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  • Day211

    Day 15 - Shamrockvale

    October 30, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    It's our last day on the farm! It's going to be nice not to have to wake up at 6am anymore however I have a feeling our body clocks are going to take a while to adjust. As it's our last day Chris gave us the afternoon off to pack and get ourselves sorted which was really nice. In the morning we fed and watered the chooks for the last time and popped in to see Tyson as Chris had already fed him. Tyson has found his voice all of a sudden so moos all the time which is pretty cute. After 2 weeks he has gotten used to us now and doesn't mind / tolerates me cuddling him.

    For the rest of the morning we were let loose on the mowers. We've had so much rain the last week that even though Sonja and Simon mowed the week before, everything needed doing again.

    Neither of us knew what to expect before we arrived here. It has however exceeded all of our expectations and we will always look back fondly on our time here. Everyone here has welcomed us into the Shamrockvale family with open arms and we will not forget the Aussie BBQ's, endless games of pool (especially the Germanian rules with Sonja and Marius), dinner at the homestead and our introduction to Romanian cuisine. We have learnt so much about farm life and have particularly enjoyed helping Chris and Nick with the cattle, being surrogate mums to Tyson and our beloved Nugget and helping Marius with the bees. Thank you for having us Shamrockvale!
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  • Day198

    Day 2 - Shamrockvale

    October 17, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    Today was our first day of work in over 6 months and with the alarm going off at 6am it was a bit of a shock to the system. After a cup of tea and some porridge we headed out for our first job of the day, letting out the chooks and giving them some fresh water and some feed. We then headed over to feed Nugget and Tyson, the orphaned calves as we are now their new mums for the next 2 weeks. They are very cute so I'm pretty sure this is going to end up being my favourite part of the day. They didn't have much else for us to do before smoko so we were tasked with cleaning out one of the vans and the wwoofers car.

    After smoko, our morning break, the 3 of us headed up to the yard to help Nick move some young cows which had now been separated from their mummy's. The girls needed to go into one field and the boys into another so we took them down separately. Sonja and I were in what they call the Mule which is basically a quad bike pick up and goes really slowly and Simon was in Chris's ute. Simon was in charge of blocking off roads so they didn't go the wrong way and Sonja and I were there to round them up and keep them moving. We had to do it really slowly though as you don't want them to start running. It took a while to get them across into their new paddocks but for first timers I think we did pretty well.

    After lunch Simon went back up to the yard to help Nick with the cattle. Quite a few of them are sick at the moment so they have to regularly take their temperatures and give them medicine if they need it. I stayed down on the homestead to help Marios, the beekeeper, make some new beehives.

    We get to finish work at 3pm however Tyson and Nugget need feeding again around 5pm so we have to do that. Our final job of the day is tucking in the chooks however we have to wait until it gets dark to give them all time to come home after their day roaming the farm.

    The farm is not to far from my Auntie Tricia and Shane's house, so they came to pick us up and take us out for a yummy fish and chips dinner in Beaudesert which was lovely.
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  • Day209

    Day 13 - Shamrockvale

    October 28, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    We had a very lovely lazy Saturday morning. After sorting out the chooks and feeding Tyson, we spent the morning reading. After a leisurely lunch, we decided to do some more exploring and show Mark some of the farm. It turns out that when we went exploring last weekend, we had actually been exploring the neighbours farm - oops! This time we took the Mule through the correct gate and headed up to the highest point of the farm. It was quite a long drive and very steep in places. There were many times when I thought we weren't going to make it however the trusty Mule kept on going and carried us safely to the top. The views from the top were incredible and we could see the entire farm as well as the other side of the valley.

    In the evening, Tom and his wife Mags invited us for a farewell BBQ down by one of the lagoons which was really lovely of them. 2 BBQ's in 2 days, Simon is in his element!
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  • Day210

    Day 14 - Shamrockvale

    October 29, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Today we went to visit Auntie Tricia and Shane at their home in nearby Boyland. Tricia cooked us our first roast dinner since we left the UK. We had roast beef with all the trimmings and it was absolutely delicious. This was followed by a yummy lemon, creamy biscuity dessert! We are very much looking forward to going to stay with them in a weeks time.Read more

  • Day199

    Day 3 - Shamrockvale

    October 18, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

    So day two of work and morning wake up was still a struggle. I even moved back to coffee this morning for a little extra boost.

    I was asked to head straight up to the cattle yard this morning to help with the sick cows again whilst the girls tended to the chooks / calves and helped Marius on bee duty again. Up at the cattle yard we had to herd the cows into the smaller pens. We then had to separate roughly 8 into a small holding pen before the 'crusher'. The crusher allows for one cow at a time to be examined and given some meds without the worry of us getting kicked or run over. We first took their temperatures with the worlds smallest thermometer up the back end. Luckily I was tasked with writing down the results as I didn't fancy fishing the thermometer out if I'd some how let it go or getting knuckles deep in cow poo! That took us up to morning break around 9am.

    After a nice cuppa we then helped Marius with honey extraction. Sonja and Marius had collected full frames from the hives that morning so me and Blake had to somehow get the honey out. First we had a tool to remove the top layer of beeswax to release the honey. This was an Afro comb type device which you slid under and lifted it off with. Next we put them into a centrifuge which spins around spraying the honey to the edges of the drum. This sinks to the bottom and is collected in a bucket. All very simple but we had a LOT of frames to extract. We also had a slight mishap with the first bucket as when I lifted it to put it in the big tank the handle snapped and the bucket landed upside down. OOPS! The job saw us up to lunch and then again after until the day was finished. Our favourite part of the job was chewing on some of the beeswax. All of the honey melts in your mouth and then you spit out the wax. Apparently it's very good for you!

