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  • Day22


    October 17, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Nach Surfers Paradise ging es für uns in das überschaubare Caloundra. Im einzigen Hostel der Stadt angekommen bezogen wir unser Zimmer und trafen unseren Mitbewohner Matt, ca. 45 Jahre alt und arbeitssuchend. Wie wir schnell feststellten, bestand der Großteil der Gäste des Hostels aus Australiern, was für uns mal eine willkommende Abwechslung war. Wie auch Matt waren alle sehr freundlich und so begaben wir uns nach einem kleinen Spaziergang zum Strand zum kostenlosen Barbecue des Hostels. Dabei lernten wir noch weitere Australier kennen, die meisten im ähnlichen Alter wie Matt oder zumindest deutlich älter als wir und alle sehr witzig. Nach dem ausgiebigen Abendessen gingen wir noch eine Runde spazieren, was sich aber als keine gute Idee erwies, da es wirklich Arschkalt war .. also machten wir uns auf den Rückweg und fielen ins Bett. Am nächsten Morgen machten wir uns früh auf den Weg in den Zoo (siehe : Australia Zoo) und als wir wieder kamen ( ja er hat uns wieder abgeholt) machten wir uns etwas zu essen und verbrachten den Rest des Abends mit Skype Gesprächen nach Hause - Leo, du wirktest echt besoffen! Danach ließen wir uns noch ein Paar Biere spendieren und dann gingen wir ins Bett, leider ohne Matt der und erst am nächsten Morgen auf dem Weg zum Bus entgegenkam, keiner weiß was da los war.
    Wie auch in den anderwn Orten war damit unsere Zeit in Caloundra auch schon wieder sehr schnell vorbei und wir machten uns auf den Weg nach Noosa!
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  • Day12

    From Sunshine Coast to Sunset dream

    December 29, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Caloundra Beach verwöhnte uns mit einem tollen Green Bowl Brunch, super iced coffees und Stunden an Sonnenschein. Wir geben aber zu, dass wir irgendwann auch froh waren, nicht mehr überall Sand am Körper und an den Klamotten zu haben 🙃 Das heißt, das erste was wir in unserem chicen Design Hotel Brisbane machten, war duschen 😂 aber den Sonnenuntergang haben wir dann in vollen Zügen ohne Sand zwischen den Zehen und mit frischen Haaren genossen 😝 und mit etwas Pizzzzaaaaaaa 😋Read more

  • Day29


    March 1, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Caloundra is een badplaats aan de Sunshine Coast met mooie stranden. We zijn gehuisvest in een resort Oaks Oasis) uit de betere klasse, wellicht bewust zo georganiseerd om ons na zo'n lange reis tot rust te laten komen. 's Middags gelijk al gebruik gemaakt van zwembad en bubbelbad. Het resort heeft een mooie tuin met vijvers en palmbomen met Kaketoes erin.Read more

  • Day241

    Caloundra @ Widmers!! <3

    October 7, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

    Mir sind uf Umwäge nach Caloundra gfahre. Hend ufem Wäg nachere Felge gsuecht, aber immerna Erfolglos... ;)

    Nacheme churze Telefonat sind mir vo Marcel und Trudy i ihri schöni Wohnig iiglade worde mir hend sogar bi hne derfe übernachte - imene seperate "Hotelzimmer". Uff hend mir en Luxus!

    Mir hend zämme Znacht gesse und ganz viel z bespräche gha - s isch sehr en lustige und spannende Aabig gsi! :) Mir sind scho lang nümm so spat is Bett!

    Am nechste Tag simmer all Zämme is Hinterland, ine Chäserei go Raclette ässe und zabig hemmer Fondue gmacht! En richtige Schwiizertag :)
    Bim Five crowns spiele hemmer gäg oisi zwei erfahrene Gägner leider kei chance gha...

    Danke so viel mal für oii riesigi, liebi Gastfründschaft (au wen ihr d Sandra sit ca 15 Johr nümm gseh hend...) - mir hend die Ziit mit oi richtig gnosse!


    We got invited by Marcel and Trudy to stay at their apartment in Caloundra. Marcel and Trudy are friends of Sandras grandparents and have been living in Australia for about 10 years.

