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  • Day130

    Let's go

    February 27, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    ▪️Beim Abschied von Judith lief mir eine Träne über die Wange, sie ist echt eine tolle, liebe Person
    ▪️Habe ihr rosa Panda-Socken geschenkt :P, weil sie für mich da war, als es mit meinem Fuß passierte
    ▪️Daniel habe ich eine Stunde zu spät vom Bahnhof Windsor abgeholt 🙈
    ▪️Der Abschied von allen, der Papierkram mit Jenny, der Sekretärin, dass hat alles länger gedauert als erwartet
    ▪️Habe mich wirklich geschämt, aber Daniel war noch gut drauf 😁
    ▪️Erster Stopp war Newcastle - mega schöner Strand und süße Altstadt
    ▪️Nach einer Pizza bei Dominos ging es weiter nach Port Stephens
    ▪️Den Sonnenuntergang haben wir leider um ein paar Minuten verpasst
    ▪️In Port Stephens ankern die großen Luxusyachten
    ▪️Sind zu unserem kostenlosen Campingplatz gefahren
    ▪️Dieser lag mitten im Wald, mussten eine spitzsteinige, sandige mit vielen Schlaglöchern versehene Straße entlang fahren - Daniel fuhr und hatte Schweißausbrüche :P
    ▪️Alle Mühe umsonst, mitten auf der Straße lag ein großer Baumstamm 😂
    ▪️Mussten mitten im dunklen Wald auf einer schmalen Straße mit einem Kombi wenden - Daniel war fix und fertig 😂
    ▪️Die Räder sind ein paar Mal durchgedreht und es roch nach Gummi, aber wir haben es geschafft
    ▪️Daniel hat sich dann ein Free Camp am Highway gewünscht - gesagt getan, kamen um 23 Uhr dort an :)
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  • Day102

    Driving Through Port Macquarie & Further

    November 29, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 18 °C

    We headed off around 9.30 this morning, a little worried by weather forecasts of very strong south westerly winds. We had no issues as we headed south on the highway all the way to Port Macquarie. We stopped along the road high above Main Beach to put the kettle on and make a coffee as we watched the surfers below waiting on their boards to catch the next wave.

    After a quick rest we drove around the coastline heading to a nearby lighthouse. The road up to the lighthouse was not meant for towing a caravan. I think a small sign may have said not suitable for large vehicles, but that didn’t stop Gadi! He squeezed in the tight turning circle and luckily was able to park at the end of the circle.

    We checked out the view of the vast expanse of beach and walked out on a viewing platform over huge rocks and nearly got swept away by crazy, strong winds. The view was awesome as the waves crashed against the rocks, sending huge foamy sprays of water high up in the air. Next we walked up to the lighthouse and nearly got blown away as we walked around the perimeter, almost hugging the stone walls of the lighthouse for dear life. I thought I would lose my phone out of my hand and it was unclear if my clothes were being blown up or down.

    We continued to head south from Port Macquarie along the coast through some small towns, stopping to buy lunch from a bakery, hoping to eat outside by a river that seemed much calmer than the beach we’d seen earlier. The wet benches proved a problem so we ate inside the caravan - always convenient to carry your home with you.

    We drove all the way to the little town we are camping in tonight, where there is a free camp along the river with a two minute walk to town. Within five minutes we had our chairs outside by the river and were enjoying happy hour in the last rays of the fleeting sunshine.

    Time to feed Cadbury and think about cooking dinner for us
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  • Day103

    Exploring Seal Rocks, Forster-Tuncurry

    November 30, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    We decided to leave the caravan in the free camp, next to the river, allowing us to explore without towing. We drove through the Myall Lakes National Park (we camped there many years ago), between some gorgeous lakes, stopping to stretch our legs at Smith’s Lake before reaching Seal Rocks, a very pretty curved beach with a rocky outcrop on one side. We continued on the steep, narrow road all the way to the lighthouse.

    Next we drove to Forster and ate lunch sitting on a park bench overlooking the glorious white sand (and huge sand dune) and turquoise water of One Mile Beach. Then we drove around the other side of the beach to a lookout over the rocks to the huge expanse of ocean. We were able to climb to the top of the sand dune and were rewarded with a spectacular view over the ocean and beautiful white sand.

    We headed over the long bridge to Forster’s twin town, Tuncurry, checking out the marina and the break water where they have netted off an area of the lake as a safe swimming area for children.

    Then we drove back to our little park by the river - it seemed a faster drive this afternoon via the freeway than it did going through the National park earlier.

    We bought a cold bottle of Pinot Grigio in town and enjoyed a glass with some of our Kingaroy peanuts sitting in the last rays of the afternoon sun on the bank of the river.

    Cooked a quick dinner of Moroccan lamb rump steaks with potatoes and asparagus and then chatted to a family just beginning an eight week trip down the coast. We got to see a pretty sunset and stood outside chatting until it got dark.

    Time to head indoors and say goodnight from Bulahdelah xx
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  • Day71

    So, my last day in Woolgoolga.

    September 19, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Don’t like this much.

    We went for a wonderful walk along the lake towards the sea.
    In magnificent sunshine.
    The tide was coming in again so a bit too deep to wade across without getting clothes wet.
    So we stood and played by our turquoise water spot.

