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  • Day103

    Freycinet National Park & Wineglass Bay

    January 11 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Nur 10min von unserer Unterkunft in Bicheno entfernt befand sich eine Tierauffangstation der wir einen kleinen Besuch Besuch abstatteten und so Tasmanische Teufel und Wombats aus der Nähe sehen konnten. Hier hatte ich auch die Gelegenheit Bekanntschaft mit der 4. giftigsten Schlange, die Mainland (Common) Tiger Snake, zu machen und sie zu streicheln. Unter Aufsicht versteht sich. 😉

    Anschließend stand der Freycinet Nationalpark mit seiner Wineglass Bay auf dem Tagesplan. Während die einen sich für den Aufstieg zum Mount Amos entschieden, stand für mich der Lookout auf dem Plan. Keygan gab uns 3,5h Zeit und ich war mir ziemlich sicher, dass ich in der Zeit sowohl den Aufstieg zum Lookout als auch den Abstieg zum Strand der Wineglass Bay und wieder zurück zum Parkplatz schaffen würde. Am Ende schafften Hanna aus England, Matthieu aus Frankreich und ich es in unter 3h wieder zurück zu sein UND ausreichend Zeit am Strand und in den Bergen zu haben.
    Am Parkplatz angekommen gesellten wir uns zu Cecilie aus Dänemark sowie Kate und Charlotte aus UK, die ebenfalls schon zurück waren. Besuch erhielten wir kurze Zeit später von einem kleinen neugierigen Bennet-Känguru, das wohl ein wenig auf Leckereien hoffte. 🤔

    Tja, und das war es dann auch leider schon mit unserer Tour. Unsere 2h Rückfahrt nach Hobart unterbrachen wir für eine kurze Eiscremepause auf „Kate‘s Berry Farm“ wo ich mich für die Sorten Salted Karamell und Boysenberry (gesalzenes Karamell und Brombeere) entschied. Als uns Keygan dann nach einem kurzen Stop am Airport, wo wir die 3 Österreicher und unserer Crazy John aus NZ absetzten, bei unseren jeweiligen Hostels ablieferte, beschlossen wir, uns noch zum Abendessen zu treffen. Also fix geduscht, in ein Kleid gesprungen und ab ging es mit Matteo (Italien), Matthieu und Florent (Franz. Schweiz) zum Treffpunkt. Das Preachers war zwar leider voll, aber wir erkämpften uns im „The Brick Factory“ einen Tisch für unser Abendessen. Danach versuchten wir es nochmal im Preachers für ein Abschlussgetränk, bevor auch der letzte Rest der Gruppe wieder seiner Wege geht.
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  • Day55


    October 29, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Die Stadt Richmond diente als Zwischenstation zwischen Hobart und Port Arthur, aus diesem Grund gab es eine grosszahl an Pub's. In Richmond steht die älteste Brücke von Australien, welche im Jahre 1823 erbaut wurde. Die Stadt wird in seinem ursprünglichen Charme erhalten, alle neuen Gebäude sind im alten Style zu erbauen, damit diese so authentisch wie möglich bleibt.Read more

  • Day12


    November 3, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Richmond, about 25km north east of Hobart, is arguably Tasmania's premier town and is undeniably picturesque. The town's most photographed landmark is the Richmond bridge, was built by convicts in the 1820's and is the oldest bridge in Australia. The much visited Richmond gaol is the oldest gaol in Australia, and tourists frequent tours there to receive some insight to the hardship and brutality of convict life. The oldest remaining Catholic church, St John's, built in 1836, is found in the town and still holds regular service for parishioners.
    To Angela's delight we found the Richmond footy ground, not quite the MCG but nevertheless it was a chance to take a pic with the AFL grand final winners book .
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  • Day8

    Seven Mile Beach

    November 17, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Hier kann man es schon ein paar Stunden aushalten😀

