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  • Day134

    Swimming in a gorgeous gorge

    March 19 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    We had a short night in which we didn't sleep well at all. Corona was just too active in our brains. So after a couple of hours of restless sleep, we called it a night. Could have been a good opportunity to leave early and enjoy the cold part of the day. But we were busy discussing corona and what to do with it. We are simply very undecided on what would be the best decision here. After 2 hours in the waiting line of the Dutch consulate, we actually got someone on the line. But they didn't really have any advice apart from 'if you want to leave, book a flight, it's your decision'. We also asked Susanne's family to sign us up on the Condor website for possible flights back home organised by the government. We actually don't know if they would help Machiel as well. Currently they have no program for Australia anyways.

    It was 9 and time to leave. Upon entering Karijini National Park there was Mount Bruce immediately to the right. The hike up is about 5 hours return. It was a bit too late to do this without getting a heat stroke. So we only went up a part of it. The views were nice. On one side we could see an iron ore mine in the distance. Super long trains were leaving and arriving from there to go to Karratha in the North. From there the iron ore is shipped to Europe and other areas around the world. On the other side we could get a nice view on hills and lots of bushes.

    The Karijini Visitor Centre had lots of information about the park's history and flora and fauna. We cooked lunch at the parking lot and afterwards drove to a bore tap to do our dishes. Then it was time for Fortescue Falls. A long staircase down brought us to a picturesque pool surrounded by tall red cliffs. We swam for awhile and sat at the waterfall. It was a bit like one of those tropical swimming pools with a waterfall on a timer, just without the timer. The water was refreshing but not too cold. So it was very enjoyable. A decent alternative to a shower after a sweaty warm day.

    Back at the car, we went to the circular pool lookout. A drop of several 10s of meters surrounded by steep red cliffs. There are a lot more trees and plants in the park than we had imagined, which created a beautiful mixture of red and green.

    What we forgot to mention is the incredible night sky, which we've also already seen in the Cape Range National Park. There are sooo many more stars to see here and they just feel they are only half as far away as in Europe.
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  • Day41

    Karijini NP / Dales Gorge / 125 km

    May 16, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    In the morning we left Tom Price for the Karijini Nationalpark. After a short drive we setup our camping ⛺️ site with Andy and Monique. Soon after we entered the Dales Gorge where we spent almost half a day. The Gorge offered beautiful fauna, red rocks (iron), swimming in fresh water billabongs (Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool) and a very nice walk through the Gorge to Circular PoolRead more

  • Day135

    Hiking in a gorgeous gorge

    March 20 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 35 °C

    Today we hiked the gorge loop. First we walked east on the cliff ridge. On braver moments we dared to walk to the edge to look down at where the trail would bring us. The ridge trail brought us to the Three Way Lookout. From there we descended into the gorge. There was some welcome shade in there to give us a break. We were walking besides the river and crossed it a few times on narrow parts. The red cliffs, the green trees and the water made it incredibly beautiful. It wasn't too busy, just crossed a few people. We took our time with several long stops along the just 1.5km long gorge path. It was really really nice.

    When we reached Fortescue Falls we went for another swim, which was even better than yesterday's given that we were warm and sweaty and the water felt even more refreshing. They should have a pool at every end of a hiking trail!

    When it was time for lunch, we went up the stairs back to our van. We needed to buy ice for our coolbox as well, so we drove to the information center to cook lunch there again. There was a shady spot that attracted less flies, which makes the cooking so much more pleasant.

    We couldn't visit any other parts of the park because they were still closed thanks to the cycloon from February. That was a bit of a shame. So it was only logical, that we'd go once more to our new favorite swimming pool. On the way back to Fortescue Falls, we did a short side trip to look at Fern Pool. It also looked very nice but couldn't change our minds. We went for another swim at Fortescue Falls. The waterfall was by the way a really nice shower for washing hair. Although of course without soap. Afterwards we enjoyed sitting at the edge of the pool for a while watching others go in. We also met the emigrated Dutch couple again. So we ended up talking for a bit. In the end it got a bit later than we anticipated and instead of driving in the dark to a rest stop somewhere we stayed another night in the park.
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  • Day322

    T6 - Karijini NP

    September 8, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    ▪️Die letzten Stunden im wunderschönen NP brachen an, diese verbrachten wir an den Fortescue Falls und Fern Pool - diesmal mit Béla
    ▪️Unser Essen- und Trinkenvorrat haben wir perfekt kalkuliert, es reicht bis morgen zum Frühstück - dann gehen wir wieder in Port Hedland einkaufen
    ▪️Das Beste und Erste was wir machten, als wir in Port Hedland auf dem Zeltplatz ankamen, war duschen 😍 - 5 Tage ohne, wow
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  • Day319