    In the evening I made a nice chilli and we watched Adam Sandlers 'Don't mess with the Zohan' which is a ridiculous yet hilarious movie!
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  • Day200

    Day 4 - Shamrockvale

    October 19, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Today I got to go help Chris up at the yard taking temperatures and doing meds for the first time whilst Simon got let loose on a ride on mower. Before I helped up at the yard though I helped Nick feed some of the cows. We continued with the cows and mowing after lunch as well. My afternoon helping with the meds was a little more eventful though. Sadly a cow came in with a dead calf inside her which Chris and Nick had to pull out. The poor cow looked so sad and in so much pain she didn't even put up a fight. Chris warned me it would be gruesome and gave me the opportunity to leave if I wanted to. Farming isn't all sunshine and rainbows though so I decided to stay. It was hard to watch and the smell was horrendous. Chris certainly has a strong stomach. Poor mummy cow.Read more

  • Day201

    Day 5 - Shamrockvale

    October 20, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    It's Friday yay! The first time we have had the Friday feeling in a while. Farm life has completely taken it out of me and I am now sick - boo! After a solid 10 hours sleep last night though I am feeling slightly better.

    Looking after calves is like having children, when they don't eat you worry about them all day. Nugget didn't eat much last night and wouldn't really eat anything this morning. He also sounds a bit like he has a cold. Poor little sausage! After attempting to feed Nugget and Tyson finishing off his and Nuggets breakfast, Simon and I headed over to the silos were Chris was filling us up a trailer full of grain for the cows. After helping Nick yesterday morning, I was now fully qualified to be let loose on my own with Simon as my official gate opener. We did miss one lot of troughs and have to go back for them but other than that I managed to remember the route through the various fields so no one went hungry.

    After smoko, Simon got to drive a tractor around with Nick delivering hay bales to all the fields, whilst I was up at the yard with Chris helping with the sick cows again. In the afternoon, I was back in with Marius helping make the frames for the beehives and Simon was let loose with the petrol strimmer strapped too him to tidy up the previous days mowing.

    Today is Sonja's last day on the farm so we invited Marius round for dinner and cooked up a curry. Marius also introduced us to bee pollen and has given us a bag to put on our porridge in the mornings that he collected from the hives. Apparently it is incredibly good for you and has more protein than steak. It's collected by a special device that knocks the pollen off the bees legs when they enter the hive and then freeze dried.
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  • Day202

    Day 6 - Shamrockvale

    October 21, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    It's the weekend so we had a bit of a lie in this morning. Even though it's the weekend, our boys still need us so we headed down to feed them. Marius kindly sorted the chooks out for us. Tyson is getting really big and is always eagerly waiting for his breakfast. Nugget however isn't doing too good. He was really week on his legs and we could barely get half a litre of milk down him (he's meant to drink 2). Chris is going to give him some medicine so hopefully that perks him up, poor little guy.

    The weather was pretty rubbish with rain forecast all day so we took advantage and had a lazy day. Simon is starting to feel sick now too so we just watched some TV and read our books (Simon has now finished Harry Potter). In the afternoon we popped into Beaudesert to get our groceries for the week and then resumed our chilling position on the sofa.

    Marius kindly surprised us with a Romanian dinner of pork and polenta topped with cheese and sour cream, followed by a meringue and custard style dessert. In return I introduced Marius to English tea.
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  • Day204

    Day 8 - Shamrockvale

    October 23, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    We are getting used to these early mornings and woke up before the alarm. For breakfast we had some porridge topped with honey and bee pollen from the Shamrockvale bees which was really tasty.

    My morning was pretty cruisy, I sorted out the chooks and fed the calves and then got sent up to the yard to help with temperatures and meds. Chris didn't show though so I waited for a while and then headed back for smoko. In the meantime however I did manage to lose my water bottle down a post. I went to sit it on the top but turns out it was hollow - oops! Simon did kindly rescue it for me with a long piece of wire. Simon on the other hand had to clean out a considerable quantity of cow poop from one of the cattle trucks with a pressure washer! Looked like he had freckles after.

    For the rest of the day I helped Nick and Chris up at the yard whilst Simon finished off cleaning poo and then delivered grain to the cows.
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  • Day203

    Day 7 - Shamrockvale

    October 22, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We woke up to the sun shining in through the windows (and our alarm going off). We gave ourselves a bit of a lie in so both Tyson and even Nugget were stood waiting for us to come feed them. Nugget was really good this morning and drank the whole 2 litres so hopefully the medicine has kicked in and he is going to start getting better. After sorting the boys and the chooks, Simon cooked up a fry up. Its the first time in a very long time we've had an English breakfast.

    As it was such a beautiful day we decided to do a bit of exploring around the farm. Chris mentioned yesterday that we could borrow the Mule and if we headed out towards the dams we would get some great views out over the farm. We didn't find the dams (although we didn't really know what we were looking for) but we did drive / walk up a gurt big hill where we got some stunning views.

    We chilled for the rest of the afternoon before going to feed the boys again. Nugget wouldn't really drink anything but that may just have been because he drank so much for breakfast. The vet is coming out tomorrow so she is going to take a look at him.
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