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  • Day129

    Oyster Stacks

    March 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Snorkel time! First we made a visit to the information center of the National Park to know a bit more about the snorkeling places and the tides. Then we quickly decided to go to Oyster Stacks. Sounds fancy, but it's just one of the 20 or so beach access places in the park. This one in particularly was a rocky one, but that had the advantage that the coral reef started almost immediately.

    When we got underwater we immediately noticed the visibility was much better than at Coral Bay. The current was stronger so it took some more effort to go in the direction you wanted to go, but at least it was safe as in that the current pushed you back towards the shore. We saw many big fishes, definitely bigger than what we've seen in Fiji or South East Asia. We spend around an hour in the water before relaxing in the van.

    Since this place didn't have any toilets, we went further to Turquoise Bay, another fantastic snorkel spot. We didn't want to go in when the sun is the strongest to avoid getting burned. So we cooked ourselves a lunch on the parking lot. Then it was time for our daily dosis of jumping dinosaurs and corona updates. We're feeling quite safe ourselves, not only because we are not part of the risk group but also because we are in remote Western Australia and there aren't even that many cases in Australia generally yet. But we don't know how our world trip can continue after Australia. More and more countries are closing their borders (which is of course understandable and necessary) and we think that by the time we want to leave Australia, we might not be able to anymore. Measurements and restrictions are changing basically at a daily rate making it impossible to predict what's smart to do in 2 weeks when we return the car in Perth. So daily discussion about corona news are also part of worldtrip life now.

    Anyways, it was time for our second snorkel session of the day. This time in Turquoise Bay. There was no current here but a whole lot of sand. We had to swim in for a while before we reached the first coral places. We again saw big fish, although mainly the same types as before. The visibility was a bit worse probably due to the sandy ground and big tides. So that was a bit disappointing at first. At the end however, Machiel proved his spotting skills and magically managed to distinguish a rock-like looking thing from the rocks. Turned out it was an octopus that looked like a rock in one moment and in the next it turned super red and stared at you with a huge eye. Creepy but super cool.

    After a quick shower at our new campsite we headed to a nearby beach to try our luck with spotting baby turtle hatching. It was nice to be at the beach with sunset but unfortunately no turtles were spotted, only their tracks.
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  • Day131

    Drift snorkel

    March 16, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Besides snorkeling we also wanted to see a bit more of the landscape here in Cape Range. There's generally not much to hike in this area which is mainly infinite fields of sand and bushes. But at the southernmost point of this ocean road there was an actual creek (water!) where we could hike to. There were a lot of flies so we once more had to wear our head nets, but that also made us realize that we hadn't really needed them much in the past few days. We naturally started as early as possible to avoid the heat, but nonetheless it was very warm, especially on the way back. But the walk was nice, and we even saw a turtle swimming in the creek at the turnaround point.

    We drove to Turquoise Bay, where we had been 2 days ago as well. Back then we snorkeled in the bay, but this time we'd snorkel on the other side of it, in the so called drift. There's a strong sideways current here, so you can go in at one end, mostly float to the other side, and walk back to the starting point if you want to go again. It was an interesting way to snorkel, although the first time we felt like we were passing the coral so quickly due to the current that we struggled to really get a close look at everything. The second time we turned around a few times to swim against the current in order to give some areas a better look. The fish weren't anything special, but the coral reef was probably the best we've seen. Huge amounts of it and easy to get lost on. A very blue patch, several green ones, some tiny pink ones and for the rest lots of brownish but interestingly shaped corals. The tide was spot on so we were very close to it.
    However especially at this drift snorkel it was important to have frequent looks at the beach to know where we were, so that we'd return to it on time and not get dragged away to open sea.

