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  • Day127

    Snorkeling at Coral Bay

    March 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    It was Machiel's birthday. So the day started with a call to home. On the way to Coral Bay we saw more and more termite nests, most of which were taller than we were. It gave us a new variation of the Australian bush desert to look at while driving. In Coral Bay we checked into one of their expensive campsites and relaxed in the shade. The bush flies gave Machiel a nice present by not being present, so we could use our table and chairs and sit outside without a headnet! After a few slices of regular bread lunch we went to have some birthday pie and cake at the local bakery until our stomachs felt too full.

    After our stomachs felt better and the worst heat of the day was over we went to the beach, just when it was also getting cloudier. We first wanted to go into the water a bit outside of the bay to then drift with the current back. While walking through the shallow water we saw three blue spotted rays very close to us buried in the sand. One got between us and the beach and felt cornered so swam away with hyper drive, quite close to us. As there was nobody else around in the water there and we didn't feel too confident, we walked back to the bay where there were more snorkelers. Like the brochure says: "when in doubt, don't go out!".

    Back in the bay getting in the water was easier as it was steeper. It was completely cloudy at this point and there had been some strong winds earlier, which didn't help the underwater visibility. Nonetheless, the fish activity was amazing. There were many decently sized fish right at the shoreline, curiously swimming around our feet. Then when we put our heads under water we were immediately greeted by a 1 meter long spangled emperor. Turns out he wasn't alone either, and even while standing on the shoreline we could see many of them swim by. They were intimidating at first but they seemed nice and we got well used to them. The fish and the coral was nowhere near as colorful as in Fiji, but we did see several lionfish, which are cool but also creepy being venomous and all. The water was also noticeably colder than in Fiji, where we figuratively could stay in the water the whole day without getting cold. After going in and out a few times we were losing temperature and at some point had to call it a day.

    After a shower in somewhat OK bore water, we went to the café next to the camping for a nice pizza, salad and birthday beers.
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    Suzanne Schönbeck

    Awww that looks like a very happy birthday!

    Herman Cordes

    Only seems fitting to leave a belated happy birthday on this blog post! :D

  • Day35

    Wild Dolphins - Coral Bay / 585 km

    May 10, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Monkey Mia is also known for the wild Dolphins 🐬 who appear at the beach every morning where they get fed with fish 🐠 (10% of their daily needs).
    We watched the four dolphins (2 female with their calfs) right from the waterline. Funny how they keep turning a bit to the side which lets them watch the people by having one eye outside of the water.
    Later in the morning we decided to drive all the way up to Coral Bay. 585km in 5.5 hours with no traffic and only two stops.
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    Sabi Thurnwaldová

    They're so cute!! 😍

  • Day46

    Rückkehr in die Zivilisation

    February 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Der Rückweg war um einiges einfacher, da der Wind nicht so viel Sand auf die Piste gewindet hatte wie bei der Hinfahrt. So kamen wir ziemlich schnell voran und konnten sogar noch einen Stopp bei den Blow Holes machen. Dann gingen wir essen, einkaufen und waschen, denn wir sahen aus wie Gnaraloo...Read more

  • Day89

    Blowholes and Quobba Station

    February 27, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    After our stop in Gladstone Bay, we went to Carnarvon for stocking up. We found a place to fill up our water bottles and bought some food as well. Then we went for a lunch break to a nice picnic area closed to the ocean.
    After lunch, we left Carnarvon and went to Point Quobba and the blowholes there.
    This time we were lucky and the blowholes we're blowing. Not very often, but we got to see some nice blows. It's a super rough coastline here and you can see the power of the ocean clearly.
    Pretty cool place to stop and just watch for a while. Everywhere around us are small salt pits on the rocks!
    Small holes that were once filled with seawater and now it's only salt left! Pretty cool to see, they look like ice, but with still over 30 degrees it's to warm for ice here 😉😂

    After that we took the bumpy drive to Quobba Station where we will stay for tonight. It's really in the middle of nowhere but a really nice place with super friendly owners and their dog!

    It was hard to find a place to put up our tents that was sheltered from the wind. It's blowing like hell now and it was not easy to build up our tents and get them stable enough to hopefully survive the night.

    After that, we started to cook and eat. After a hot shower, we went to bed early as we were very tired after a long day.
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