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    • Day51

      South mission

      November 14 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

      Decided to use my day to wander down to South Mission beach. 35°, direct sunlight at 1.5hrs later I realised the mistake id made.

      South mission is very small, basically just housing for the rich. It is also very pretty, sitting in a little bay so protected from most of the winds. I stopped at the only cafe there and had lunch which was much needed. I didn't bring water with me because I didn't realise how far it was. That was my biggest mistake. Half way through I decided it was easier to keep going and grab something when I arrived rather than turning back.

      Unfortunately I found out that mum was right, I probably shouldn't have swum in the sea the other day. Though there are no spotting recently, crocodiles and jellyfish are ever present and warned against. Down in south mission there is a little area cornered off by nets that it is safe to swim in. I didn't break any laws or anything, but it is advised against. So that's good to know!

      It took around 4hrs from when I left to getting back so I was very tired by that point. Enjoyed some lovely aircon in my room before heading to the pool again.

      The temperature had not dropped but the sun was past the point of directly above us, so was more bearable. I choose not to swim, instead I settled down to do some writing and watch the sunset. A photo is enclosed of the pool.

      That was until I got a message from my friend at work asking if I could cover. And because money, I obviously said yes. Definitely a good choice as it was not very busy, so I basically got free money for covering the sports bar for 3hrs. There were a few people in but the focus was on room service tonight.

      A tour that does the east coast stops in Mission beach on mondays. As a result a large group of backpackers arrived late evening and always come for food. Now because they are backpackers, room service is a luxury so they all ordered it. Nothing like 20 separate orders all at once. Thankfully because I was in sports, I just covered gaming as well while the others dealt with it.

      I clocked off at 9 and headed back to my room. Ended up being unable to sleep for various reasons and was still awake at 2am, not fun but there we go.
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      as I thought, just like ours!!??🥹🥹. Weather is similar too!


      ah I'm sure!


      looking good!

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    • Day45


      November 8 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

      It's been a super busy week but I am so glad I made the choice to come down to mission beach. Work is great, everyone is so nice and the area is beautiful. Hands down the best choice I could have made for me.

      I did a bit of meal prep yesterday so woke up to overnight oats. Not quite as good as the ones at home, but still very nice.

      Work was super chill today. It was busy but we all worked together and it went super fast. As soon as I walked in I was greeted to happy birthdays from everyone which was super nice as well.

      At the end of my shift, one of the girls made me a cocktail to celebrate. It was half way between a sex on the beach and a tequila sunrise, very nice. And free which is top tier. The chefs also gave me a leftover jacket potato and made me some garlic bread. Not very healthy but very nice.

      Overall, it's been a great birthday. Not the one I was expecting, but I knew what would happen when I chose to leave in September. I knew my 21st would be celebrated probably on my own, but the guys at work have been so nice and I dont feel alone at all. As dad would say, I've landed on my feet here and took off running.

      I have two days off now so am going to explore more of this beautiful place I have moved too. A beach day is needed I think!
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      Happy birthday plus 1!😃


      😂 thanks!

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    • Day59

      Damp mornings

      November 22 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Woke up. Realised my uniform hadn't dried thanks to the storm. Cried. Took my uniform off the line and did the only think a dumbass like myself could think of at 5,30am when she had work in an hour. Placed my shirt in the microwave and prayed it evaporated off the water. It did not. Cried again. Ate my overnight oats. Put on damp uniform that I was still ringing water from and went to work. 2 and a half hours later I was almost dry.

      Breakfast was super dead until 8 backpackers showed up at exactly 10am. Breakfast finishes at 10am. So of course we let them have a half hour eating before we chucked them out. Made my life more annoying but that's backpackers for you (and I am allowed to day that as I am one) (technically!!).

      I did have a lovely conversation with two gentlemen who came in for breakky. Realised half way through the conversation they were the owners of ALH (the people than own the resort) and were the people we were stressing over the last few days. Sounds like their inspection went well and apparently if I want I am in the ALH system so I can now work in any of there 350 companies across Australia. So I somehow managed to land a job at the Australian equivalent of the Hilton enterprise by accident. Hilton for international, ALH for Australia. Bomb.