    T3 - Karijini NP

    September 5, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C


    ▪️Sind ganz entspannt mit Pancakes in den Morgen gestartet
    ▪️Die Dales Gorge ist fußläufig von unserem Zeltplatz zu erreichen - die Wände bestehen aus geschichteten Steinplatten mit glatten geraden Kanten, welche wie von Menschenhand erschaffen aussieht
    ▪️Beim paradiesischen, eiskalten Circula Pool waren Béla und ich planschen. Vica war es zu kalt :P
    ▪️Béla wollte auf einen Stein klettern, ist abgerutscht und runtergefallen
    ▪️Zum Glück ist nichts schlimmes passiert, nur sein Hacken schmerzt ein wenig - er ist zurück zu unseren Camp gelaufen, um es zu kühlen
    ▪️Vica und ich sind weiter zu den Fortescue Falls gelaufen, neben den man auf Steintreppen in der Sonne baden kann
    ▪️Ein paar Meter weiter sind wir zum heiligen Fern Pool gelangt, dort saßen wir hinterm Wasserfall und kleine Fische haben unsere tote Haut von den Füßen abgeknappert - natürlicher Spabereich im NP :P
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  • Day241

    Karijini Nationalpark

    February 7, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Gestern haben wir uns nach einem kurzen morgendlichen Schwimmen im Meer auf den Weg zum Karijini Nationalpark gemacht. Nach sieben Stunden Fahrt durchs einsame Buschland mit vielleicht drei Tankstellen am Wegesrand kommen wir in dem Ort Tom Price kurz vor dem Nationalpark an.

    Da wir im Nationalpark einiges sehen wollen, machen wir uns relativ früh auf den Weg in den Nationalpark. Eigentlich wollen wir hier ein paar Tage verbringen, um die Gorges und Seen zu erkunden. Als wir jedoch an der ersten Abzweigung zu der Hälfte der Spots, die wir sehen wollen, ankommen, müssen wir feststellen, dass die Straße gesperrt ist. Überschwemmung. Wir verstehen absolut nicht wie das der Fall sein kann, da es ein sehr trockener Sommer war und wir in den letzten sechs Wochen nur an zwei Tagen kurz Regentropfen gesehen haben. Hier in der höher gelegenen Region scheint das wohl etwas anders zu sein. Gestern Abend haben wir in der Ferne auch ein ordentliches Gewitter gesehen. Ein kurzer Wanderweg zum Joffre Gorge war jedoch nicht gesperrt und wir machen uns auf den Weg. Da der Wasserfall jedoch ausgetrocknet ist (wie passt das zusammen 🤔) und der Gorge relativ leer 🤷🏼‍♀️, gehen wir hier nicht schwimmen.

    Also fahren wir ans andere Ende des Nationalparks, wandern zu den Fortescue Falls und gehen im Fern Pool schwimmen. Auch wenn man nicht wirklich sehen konnte was sich in dem See befindet, war es eine passende Erfrischung bei der Hitze 🙂. In den Bäume rund um den See hängen Fledermäusen oder flattern über den See und erfüllen das Tal mit ihrem Gesang? Gurren? Fiepen?

    Wir wandern unten im Dales Gorge entlang bis wir am anderen Ende, dem Circular Pool, ankommen. Hier gehen wir allerdings nicht schwimmen, da der See eher wie eine rot-braune Brühe aussieht. Wir steigen wieder auf, wandern am Rand des Dales Gorge zurück und sind somit um 12 Uhr mit allem was wir in dem Nationalpark unternehmen können, durch.

    Also machen wir uns auf, wieder 8 Stunden zurück zur Küste zu fahren. 16 Stunden Fahrt für 4 Stunden Nationalpark 💪🏼, das hat sich gelohnt 😀.
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  • Day317

    T1 - Karijini NP

    September 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C


    ▪️Die Besitzer vom Zeltplatz in Port Hedland waren super lieb. Sie haben mitbekommen, dass ein Auto fehlt und uns ihre Hilfe angeboten :)
    ▪️Nach einem reichhaltigem leckeren Müsli sind wir losgedüst - 4h bis zum Karijini National Park
    ▪️Mussten vorher online unseren Stellplatz auf dem Zeltplatz buchen
    ▪️Im Visitor Center im NP konnten wir einen Holliday National Park Pass für 4 Wochen kaufen, dieser gilt in ganz Western Australien und kostete 60$ pro Auto
    ▪️Henry vermisst Britney :(