    This place is simply magnificent.
    I know that I have said that so many times before but it simply is.
    Everywhere you turn is sparkling water, beautiful crashing waves on miles and miles of pristine beach.
    The caravan park is beautiful but old enough to have enormous character.

    Slowly made our way back towards camp, up that wonderful old wooden walkway to the beautiful lawn and across the road to Bumper.

    Very, very hard to describe what this last morning was like.
    It had arrived.

    I had totally packed up Tin Tin yesterday.
    Everything that I don’t need is packed away.
    And there is a lot I don’t need.

    We had breakfast and I went to say goodbye to Barbara, the lovely lady by herself on the corner site.
    We have become quite friendly over the weeks.
    I cried.

    Then went to say goodbye to Anna, Meagan’s friend’s parents.
    And I cried.

    The lovely shy man with the European accent and the little white dog came to say goodbye.
    And I cried.
    ( He gave Emily a stem of wildflowers for her birthday.)

    I took the toilet key back to the office.
    Didn’t cry ... but I wanted to.

    So many people said goodbye.
    I almost wished I had never spoken to anyone while I was there.

    Daryl and Martine came for a hug.
    I cried.
    They waved goodbye and left.

    Packed the kayak in the van.
    And it was time.

    Huge hugs.
    Lots of tears.
    I don’t want to go.

    Although, by this stage I knew I had to.
    It was awful.
    I waved goodbye out the window as I left the park
    And could see Emily waving in the rear view mirror.

    And then I was on the lake road that we had visualised as we sat in Bumper all those months ago out the front of my house in Berwick.
    But I was driving away.

    I rang Emily as I passed Bluebottles.
    We were both OK.
    And it was perfectly OK to be sad.

    Waved goodbye to Woolgoolga
    And Sandy Beach.
    And I was on my way.

    Good trip.
    Stopped a the Service Centre outside Taree for petrol and a pie.
    This is the Service Centre that 10 weeks ago, Bumper broke down near.
    I said Hi to that spot and kept driving.

    Onto Bulahdelah.
    Arrive about 2.15pm.
    I had heard rave reviews from friends of people in the Woopi Park.

    It is a Stepford Park.
    It is awful.
    It has manicured lawns.
    Enormous sites.
    Some beautiful flower beds.
    And not a tree to be seen.
    And enormous concrete roads.
    It also has a tennis court.
    A pool.
    It is a resort.
    And no trees.
    Not only are there no trees.
    There are not any young trees anywhere.

    Just van after van after van.
    After van.

    It is awful.
    I am only here for the night so it doesn’t matter.
    It’s new but not that new, not to have planted trees.
    Add some character somewhere, please.

    Haha. I don’t like it!

    Onto Goulburn tomorrow.
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  • Day14


    April 16, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Nachdem wir das Örtchen erkundet haben und zurück zum Auto sind hat sich ein sehr nettes Gespräch mit Einheimischen ergeben, welche ebenfalls reisen. Sie wohnen auf einer Insel bei Brisbane und haben uns eingeladen vorbeizuschauen, wenn wir in der Nähe sind. Auch sonst haben sie uns viele Tipps gegeben! Es war ein super nettes älteres Ehepaar, die relativ einfaches Englisch gesprochen haben, sodass wir sie gut verstehen konnten und es Spaß machte sich zu unterhalten.Read more

    Nils Auch Nils

    Habt ihr eine Drohne dabei?😅😀

    Die Welt erlebt Isa

    Nein leider nicht. Das Bild habe ich von einer Brücke gemacht :)

  • Day5

    Blue Mountains -zum Zweiten

    April 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    8.44 Uhr -und das ohne Wecker 😅
    Nach dem Frühstück, Aufräumen und Moskitonetze am Fenster anbringen -zugegeben das war Jerome allein, sind wir wieder zum Nationalpark in die Blue Mountains. Mit Pumpernickel gestärkt und das erste Mal Wegfutter ging die Tour erneut los.
    Heute kostenlos geparkt haben wir etwas mehr Zeit hier. Trotzdem wollen wir die 40$ pro Nase für die Liftfahrt nicht bezahlen und machen uns selbst auf den Weg. Beim Abstieg bieten eine sich immer wieder atemberaubende Ausblicke 😍⛰
    Nach dem Entdecken einer Schlange 🐍 stieg Jerome über sie hinweg, um sie zu filmen und ich musste ansehen wie er fast gebissen wurde 😨😅 - wir wissen bis heute nicht, ob sie giftig war.
    Unten angekommen mussten wir enttäuscht feststellen, dass das versprochene Aborigine Dorf und die Bergarbeiterhütte "künstlerisch" tourigeeignet dargestellt wurden -auch mir gefiel der Kunstanteil nicht 🤔 Daher entschloßen wir den Experience-Pfad zu nehmen, ungeachtet vom falschen Schuhwerk. Nun hatte ich schon gar keine Lust mehr, aber Jerome jedoch umso mehr und überzeugte mich, was sich letztendlich mehr als gelohnt hat. Mitten im Nirgendwo, komplett ohne andere Menschen, entdeckten wir einen Ausblick, den man sich nicht mal erträumen kann 🏞 Wie soll das noch getoppt werden? 🤔
    Am Parkplatz habe ich dann die erste große Spinne 🕷-wirklich groß und haarig- gesehen, durch die sich der Toilettengang erübrigt hatte 😅
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