      They also said I make a very good coffee and to seriously keep it in mind when I'm travelling around, so that's good. One of the two then spoke to Steve (the big boss of this resort and the guy who hired me) and I am 99.9% sure I came up in the conversation because they kept glancing at me. Unfortunately they were outside so it was impossible for me to eavesdrop. After Steve did ask me a bunch of questions and stuck around watching me for a bit so that was unnerving. The two guys were very nice though so that's good.

      Once I finished work I went and did a food shop. I went with a list (I know, I'm impressed too) and stuck to that list (even more impressed). I got to the till and nearly cried. Like I've got a good week and a bit of food here and if you minus the $30 sim it's not that bad but it hurt handing over that much money. I also paid my rent yesterday so am very glad my pay is coming in tomorrow.

      I am sick of not receiving my messages because optus is really bad out here. So bought a new sim for telstra which is supposed to be better for rural. Most of the guys at work have it so fingers crossed my phone starts connecting because otherwise no one can message or call me and that is a problem.

      Then chilled in my nice air con room and figured out how I am going to store my stuff in only half a room.
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      ahaha put it in the microwave😂 I think u need to appreciate that just made me laugh and the train was SILENT😂


      😂 it's all I could think off!


      a hair or hand dryer works x


      I have neither. I also considered ironing it dry but I dont have one of those either!

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    • Day50

      Sunday fundays

      November 13 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

      So I didn't realise it at first, but I am clearly addicted to pretty views and food. All I have to offer most days is the great food I am eating and at the moment because it is so clear, the sky.

      I tried to wake up early so I actually did something with my morning, but after still being awake at 3am, I was bloody knackered when my alarm went off at 10.

      Feeling like death, I rolled out of bed and realised the reason why I might be feeling so bad was it was 33° in my room. I am struggling to sleep with the aircon on as it is so loud. I've always got my eye mask and ear plugs in anyway, but it's still there. It also makes the wall vibrate slightly which is super annoying. As a result, I have taken to turning it off at night. This is great for falling asleep until I wake up sweating.

      Anyways, decided to finally check out the onsite pool. Felt a thousand times better after a little swim. I'm not a huge swimmer so it didn't last long but I cooled down which is all I cared about.

      I then needed food so went to the kitchen where I had a lovely conversation with a couple in their 50's. They'd moved from Birmingham 20years ago and had settled in Cairns a few years later. So talking to them was really nice. I like meeting people from different places in the world but it's also nice to talk to a brit every now and then, reminds me off home. They were super nice and had cooked a bunch of food on one of the bbq's and had made too much so guess who got some proper British sausages to add to her own food. Ended up having fried bread, sausages, mushrooms, and eggs. Plus their sausages and bacon, I was living the proper English breakky life. And as mum knows well, it is my favourite of all the breakfasts!

      After speaking with them for a while, I went back and bashed out a good 2,000 words which was top tier. The aircon had also cooled my room so I was actually kinda cold once I finished.

      Then cause it was a sunday, my wifi was not working well at all. The more people that are using it the worse it is, i was getting lockdown flashbacks when mum and H were working so neither dad or I could be online. Was very annoying. So instead I played some spider, officially my favourite card game to play solo. I am surprisingly good at it. I also found a puzzle in the common area, so my steal that tomorrow and make it, cause I'm a weirdo!

      And then it was time to go to work. Work was not fun. I had one family of three in after 5,30pm. I was there on my own until 9,45 when I left 15mins early. It was so dead it is unbelievable. But it was dead in all sections, so we were all bored. It is much better then it's like this cause the supervisors cant go around and tell us to find something to do, because they too, cannot find anything to do.

      We did end my cleaning out the beer drains! I know exciting right. That was truly revolting. The cleaner is usually diluted but they hadn't been done in forever so were almost completely blocked, so we didn't dilute it. It looked like we were pouring blood down the drains. No word of a lie, it was creepy. But one pour and you could see the grime dissolving down the drain, dangerous stuff. We had to clean out hands thoroughly after as it dissolves skin very easily as well. But that was probably the highlight of my shift. Not great.