    After lunch we had another try at the bay side for snorkeling. It was nice to swim without a current, but the visibility was clearly worse than on the drift side and there was also nothing new to spot. In the evening we again had a try at spotting hatching baby turtles. But third time wasn't the charm. Perfect sunset though, finally!
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  • Day136

    Tauche von Jetski us

    July 15, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Wiedrmal en MEEEGGGAAAA Tag gsi 😊 Chan au nöd jede sege, dasser vom Jetski us goge Tauche isch 😄 Kollege vom Kurt sind mitem Boot use und mir sind mitem Jetski gfolgt.
    Er het d'Fläschene am Endi vom Jetski befestiget und mer hend fest ghofft dases hebet, da es au sis ersti Mal vom Jet ski us gsi isch 😂 S'meer isch hüt seeeehr unruhig gsi 😅 riesigi Welle und mer isch echt schlecht worde 😨🤢 aber den hani plötzlich alles um mich ume vergesse, will mer en Buckelwal gseh hend - nödmal 100m vom Jetski entfernt 🐋😍 de ganzi Tag hemer öpe 8 verschiedeni Wal gseh 😊

    Nach 1h ufem Jetski und voll duregschüttlet simer endli am Reef ahcho 😄 gottefroh bini gsi will mit dene imensgrosse Welle isch mer scho biz mumlig gsi. Zum Glück sind Kollege vo ihm sehr erfahreni Taucher und hend de glichi Tauchgang en Tag vorher scho gmacht.
    Churz bevor mer abtaucht sind, hend die vom Boot es mulmigs Gfühl gha dass de Anker nöd würkli sitzt und s'Boot sich innert dene 10 Minute bereits verschobe het. Also isch de Tauchort für hüt nöd s'beste, will wäri na dumm wenn mer vom Tauche zruggchämted und euses Boot nüm da weri 😅😬

    Sind den 30km nördlich zumne andere Tauchort düset 🚤 min Popo het langsam weh tah- Jet ski isch scho cool füres paar Stund abr nach 4h tuet eim echt alles weh 😂😅 am andere Ort simer den is Wasser gumpet und abtaucht- leider nöd sone hervorragendi Sicht gsi, aber mer het unter Wasser d'Wal ghört - verglichbar als wür öpert summe 🐋😊

    Ufem Heiwäg hemer den nomale en mega schöne Sunneuntergang gnosse 🌅

    Und wie mer so schön seit, wenns am Schönste isch söll mer ufhöre 😥 die letzti Wuche in Australie isch jetzt ahbroche 🇦🇺 plant isch dasi nöchsti Wuche ide Schwiiz lande 🇨🇭
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  • Day137

    Letzti Wanderig

    July 16, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    S'letzti Mal alles zemepacke, dass isch scho es komisches Gfühl 🙈 jetzt hemer 6 Wuche campet und mer gwöhnt sich u mega drah 😊 Ich wirds vermisse (nie denkt dasi das jemals sege 😂)
    Vorallem euse kuschelige SWAG 😊 ich glaub ich muen mer so eine zuetue wenni ide Schwiz mal go campe gane, bin eifach fasziniert vo dere Matrazze 😄

    Eusi letzti Aktivität bevors zrugg uf Perth gat isch eh Wanderig dur de Canyon 🏞 d'Wanderig isch ganz okay gsi 🙈 mer sind 4h gloffe und d'Ussicht isch immer die glichi gsi d.h. mer het nüt vom Canyon gseh bis mer endli vorem Abgrund ahcho sind und au det isches nur okay gsi 😅 es isch 30 Grad gsi und ide pralle Sunne go wandere isch nöd so mis haha

    Endli chanis sege, jetzt woni ide Zivilisation zrugg bin - ich han zum Glück kei Schlange gseh 😊🐍und eh Riesespinne 🕷 au nöd. De Kurt het uf de Wanderig zwei Schlange gseh, zum Glück isch er 100m vor mir gloffe (für eimal bini dankbar gsi) 😂

    Zum Znacht hemer eus nomale eh Pizza gönnt, die besti woni in Australie gha han 😊 Da kenneds nöd so normali Pizzas wie mir das kenned, nei sie hend immer so komisches zügs druff 😅🙈 die z.b isch en Mix us Vegetariana mit Feta und Olive

    Tuen mich na seelisch uf morn vorbreite - 14h Autofahre und 1246 km 😱🧘‍♀️
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  • Day95

    Swimming with Whalesharks I

    March 4, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    This morning I had to get up shortly before 6 am.
    I was super excited and woke up already at 5.30 am so I, in the end, stood up and started to fix breakfast. As I am going alone on this tour Kara said she will try to sleep longer. So I had a nice breakfast, talking to a family from France that we saw already a few times the last couple of days.

