden Dollars. They even host somes games found only in NSW such as Cash Express, Fa Fa Fa, and Players Choice-Superstar, all three versions! Try them all to come up with a winning combination on the pokies, or take a spin on the Keno machines.
    The table games offered run the gamut from Blackjack and Texas Hold’em to Roulette, Craps and Sic Bo, the Wheel and the card game Casino War, where you can either go to war, or surrender, to the card dealer. Your choice!

    If you want some privacy on the machines you should get yourself into one of Jupiters Casino’s three private gaming rooms. The Club, The Sterling Suite and The Suite are accessible by invitation only – How do you get an invitation? Just apply and gain some points from the Absolute Rewards customer desk. This is a gaming floor that will feel entirely yours! You get even more kudos if you are an interstate or international visitors to the casino on the Gold Coast. They do love their guests!
    Jupiters are constantly running fantastic promotions to take advantage of, and they mix them up throughout the year, so on your next visit, you’ll have something different to play for!

    The Hotel

    Apart form the luxury, the service, the nearby beach, Jupiters Hotel is right in the middle of the action, and the views of the Pacific Ocean are to die for. 596 rooms, fitness centre, a pool with private bungalows, therapeutic massage, gift service, I could go on!

    Here’s a fun fact!

    Jupiters Casino has been officially named a conservation Champion! The complex has reduced its water consumption by 40% since 2003, and they continue to integrate water saving practices into its every day running. Considering the casino is open 24 hours and the sheer size of the building and surrounds, this is a very impressive feat. They also use many other ‘green’ ways of living with lots of recycling, product donations to charity, phosphate free cleaning chemicals. Go Jupiters! Another way they are the leader of the pack in an ever-changing commercial world.

    Food and drinks!

    Yummy, yummy, yummy is all we can say. Restaurants like Bite, Food Fantasy, Zen, The Garden Kitchen and Bar, Cucina Vivo and of course the cutting edge and exclusive Japanese restaurant Kiyomi, will satisfy all your taste buds, whilst places like Jbar, Atrium and Jupiters Sports Bar have everything else to quench your thirst.
    They’ve got a Monorail!

    That’s right! Jupiters has a very impressive monorail that connects the Casino to some important locations around Broadbeach. Jump on this speedy baby and as well as taking a spin around over the waters edge, you’ll also be connected to the Oasis shopping centre, the beach, the Sofitel on the Gold Coast, and the Broadbeach Mall. Or, just take a round trip for fun! Monorails are so 1980’s, that when you find one around today you simply must go on, just for old times sake….plus its quite a handy way to get around don’t you think!?

    Reap your own benefits.

    The Absolute Rewards system in place at the Jupiters Hotel and Casino on the Gold coast, is second to none! You can earn Casino Dollars, Absolute Dollars or Absolute Points, and all can be used in three affiliated Casinos in Australia. So when you visit either Jupiters, The Star in Sydney, or the Treasury Casino and Hotel in Brisbane, then you are already set to keep claiming your bonus rewards, no matter which venue you are playing in.

    These guys take the cake for size and service and all round cool place to be, and to play. Jupiters on the Gold Coast should be at the top of your list and your first stop when you arrive on the East Coast of Australia.
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  • Day96

    Surfers Paradise

    October 10, 2016 in Australia

    ...von der Sunshine Coast gings nun zur Gold Coast nach Surfers Paradise.
    Wobei das Wetter am Ankunftstag nichts paradiesisches bereithielt und die Wellen definitiv nichts zum Surfen boten. Das es für mich aber eh nur ein Pflicht-stopover für eine Nacht war, war das nicht wirklich weiter tragisch.
    Vor der Weiterfahrt am nächsten Tag blieb noch Zeit kurz auf das Skypoint Observation Deck zu hüpfen (bei Sonnenschein).Read more