      I clocked off and was invited for a drink by one of my friends, but then I realised who they were drinking with and choose not too. It is surprising how many of my colleagues have asked me if I smoke weed as though everyone does it. Unfortunately, a large amount of people do. Just to clarify, I dont and dont want to. But that wont stop them asking. So I decided to skip the inevitable and head back.

      Because it was a sunday, everyone was in bed preparing to sleep as most start of at 7am tomorrow morning. This means the wifi was working again properly. It also means that I got sucked into social media which I haven't checked all weekend, and its midnight and I'm still awake. But such is life. I have a day off tomorrow and so can relax then!
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      show us the pool? I bet it's just like ours (not! cos we don't have one!). Might playing soft music help drown out the air con?


      That was a long one.


      Reference your first paragraph... yep... the rest of us realised that on day 3. 🙂


      Great comment. one we all spotted xxx



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    • Day47

      Lazy days

      November 10 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      I have genuinely no clue what I did all day today.

      I know I put all my washing on so now everything I own I clean. I know I watched some TV and walked along the beach at sunset. But that's all I got.

      A very productive day off, me thinks
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      love this one!


      it is beautiful. part of me wishes I had a better camera, because that really doesn't do it justice!


      vegemite? really? :)


      I know, I know. but it's good and the closest I am going to get!

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    • Day52

      North Mission

      November 15 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

      Made the treck up to North Mission Beach today. It took less time but was more of a boring walk that to south mission. I'm not sure why, maybe I was just tired and wasnt really feeling it.

      You can just about see in one of the photos the skyjumpers that land on North Mission. That was pretty cool to see and I'll try and book it for sometime soon as it's the main thing to do up here.

      I also saw these colours patterns on the sand. Have no clue what made them and dont really wanna know.

      Thne headed back, had some popcorn while watching TV I downloaded and sat by the pool to write some more and cool off. I did not snd up writing much which was a pain but I'll try again tomorrow.

      Finished off the day with some chili beans! Top tier. Cannt go wrong. Tasted great. Trusted mums recipe and boom. Not as good as hers but that's cause I cant cook! Batch made a load so that's food sorted for the rest of the week.

      I turned in early as i was exhausted from not sleeping and had my alarm set for 5,30am tomorrow.
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      Excellent looking chilli beans, and batch cooking. We have trained you well young Padawan xx


      why thank you


      it's the spongebob flower things!! :)


      I don't know what that is!


      look up spongebob then I'm referencing the things on the background of the picture

    • Day73

      Mission Beach

      November 15 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      Auf der Reise nach Norden zählt dieser Strand zu den Must See‘s!
      Und das zurecht. Ein traumhafter, von Palmen gesäumter Strand. Wir verbrachten den Nachmittag hier und zogen dann weiter zu unserem Campingplatz. Schon morgen durchqueren wir Cairns, wo wir in wenigen Tagen „Torsten“ schweren Herzens abgeben werden. 🥲Read more

    • Day21

      Wooroonooran NP : daar loopt een .....

      June 10 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Vanaf Wallaman Falls dalen we weer af naar de kust en doen boodschappen in Ingham. Van daaruit rijden we noordwaarts en zien we naast het gebruikelijke suikerriet ook bananenplantages verschijnen. De trossen bananen zitten in een beschermde zak om ze te beschermen tegen ongedierte en ziektes.

      We stijgen geleidelijk en rijden tussen glooiende heuvels door tot aan de rand van het regenwoud van het Wooroonooran National Park. Bij de Namur Tropical Skywalk kun je over een verhoogd platform op 30 meter door het woud lopen. Dit geeft een totaal ander perspectief op hoe een regenwoud eruit ziet.

      Een deel van dit woud is in 2003 tijdens een cycloon tegen de vlakte gegaan, waardoor er plaats kwam om dit platform te bouwen, maar ook jonge planten en bomen de ruimte kregen om te groeien. Over het algemeen staan er bomen die een jaar of 50 oud worden en ook kleiner blijven, en bomen van tientallen meters hoog die honderden jaren oud worden. We horen veel verschillende vogels, maar door het dichte bladerdak zien we ze niet. Vanaf een uitkijktoren kijken we neer op een rivier die tussen de bergen door loopt. De hoogste berg van Queensland zit helaas in de wolken.