    Kara was anyway awake early but she had a horrible night as somehow ants came into her tent and they are really mean here and attacking you straight away... So she tried to finally get them out of her tent.
    Shortly before 7 am I was ready and went to the road in front of the campground to wait for my crew for today to pick me up.
    They arrived shortly after 7 and then we drove to the boat ramp on the west side of the Exmouth Peninsula what took around 30-35 min as we needed to pick up two more girls on the way from another campground.

    We saw some Emus on the way and the girls told us, that the dads are taking care of the little ones. The mum is taking care of the eggs but as soon as they are hatched she disappears and the dad is raising the chicks. Super interesting!
    We even saw Ospreys when we arrived at the boat ramp! They have their nest here.
    The stuff was unloaded was, as most equipment is always staying on board of this vessel. Our skipper was already waiting for us in a small boat to drive us over to The Jazz.

    On our boat, we found ourselves a place to sit and the crew started straight away to hand over some shortys, fins, and snorkels. So we had to try on the shortys and when everyone was satisfied with the equipment they got our skipper had a shirt briefing with us about the security onboard and then it was time to leave.

    Shortly after we left we saw a big group of Humpback Dolphins swimming around our boat for quite some time! The day couldn't start better 😍

    First, we went to a snorkeling site, because they wanted to see how happy everyone is in the water and we should test our equipment and get comfortable as well.
    We were snorkeling for around 15 min, we saw a lot of fishes and corals!
    So this was a nice warm-up. Back on board, they informed us that the spotter plan is out now and looking for whale sharks and we used the time to get a briefing on how to behave in the water with a whale shark.
    Most important rule: don't swim in front of the whale shark so he can always swim where he wants to.
    Second important rule, keep 3 m distance and 4 m away from the tail.

    And then there came the info, the spotter plane four 3!!!! whale sharks not too far away from us.
    OMG, we got so excited!!!

    Split up in two groups, just 10 people are allowed to swim with a whale shark at the same time, group one got ready straight away, including me.
    Group two got ready after us, so we can all enter the water fast and have as much time as possible with the whale shark.
    We had to sit on the floor, 4 people in a row. As they found the whale shark our skipper was driving the boat in front of the whale shark but still a bit away and the spotter got into the water to located the whale shark and show the depth and direction he is swimming to and then we got into the water.
    Shortly after I saw my first whale shark!! 🥰😍
    They know her and call her Pinky. She has a broken back but is living well with it for many years. She was around 5 m down and the visibility wasn't so good, so you can't see here on my pictures. But I could see her good enough. 🥰
    Both groups got to swim twice with her!

    After that, we drove to the next whale shark, just around 5 min away from us. But this one was diving down before we could enter the water so the spotter plane searched for the third one instead and even this one wasn't too far away.
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  • Day93

    Bird walk

    March 2, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Our next stop was at Mangrove Bay where we did a short loop to look for birds. We saw one big Osprey and heard a lot of other birds around but we could not really see them and it's so hot now the didn't feel for staying here so long.Read more

  • Day96

    Exmouth to Coral Bay

    March 5, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Today Kara and I woke up pretty late, it was already 7 am! What a surprise! It’s our last day or half-day together, as she will fly from Exmouth to Perth today to catch her flight to Thailand tomorrow. So we both are really sad that our road trip together is coming to an end already as we had such a great time.

    First, we had a super good breakfast, as always. Then we were packing down our tents and searching for a place in the shadow where she can pack her bag. It’s already super hot again and it’s going to be around 38 degrees today again easily.
    But I must say, I am really used to the heat now and wonder how much I gonna freeze when I go to Melbourne where it’s between 15-29 degrees at the moment. 😬😅

    When Kara had packed all her stuff we went to clean the car a little bit as it’s so much sand inside everywhere. 🙈😂
    After that, we went to the city beach for a nice stop to wait until it was time to drive to the airport and we also gonna have lunch here together one last time.

    It’s a really nice place here with palm trees and a lot of benches and shade. Kara found some coconuts so she really wanted to get one down and open it up. 🙈

    We waited a bit until no one else was around and then she tried to get one down. And she was actually able to hit one a few times until it felt down. So we then went to a bench to check out the coconut from inside. Unfortunately, it didn’t smell and according to Kara didn’t taste like coconut at all. So we threw it away in the end.