  • Day1

    Our Trip Begins

    April 28, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We left on Friday the 28th and since then we've driven 2200 km averaging 314 km per day. We have also, by the end of the day, spent 29 hours in the car averaging 4 hours and 8 1/2 minutes per day.
    It was sad saying goodbye to Rosie my cat, Rogan the family cat and Zack Ben's dog but are very glad that Izzy is there to look after them.
    So far we've spent most our time on the road but when not on the road we've managed to go to our friends house in Melbourne, go to the MCG to watch Carlton Vs Sydney ( Carlton won ) and go to Taronga Zoo in Dubbo NSW.
    The first night when we were on the boat none of us had a very good sleep. The next night we stayed at our friends house in Melbourne and from there we headed up to Narrandera and stayed at Old Brewery Flats on the Murrumbidgee river, on the first day of driving we had made it to NSW. The border between Victoria and NSW is the Murray River we stopped at the border for lunch and a fish. The next day we had a short drive to Dubbo. We stopped at Dubbo for a rest day, on our rest day we went to the zoo. At the zoo we went to lots of talks about the animals. We also got to see some animals getting fed. Our dad told us that we could pick any animal to do a mini project on, I chose Asian Elephants. As we were driving up from Dubbo we saw some white stuff on the side of the road, we discovered that it was cotton and learnt a bit about cotton farming. We also saw lots of big trucks with cotton bales on them and some cool models of the planets in our solar system. Last night we stayed at road side stop in Goondiwindi and today we are driving up to our Uncles farm in Boompa.
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  • Day1

    Lesson 1 Only a Fool

    April 28, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Lesson 1 Only a Fool makes the same mistake twice.

    I had a picture in my head of our departure. It involved a final check of the gear list, a tearful hug of the pets, a whistful look around at the property and then with a few toots of the horn we would all madly wave to the small crowd of cheering onlookers as we triumphantly began our journey. Perhaps a bit fanciful but that seemed about right.
    Instead 2 hours late stressed and confused and minus the checklist we roared out the driveway with not an onlooker in sight. The only thing we had got right was the tear stained eyes. This was the exclamation mark on the last few months of preparation.
    So what makes a family want to uproot itself at enormous effort and expense and live in a tent for a year as you travel around Australia. For some people the answer is obvious. For others the idea is insane or abhorrent. For us it was the fulfilment of a dream of adventure that we both had nurtured for some time. But in the last few years for me it had become more then this. Our life had hit such a pace between working, labouring around the property, kids sports, kids parties, kids other events that I had started to lose some of the joy in the things I loved. Worse still, was even though I was spending time with Liz, Erin and Ben they were ever so slightly becoming strangers to me as the constant merry go round exhausted us all.
    I had always imagined as a Dad I would periodically sit down with my children and as they gazed up with rapt attention i would impart some hard earned words of wisdom for my kids. My kids were now nearly half way through their journey to being adults and I couldn't remember a single word of wisdom I had given them. ( In my defence I had delivered some scintillating senseless rants from time to time though I think the only thing my kids leant from this was that dad has at best a tenuous grip on sanity)
    So now finally on the road I began to reflect on what life lessons I could teach my kids............ Hmmm............Got nothing, nada, zilcho, the old donut ........ Bugar.
    Ok what did my dad teach me. My dad is a wise man. He is considered and humorous. He is even tempered and fair. He tells a good story and when he talks I had noticed that people listen.
    One of Dads sayings that I can clearly remember is that Only a Fool makes the same mistake twice. Presumably as he was clearly dealing with a fool this phrase was oft repeated.
    This took me back to the Primus Gas Lamp......
    We used to go away camping with dad in an ancient dilapidated shack in Fingal. It was a boys only camp. We would hang the Primus gas lantern with its heavy cylinder base from a rusty wire hook, dangling from the old wood shingled roof. Its strategic position was just off to the side from our fold out card table where we would eat. And so there it lurked with quiet malice, just above eye level, waiting, always waiting. When it struck there would be an enormous eruption of laughter from the rest of us as its victim would stagger around clutching there head. It is hard to describe the joy it brought us as a group to see one of our family members concussed by the Lamp, yet we all hated the blasted thing. We never moved its position over several years (fools that we were) and always kept a running total for head knocks. My brother Bill and I were often the stars of the show.
    Sometimes it would swing back and collect you a second time, this nearly always resulted in spontaneous incontinence both for the victim and the doubled over on lookers.
    Dad who was a little shorter then the rest of us would only suffer the odd glancing blow.
    One night after finishing his evening meal Dad was contentedly sliding his camp chair back to stand up.
    The chair stuck on the uneven floor boards and Dad trying to maintain his balance shot up to a standing position. The lamp King hit him. This was no sneaky blow from behind but a glorious middle of the forehead sledge hammer blow. For a second even gravity was caught up in the spectacle as Dad levitated in mid air, then remembering itself and as if in compensation gravity kicked back in with a vengeance. As he crashed to the floor clearly incapacitated we strangely found ourselves equally incapacitated, it is not easy to laugh that hard.

    Sometimes it is Ok to be fool , I should know I come from a family of them.