    We had dinner and talked the whole evening about our jourmeys and excperiences in Australia (and of course some other stuff ;) ). It was very interesting and funny with them - we didn't go to bed so late for a long time ;)

    The next day we visited the Glasshouse Mountains, the Hinterland and a cheesery, where we ate raclette and bought our dinner: Fondue! Yummy.

    Thank you soo much for your amazing hospitality! (even though you haven't seen Sandra in about 15 years!)
    We really enjoyed these two days with you!
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  • Day26

    Road trip to Brisbane

    January 2, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We lazed back to Brisbane via Caloundra on the scenic route, we stopped at a couple of very scenic spots along the way and then rushed back to the comfort of the cars air con. The coast is filled with eager holiday makers... catching some serious rays, having 2 summers have its perks but honestly I felt like being in snow for a day.

    As we celebrated with friends on New Years eve, we didn't spend much quality time with each other. I suggested a "reflective" cider at one of the beautiful picnic spots. It was fun looking back on our highlights of 2016, it was quite an eventful year.

    Jan 1st 2016 we decided to leave Bermuda then it was
    Jan -the triangle
    Feb- rugby season
    March-the NYC half, Janies bachelorette, Durnferds bachelors, Dolf's bday in Stowe
    April-Skiing and the Police dinner
    May-Nyc airbnb half
    June-Dolf final home test match with his parents the to see it, many beach days... making a list of what we need to sell, doing lots of research, planning our trip roughly
    July- my grandpa passed away and we went to SA
    Aug- Cupmatch and more Bda summer , planning some of trip, starting to sell things
    Sept- packing up our lives in Bda and all the emotional rollercoasting with that
    Oct- leaving Bermy😂, and our great adventure started spending time in Florida with the Oberholzers & San Jose with the Strydoms & getting on the cruise... Seattle, Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia
    Nov- getting off in Sydney... Manly was deffo the highlight with the Dobinsons
    The Milford track , all the amazing adventures in NZ
    Dec - Fun times with Christine in Auckland , and the Hurlings in New Plymouth...& Back to Aus, Great Ocean road...Great Barrier Reef ...Rainbow beach, Fraser island Brissie Bonding with the Barnards

    What an incredible year!!, I can only be grateful for all the people and blessings in my life!!

    Looking forward to year of travel, culture enrichment, family that word called settling down and many more amazing adventures 2017

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  • Day44


    September 23, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Again not to much to write about. We spent the morning working on the van and car. Joe did an oil change on the car and I cleaned up the van and got the washing through. We also spent some time look at Aviaries in the area to visit and found a great one to visit tomorrow.

    After lunch we went for a drive around the beaches. The wind had picked up so we decided against hopping out. We dropped into a chemist and got me something a little stronger for my Midge bites. It turns out they had a bit of a buffet out of me at Airlie, and I don't react well. Then we grabbed some groceries (quite a bit more than was on the list) and headed back. Joey cooked BBQ and we watched a movie with the girls whom I am about to chase into bed!
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  • Day43

    Driving to Caloundra

    September 22, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    We were ready to leave at 8am; just in time for for the coffee van to have their doughnuts ready much to Lara's delight! After the girls ate their doughnuts and we had a chat to a long term travelling couple parked next to us we were off to the Bundaberg Rum Distillery two hours down the road. It was an easy drive with a lot more red dirt on in the landscape then we were expecting.

    We had a good look around (it's a shame we don't drink rum) and picked up a couple of orders from home and continued towards Caloundra. This is the part of the trip Paige has been very excited about! She has wanted to come back to the Sunshine Coast since our last trip two years ago. We stopped at a garage at Maryborough for fuel, tyre check and some lunch and arrived and my Aunt and Uncles house around 3.30pm.

    After a lovely greeting from my cousin and getting one neighbour to move their car we managed to squeeze the van into the driveway in one go, right before the rain set in for the night. Doug was seriously impressed! While we were setting up Doug made us both a much appreciated cuppa!

    Quick and easy toasted sandwiches for dinner as Doug went to work and an evening of board games to the sound of rain on the caravan roof. Not a bad way to end the day at all!
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  • Day45

    Caloundra to Rosewood

    September 24, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    After a quiet morning we took a drive into town to look for some Caloundra pins to add to the girls collection. As we arrived in the Main Street we found a market in full swing. We spent a good couple of hours walking around, looking at the stalls and shops. We found some pins for the girls and bought half a kilo of blueberries for $8 and enjoyed some really good Sushi for lunch before heading back to the van.