  • Day12

    Surfers Paradise

    January 6 in Australia

    Efter en händelserik gårdag kände vi oss nöjda med Byron Bay och redo att fortsätta norrut till Surfers Paradise. Vi checkade ut från the Health Lodge klockan 10 och spenderade ca en timmes tid på boendets innergård i väntan på att tiden skulle gå. Jag hann med en manikyr där på bänken och Uffe utforskade boendets olika anläggningar, bland annat en yogasal. Det var längesedan vi tränade och tänkte utnyttja tillfället och promenera med varsina två ryggsäckar (en där bak på ryggen och en framtill på bröstet) in till centrum. Lunchsolen gassade när vi promenerade gatan fram. Varma kom vi fram till den lilla busstationen och satte oss ner för att dricka det medhavda vattnet och få lite ny energi från en chipspåse. Vi turades om att titta i affärer i väntan på bussen. Bussen som kom var fräschare och hade skönare säten än de vi tidigare åkt med. Resan upp till Guldkustens flygplats skulle ta en timme. När en timme hade gått var vi inte i närheten av en stad. Det visade sig att vi hade passerat en tidzon och var nu 11 timmar före i tiden jämfört med Sverige. Istället för en timmes bussfärd blev det två.

    Vi kom fram till flygplatsen där vi skulle hämta ut vår hyrbil. Vi hade tidigare skickat in en förfrågan om en uppgradering till en fyrhjulsdriven bil eftersom vi skulle åka till Fraser Island nästkommande dag. Ön är världens största sandö och det är nästintill omöjligt att köra på ön med en tvåhjulsdriven bil. Dessvärre hade de inga fyrhjulsdrivna bilar tillgängliga så vi fick nöja oss med vår lilla bil. I vanlig ordning tog Uffe på sig rollen som chaufför och jag som kartläsare. Körningen till Surfers Paradise gick snabbt och enkelt. Vi checkade in på fyrstjärnigt trendigt hotell någon minuts promenad från stranden. Vi fick rummet på 22e våningen och utsikten var fantastiskt. Vi skuttade omkring på rummet och kände oss glada över lite lyx på resan.

    Uffes kalsongutbud hade blivit knapert och det var dags att tvätta kläder efter ca 1.5 veckor på resande fot. Vi fnös åt hotellets tvättpriser och sökte upp en tvättomat i närheten. Den låg inte långt ifrån en helvegansk restaurang som serverade en all you can eat buffé till ett bra pris. Vi styrde stegen mot restaurangen med hungriga magar. Två fulla tallrikar var mumsade vi i oss och kände oss mätta och belåtna när vi kom fram till tvättomaten. Medan våra kläder snurrade runt i tvättmaskinen gick vi ner till stranden. Wow så vacker strandlinjen var med höga byggnader och pudervit sandstrand - påminde lite om Cancún i Mexiko. Vi njöt av vågorna som slog mot våra ben och kände oss lyckliga att vara på plats i omtalade Surfers Paradise. Vi gick tillbaka för att slänga in tvätten i torktumlaren. Medan tvätten torkade tog vi det lugnt på bänken tillsammans.

    Med ljuvligt doftande tvätt i våra tygpåsar besökte vi några butiker som sålde bikinis. Jag hittade många fina med var inte villig att betala 700 kronor för en ny. Vi gick tillbaka till hotellet och sökte efter den bästa bilvägen till Fraser Island. Planen fastställdes och imorgon skulle vi åka över till ön via Rainbow beach. Det skulle ta ca 5.5 timmar att komma till boendet på ön och för att inte komma dit alltför sent bestämde vi att köra klockan 10.30 morgonen därpå. När resplanen var fastställd bytte vi om till badkläder för att ta hissen ner till utomhuspoolen och ta oss ett dopp. Resten av kvällen mös vi framför TVn och fick reda på att det är värsta värmeböljan i Sydney, med temperaturer högre än på 80 år. Känns som att vi lämnade storstaden just i rättan tid. Här är det runt 32 grader, en härlig och uthärdlig värme.
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