    PS Carlton beat Sydney at the G and we travelled a long way up to my Brothers place in Boompa QLD
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  • Day2

    First Stop Campbeltown

    April 28, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    I wasn't sure we were ever going to be ready, nor fit everything in, but we are and we did!
    I have packed enough dehydrated food and baking supplies for us to take cover in a bunker; Rob has enough fishing rods to run a tourist operation under any conditions (12 for those who are counting); the kids are well and truly covered in the games, soft toy, school work, ebook, music and movie department.
    Fond farewells were made (over about a week, and some delaying to the very last minute to avoid facing reality). Friends and family have wished us luck, told us what an amazing opportunity (or suggested we are crazy) and shown how much they love and will miss us.
    Saying goodbye to our fur family was just as emotional, particularly to Rogan, our most senior member; and Zack, who didn't want us to leave. Rosie was aloof, nothing unusual here!
    People ask what our plans are, where we are going. We don't know where this journey will take us, but I do know we are setting off for the biggest adventure of this family's life so far and can't wait to see this wide, vast, varying country of ours.
    First stop - Banjo's in Campbeltown because we didn't leave on time to reach mum and dad's in Devonport in time for lunch- budget blown already!
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  • Day1

    We've finally set off

    April 28, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We set off from our house on Friday. It was sad to say goodbye Zack (my dog) Rosie and Rogan (the cats). But we are glad that Issie is here to look after all the animals and the house. Then we drove up and got on the spirit of Tasmania in Devonport. When we woke up the next morning we were in Melbourne then in the afternoon we went to see Carlton V Sydney with Tahi and his dad.
    On Sunday we were headed for Narrandera. We stopped at the Murray river for lunch and for a little fish in it. The Murray river is the border between NSW and Victoria. On Monday we stayed at Dubbo then the next day we went to the zoo and had a day at the zoo. On Wednesday we set off for Goondiwindi. On the way we saw some cotton along the side of road and there was a big cotton farm next to the road and there was also big trucks with cotton bails on them. We learnt a little bit about cotton and how it grows and that it is important that we have bees to help grow the cotton so if we didn't have bees we wouldn't have undies. We just stopped at a rest area for the night. Today (Thursday) we are staying at my uncles farm in Boompa. So far we have driven 2200 km averaging 314.3 km a day we have driven for 29 hours averaging 248 minutes and 30 seconds. My favourite part of this week was when we went to the football. Because Carlton won 97 to 78. After the game there was an after game celebration for members and I got my ball signed by most of the Carlton players.
    By Ben Callaway
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  • Day15


    October 21, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    V roce 1823 zacali trestanci, dopraveni z kolonii do Tasmanie, pracovat na stavbe kamenneho mostu, ktery je dnes nejstarsim dosud uzivanym mostem v Australii. Krome toho je Richmond, lezici asi 25 km od Hobartu, hezkym mesteckem se spoustou historickych (19. stoleti) budov a nejstarsim rimsko-katolickym kostelem. Na vezeni jsem se podivala jen zvenku (odpoledne jedeme do Port Arthuru, 2 zalare denne by mozna byly trochu moc :-/), v obchode se sladkostmi koupila Tonymu lekorici (no fuj!) a ve Wicked Cheese Factory, tovarne na syry se specialni mistnosti pro zrani syrovych bochniku, poridila chilli cedar k vecernimu pikniku.Read more

  • Day20

    South Arm

    October 26, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    V pondeli rano musel Tony zase do prace :-(. Prejela jsem prosluly hobartsky most a udelala asi 1,5hodinovy okruh od Opposum Bay podel pobrezi South Arm. Foukalo jako blazen, chvili prselo, chvili svitilo slunce a ja jsem si predstavovala, jak tady v 19. stoleti trestanci z Anglie pomahali bufovat farmy. A po vyprseni svych trestu si pronajimali a pozdeji kupovali pudu a zacali hospodarit sami.
    Odpoledne me Tony vzal do Mawson Huts, repliky chat, co v roce 1911 vybudovala jedna z prvnich australskych vyprav do Antarktidy. Mawson a jeho 14clenna druzina (role kuchare byla napr. udrzovat teplotu hlavni mistnosti nad bodem mrazu, brrrr :-() stravili na nejvetrnejsim miste planety 2 roky. 2 se nikdy nevratili. A nevratil se ani jeden z 28 huskyu, co sem prijeli slouzit. Vsichni skoncili v zaludcich svych hladovejicich panu :-(.
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