    We all shared a quick fruit salad, gathered up a few things and set off just after 1pm on the two hour trip to a bird aviary I'd tracked down that specialises in Black Cockatoos, something we have spent a lot of time looking into in recent months. We had planned on visiting a large public aviary in Maleny Botanical Gardens but decided we would get a lot more out of the Rosewood Parrot Gardens (not a public aviary but a private collection).

    What an afternoon! Barry and his wife Julie took us around the majority of their 250+ aviaries and 650+ birds. Such an amazing set up with all the subspecies of black Cockatoos we have. Nearly double the number I had learned there was. We were amazed and learned so much! After looking around the aviaries we were invited to look in their baby room. Such a professional set up with so many babies either in incubators or in cages waiting for their next feed. All in perfect health and so affectionate, and sooo loud! It was such an educational experience that we all really enjoyed including the girls. We bought a copy of Julie's Black Cockatoo book and headed back towards Caloundra, 3 hours after arriving, and we could've easily spent twice as long.

    We found a Coffee Club open for dinner about half way home and got back to the van before 9pm. Got the girls into bed and had a quick look through Julie's book before we crashed too!
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  • Day46

    Caloundra Day Three

    September 25, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    After a morning catching up with my cousins and the girls riding around on their ripsticks and scooter we had lunch and decided to attempt the beach despite the wind.

    We drove down to Shelly Beach and wandered down over the rocks but the wind really was to strong to enjoy it down there so we decided to head out to Strawberry Fields and let the girls pick their own strawberries. Getting out of the car there was the most delicious sweetness in the air. We went in and got containers and headed to the open picking field and let the girls at it. They had fun apart from being a little competitive about the size of their strawberries and Paige had to understand that she could only pick the ripe ones.

    The only cost is the strawberries picked at $11 per kilo. We ended up with $14 of strawberries which I thought was pretty good. Then headed back into Caloundra to grab some extra meat for dinner before heading back to the van.

    We had cheese and biscuits with my cousins before Joe cooked us all a very nice BBQ and a couple of drinks with strawberries and chocolate for dessert! We love it up here. It's so easy to just sit back and relax. And I've loved catching up with my family.

    Driving again tomorrow. Not too many driving days to go and we'll be home but first Byron Bay!
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  • Day39

    Sunshine Coast

    November 16, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Heute erreichten wir die Sunshine Coast.
    Die Jungs hatten zwei Tage auf Fraser ohne Dusche und Toilette hinter sich, weshalb wir dachten, wir überraschen sie mal mit einer Airbnb-Wohung MIT WHIRPOOL! - richtig geil. :D

    Um uns die Zeit zum Check-in zu vertreiben, fuhren wir erst einmal zum nächst größeren Einkaufszentrum, dem 'Sunshine Plaza' in Maroochydore. Dies war wirklich sehr schön angelegt mit Blick aufs Wasser von den äußeren Geschäften und Restaurants aus.

    Als wir in unserer Heimat für die nächsten zwei Tage 'Caloundra' ankamen, schlenderten wir den King's Beach entlang und erkundeten die Gegend. Es wirkte als würden hier nur Hotels stehen, aber bei der Masse dieser Bauten muss man wohl davon ausgehen, dass ein Teil davon auch dauerhaft bewohnt wird. :D
    Gegend Abend trudelten noch Nico und Fabi für einen kurzen Besuch bei uns ein (die zwei Bayern von der Tankstelle), um teilhaben zu können am Luxus unserer neuen Unterkunft. Marco und Alex waren nicht sehr überrascht (Marco hat natürlich vorher gegoogelt, ob an der zugesandten Adresse wirklich ein Campingplatz zu finden ist oder vielleicht doch eine Airbnb-Wohnung :P ), freuten sich dafür aber umso mehr, die nächsten zwei Tage ein bisschen außerhalb ihres Autos "Schrotti" entspannen zu können.
    . . . (wie geil auch so ein Whirpool ist.. sowas brauch ich zu Hause auch.. danke Schatzi ;D ) . . .
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