      Vijf kilometer verderop ligt onze camping bij Henrietta Creek, ook midden in het regenwoud. Tegen de schermering loop ik over een wandelpad naar de Creek toe, waar je ook kijkt is wel wat te ontdekken. Dikke boomstammen met uitgestrekte wortels, lianen die aan de bonen hangen en allerlei planten die zich aan de boomstammen hechten. Als ik terug op de camping kon loopt daar ineens de moeilijk te spotten reus op zijn gemak rond, de Cassowary. Deze vogel die niet kan vliegen komt alleen voor in Australië en Papoea en is de op twee na langste en op één na zwaarste vogel. In het halfduister ziet hij er nog indrukwekkender uit. Ze zijn ook niet voor de poes, vooral de mannetjes kunnen hun vrouw fel verdedigen. Ze behoren naast de Krokodillen en kwallen tot de dieren waarvoor je moet opletten.

      De volgende ochtend doen we twee korte wandelingen naar de Wallicher en Tchupala Falls.
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      Wat gaaf zeg de skywalk! Jullie eten ziet er weer goed uit! Vreemde vogel zeg de Cassowary, kijk maar uit :)


      We eten altijd lekker, daar zorgt de camping chef wel voor 😉. We hebben later nog veel meer Cassowaries gezien, dat volgt nog in het volgende verhaal.


      camping chef Robbert :)

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    • Day60

      Writing mania

      November 23 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      I had to Google how to spell nephew. I tried everything. I thought maybe it was a 'ue' not an 'ew', I couldn't figure out if it was 'ph' or 'f'. And one point I thought maybe there was a silent 'a'. Why is english so HARD!!!

      Today was a day for relaxing. After coming back from the sunrise at the beach I waited for someone from the RSA to call me so I could finally finish that thing. After the most awkward conversation of my life, I passed. I now have both my RSA and my RSG! Bomb, it only took me a month!!

      From there I went for a little swim because it wasnt yet that hot out. Had a chat with the cleaner at the site. She is honestly one of the nicest people I've ever met.

      Then went to the coffee shop and wrote. Two hours later, I had nearly 3,000 words and a sore neck. Took a break to eat something because I'd been awake for 6hours and it was time for lunch! Yes, I ate lunch at 10,30. Wild. And went right back to writing. A further 2,000 words and I had a headache.

      Got kicked out of the cafe at 1pm as they closed which was annoying cause then I went back to my room and suffered. Whatever illness the others have, I think I got aswell. So felt like death for ages, tried not to fall asleep because doing that would mean I didnt sleep tonight. So continued to suffer alone.

      Made some food for dinner. Basically just cooked a bunch of veg and stuck it all together in a pan. Not very inventive but I think itll make a good pasta sauce as well as soup which I had it as tonight because I could not be bothered. I also used two pans, a small achievement but I'm proud of myself.
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      aw hope you feel better when you wake up! xx


      thanks xx

    • Day54

      Breakfast vibes

      November 17 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Now, I've realised I am a morning person. I prefer to wake up early and get out and about before the day really begins. I was placed on breakfast which means I started at 6,30am, I was looking forward to it. It was not interesting.

      At the Hilton if we had anything less than 80people in for breakfast, it was dull. I had 12 on Wednesday and 15 on Thursday. I was bored to say the least.

      Once done with breakfast at 12, I also get to help with lunch until 3pm. Cause why not. It was not fun either. 2 very easy shifts in the end so cant complain too much. The sunrise is also very pretty outside my room.

      On Thursday I also managed to make an ok looking coffee. It is the best pattern I have managed so far! I'm on breakfast again next week so I'm gonna keep trying and teach myself how to barista.
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      It must be the time difference, as no-one here would say you were a morning person. Not sure where you got that idea!!


      I am a morning person when I can wake up and not have to go straight to work and haven't been working until late the day before. I'm surprisingly good at mornings when I'm not stressed


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