    After that we had lunch and then it was almost time to leave and drive to the Learmonth airport around 25 min south of Exmouth.
    I dropped her off at 1.30 pm, probably too early as it’s a super small airport and her flight is going at 3.20 pm but she said she’d better be there too early than too late.
    It was sad to leave her there and drive on alone. 😕

    I went to Coral Bay afterward. It took me a little bit more than one hour and I arrived there at 2.45 pm.
    I stopped at the beach first but I couldn’t find a place in the shade so I went to the campground to check-in.
    I used the afternoon to pack my stuff a little bit as it’s spread out around the car and I will need to fit in two people and their bags tomorrow.
    So I moved around a lot of stuff or was even starting to throw away things I don’t need anymore to get enough space for Ya-Fan and Kris and all their stuff as well. Around 5 pm I was meeting with Ya-Fan. We went to her place to have a drink and talk for a while. I am so glad I found these people to take with me back to Perth! We are really coming along so good and it’s nice to have company for the long drive back to Perth and share the fuel cost with them.

    After 2 hours or so, we went to get something to eat. We were meeting Ya-Fan's boss and his wife and daughter on the way so they were joining us for dinner as well. And also Kris was showing up shortly after as he could leave earlier from work. So we had a really nice pizza and some good talks together and I really enjoyed the company. They went on afterward to the bar to have some drinks with friends but I’ve got too tired and I will need to drive around 7 hours or so tomorrow so I want to be fresh, so I went back to the campground to sleep.

    Anyway I had a really nice evening 😊
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  • Day38

    Swimming with Whale Sharks @ Cape Range

    May 13, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Early in the morning we got picked up by Live Ningaloo for a 30 minutes drive to the Jetty within Cape Range Nationalpark. Together with only five Australian tourists we entered a little boat which brought us to the outer Ningaloo reef. After a short snorkling trip we got ready with wet suits and snorkling gear to be ready soon after a Whale Shark had been spotted. This happened quite soon and soon after we were close together in the Indian Ocean with a Whale Shark!!! After about 5-10 minutes it disappeared slowly in the deep of the Ocean. At the second chance we met with a Shark who was moving quite fast. We followed for more than 15 minutes before a second Whale shark appeared from the opposite side. The situation stressed the group a little bit because some (including Marc) had been in the path of the second Shark appeared from the blue. After a while we even met with a third Whale Shark. This day was another highlight!Read more

  • Day302


    May 1, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    In Exmouth angekommen ging es zuerst ins Tourist Centre . Wir wir bereits wussten befinden wir uns hier am Ningaloo Reef und man hat hier die Möglichkeit mit den wundervollen Walhaien zu schwimmen , der größte Fisch des Ozeans. Spontan wie wir also sind ( #spontan :D ) , ließen wir uns vor Ort beraten und entschlossen uns dann die von NingalooBlue organisierte Tour zu bestreiten ... am nächsten Tag !:D
    Spontan, wie gesagt , das hieß Schlafplatz finden, einrichten , vorbereiten und einfach nur Freude empfinden.
    So ging es zum Lighthouse Caravan Park , der am Leuchtturm lag un zudem die Sicht auf das Meer bereitstellte . Sehr schöner Campingplatz mit einer Dusche und einem zufällig angrenzenden Stromkasten, auch erreichbar für uns auf der unpowered Site ;) .
    Das Auto wurde auch mal wieder aufgeräumt 😁
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  • Day157

    Paradies Exmouth

    October 2, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Da Exmouth weniger als 2 Stunden von Coral Bay entfernt ist, haben wir uns noch einen entspannten Morgen gemacht und sind nochmal zum Strand gegangen bevor es mit der Fahrt weiter ging. Zur Mittagszeit waren wir da und sind noch in den Cape Range National Park gefahren, um am Turquoise Bay noch etwas Sonne zu tanken. Traumhafte Farben 🌊😍 Am Nachmittag ging es dann zurück nach Exmouth, um einzuchecken. Unsere Unterkunft war ein Mix aus Campingplatz und kleinen Bungalows. Hier bleiben wir für 2 Nächte bevor es wieder Richtung Perth geht. Aah ich will noch gar nicht daran denken, es ist so schön hier und wir haben eine so tolle Zeit zusammen 😊Read more

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