    Gestrige Lösung: 2 Männer sind mit einem Heißluftballon über eine Wüste geflogen, als sie an Höhe verloren, mussten sie Ballast abwerfen. Trotzdem sie sich schon ausgezogen haben, sanken sie weiter. Einer hat den kürzeren gezogen und musste schließlich aus dem Korb springen.
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  • Day81

    Karijini (Dales Gorge)

    September 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    From Cape Keraudren we continued south to Port Hedland for a practical stop - water for the van, cool (i.e. almost cold!) showers for us, diesel for the car and a quick stop at Coles for more bread and fruit before heading off grid to Karijini National Park. Another long day in the car with road trains and road works to slow us down but luckily we had our new audiobook of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to help pass some of the time!
    The scenery as we approached Karijini hinted that the drive had been worth it and we hoped that we wouldn't be too late to secure a spot in the campground. We arrived at Dales Campground about 3.30 and were pleased to discover we scored a great site in the "Kangaroo Loop" that only had neighbours on one side and easy access to the walking track on the other. The kids were thrilled with our red dirt + bush camp site and soon got to work getting suitably filthy playing "stations" and "caravan parks" with the Monster Trucks until dark. Another dinner outside, this time bug-free and with an amazing night sky including an almost full moon.
    The next morning we decided to check out the local attractions at Dales Gorge. We walked from our campsite down to the day use area through masses of wildflowers in bloom - they were a pretty contrast to the burnt Mulga trees surrounding much of the campground. We checked out the view of the Circular Pool (to convince the kids it was worth walking back to!) and Three Ways Lookout before following the Gorge Rim trail to Fortescue Falls. It was a great walk - not too challenging, plenty of great vistas and the temperature was a very reasonable 25 degrees with a light breeze. We heard Fortescue Falls before we saw them, and we stopped at the lookout to admire them before heading down the stairs. Other walkers had mentioned the water was really cold (that seemed to be confirmed by only 2 people swimming and everyone else relaxing on the natural stone steps) so the kids voted to head slightly further up the Gorge to Fern Pool to swim there. Fern Pool was a lovely spot for a swim with a platform and ladder providing easy access to the water. Marley and Jen opted out of the swim and the others hopped into the clear, refreshing (!!) water and swam out to the small waterfall. There was a small cave behind the waterfall that you could sit in, and it was filled with the ferns the pool was named after. Jen and Marley relaxed on the platform ensuring they didn't get pooped on by the many dusty looking resident cockatoos roosting overhead!
    After cooling down (to the point of freezing for Meg!), we walked back to Fortescue Falls and then crossed across the water to continue the walk back to Circular Pool along the bottom of the Gorge. Another easy walk, this was also picturesque as much of the trail was next to the running water or up against the amazing stone cliffs of the Gorge. We finished off at Circular Pool, another gorgeous spot, but deemed to cold for swimming, even by Roy! We retraced our steps and walked up the steep (but thankfully, short) track to Three Ways Lookout and back to our campsite. It ended up being about 8km of walking so the kids were very happy to spend the rest of the day doing some more scratching around in the red dirt! No showers at this campground, so sponge baths became mandatory before bed!
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  • Day19

    Karijini Nationalpark II

    November 6, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 37 °C

    Den zweiten Tag im Karijini haben wir wieder mit Wandern und Schwimmen verbracht. Gleichzeitig ist heute der letzte richtige Tag der Tour, da wir uns heute Nachmittag schon wieder auf den Weg Richtung Perth machen. Ab jetzt wird nur noch Bus gefahren - 1.500 km Rückweg liegen vor uns. Die Nacht haben wir dann ein letztes Mal im Zelt verbracht bzw. konnten es sich die Zeltaufbau-Faulen (🙋🏼‍♀️) im Bus mehr oder weniger gemütlich machen.Read more

  • Day34

    Karijini National Park

    May 12, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    The Karijini National Park is located a few hundred kilometers off the main highway. It has been on my bucket list for here since I saw a picture of a natural pool in the middle of red rock. We arrived at the Visitor Center just before noon to check the walks available.
    The Dale Gorge with some of walks is located just 15km away and we decided to do the large loop which led down to the gorge. From there it followed the gorge for 4km to the Circular Pool, up to the rim and back to the car park.
    It was an amazing experience and different from other spots we saw in Australia so far. The mountain ranges in the background, the lush gorges in contrast to the arid plains above create a spectacular scenery. We went for a swim in the Circular Pool, a refreshing retreat from the heat of the day. But as beautiful it is, you should be aware that large areas of the rocks are full of Asbestos 🧐
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