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  • Day28

    Hier auf Magnetic Island gibt es self guided snorkel tracks. Nichts anderes als ein paar Bojen, die einen Kurs zum Schnorcheln abstecken.
    Heute haben wir uns also die Ausrüstung geschnappt, uns ein Tagesticket für den Bus geholt und sind in Geoffrey Bay schnorcheln gewesen. Das Wasser war leider recht trüb (was mit der Tide zusammenhängen mag) weshalb man nicht so viel gesehen hat. Aber schön war es trotzdem.
    Nach dem Schnorcheln haben wir uns auf die (eher erfolglose) Suche nach Rock Wallabys gemacht. Micha hat einen kurzen Blick auf eins erhaschen können aber das wars dann auch schon.
    Kurz nach hause, Mittagessen, zweiter Tauchgang.
    Diesmal in Nelly Bay. Jetzt war das Wasser wieder klar und die Korallen sehr schön zu sehen. Wir haben viele Fische und ein paar phosphoreszierende Korallen gesehen.
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  • Day30

    Magnetic Island - Tag 2

    October 8, 2017 in Australia

    Andrea und die lieben anderen Tiere...aber am besten sind meine Gesichtsausdrücke...vor allem bei der Schlange gibt es keins, wo ich ohne Qual lache...noch mal lieben Dank an Isabel die soooo viele Fotos von mir gemacht hat...

  • Day19

    Road Trip Part V: Magnetic Island

    October 25, 2016 in Australia

    Gestern ging es mir der Fähre von Townsville auf Magnetic Island. Eine richtige Ferien- zu und Urlaubsinsel. Der Großteil ist unbewohnt und lädt zum Wandern ein. Nachdem wir die Insel komplett abgefahren sind, haben wir uns aber doch dafür entschieden die restliche Zeit am Strand zu verbringen

  • Day14

    Magnetic Island

    September 29, 2017 in Australia

    Gestern bin ich mit dem Bus von Cairns nach Townsville gefahren. Das hat fast 6 Stunden gedauert aber war ganz ok weil es WLAN und Klimaanlage gab.
    Heut bin ich dann mit der Fähre zu Magnetic Island gefahren, weil es dort ungefähr 600 frei lebende Koalabären gibt. Da hatte ich ein Busticket mit dem ich den ganzen Tag auf der Insel rumfahren konnte was ziemlich cool war, von einer zur anderen Seite hat es aber auch nur eine halbe Stunde gedauert.
    Ich bin dann erstmal 1,5 Stunden einen Berg hochgelaufen, was in der Sonne total anstrengend war aber es hat sich gelohnt. Der Ausblick war mega schön und ich hab ungefähr 8 Koalas gesehen :)
    Danach bin ich zum Strand gefahren und war im Meer baden.
    Die anderen coolen Tiere die auf der Insel leben sind Wallabys.  Das sind Mini Kängurus.  Ich hab einen Mann gefragt, wo ich die finden kann und er hat mir nen Ort gezeigt an dem fast keine anderen Leute waren und mir dann auch gleich noch Karotten zum füttern aus seinem Fenster geworfen :)
    Danach hab ich mir noch den Sonnenuntergang angeschaut und bin mit der Fähre wieder zurück, was auch total schön war, weil man die ganze Stadt im Dunkeln gesehen hat.
    Morgen Nachmittag fahr ich dann schon weiter nach Airlie Beach, weil ich für Sontag eine Bootstour gebucht hab. 
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  • Day143

    Our first Australian island

    July 9, 2017 in Australia

    We've left the sunny area of Wongaling Beach and arrived on Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville. We're a little sad that we didn't see any cassowaries before we left as apparently the area is known to have the wild birds roaming. We have seen a giant statue of one every day and today I finally excepted that a photo this will have to be in place of the real thing. We left our hosts a little thank you note along with a passionfruit that we found yesterday. It does feel sad to be moving on so soon but money has meant this has become a little bit of a rushed trip. Unfortunately the bus was packed when it arrived so we were unable to sit together but luckily we sat one on front of the other. This meant we could still share water and check each other is doing okay every now and again. The journey began very broken up because we stopped about 30 minutes in for a toilet break and then another 40 minutes or so was for lunch. We arrived at a town called Cardwell where we visited the nearby bakery to buy us a fresh hot pie to share, we've missed pies! It wasn't fab quality but it was still very tasty and we sat eating while looking out over the ocean. After carrying on our journey I managed to get an hour sleep and read my book to pass the time. After 4 and a half hours we arrived at Townsville ferry terminal, our stop to get off. We collected our tickets for the ferry and waited an hour for the next one to depart. After what felt like no time at all after the bus ride we were on the ferry sat on the roof setting sail. The ocean and island in front of us was beautiful and as we approached we could see more and more of the tropical paradise we'd be staying on for a few days. We docked at Nelly Bay and began our walk to our Airbnb, it was only 15 minutes away so we felt we should walk it. We arrived and were greeted by our host who was having a baby shower as their first child is due in 4 weeks time. The apartment is lovely. It's attached to their bungalow but we have our own kitchen area and bathroom so it is all self contained and with everything we need. We headed to the supermarket and bought a few bits although they'd completely sold out of bread so we have to head there in the morning to try and get in their quick to get a loaf. We spent the evening cooking pasta, watching youtube and planning for our time here. Tomorrow we plan on a full day of walking so an early night is in order after another non exciting day of moving on.Read more

  • Day144

    We love Magnetic Island... and koalas!

    July 10, 2017 in Australia

    What an incredible day! I'm so beyond in love with Magnetic Island that it's easily my favourite place so far and I wish we lived here! The lack of work might be a downside though. We gave ourselves a lie in and after some eggs on toast we got geared up in our hiking clothes ready to take on one of the islands walking trails. It took us a good hour and a half to walk to the area where the track started and then a little longer to actually find it but soon we were leaving the houses behind us and heading deep into the wilderness. Our aim was to make it to Horseshoe Bay on the other side of the island, a walk of 8km each way but we planned to get the bus back if it was too late. The trail had many inclines and declines so it was challenging over the rocky terrain but we were blessed with the most beautiful scenery. Views of rolling hills and deep valleys full of tropical and forest trees with parrots squawking while flying over the canyon. It honestly was breathtaking and surreal that we are here doing this on our own and it's this feeling we have been craving so much. After an hour or so Nick spotted our first koala! High in the trees and munching away he was adorably cute. Their fluffy ears are the sweetest. It was from then on we were on a roll with spotting them and by the end of the day we'd spotted a grand total of 9. It's such an amazing feeling that you are seeing these beautiful animals in the wild, not in a zoo, safari park or national park but completely in their natural habitat. We visited a few lookout points on the route as well which gave you great views of the ocean and bays below and hills behind you. We arrived at a trail that is about a 1km round trip but with quite a bit of climbing that takes you around the ruins of a WW2 military base that was set up on the island as a lookout for the Japanese. It was an amazing example of skill and determination to build this up such a huge hill carving the path as they climbed. They also had stands for guns the length of 2-3 men lead down, how they got these up this hill I do not know! They also had two lookout buildings at the top of the steepest points that at the time were perfectly camouflaged with foliage and fake rocks to protect them from enemy view. The trail was so interesting and informative but also provided some of the best views and a extra close encounter with a koala which was within reaching distance when I climbed up onto a rock to see him. It was late afternoon when were there and the sun was beginning to set, being on the East Coast at the moment means we having seen any sunsets so we waited and watched the sun disappear from the top of one of the lookouts. By the time we climbed down and made it to the road it was dark and annoyingly we'd missed the bus by 5 minutes and the next one wasn't for another hour and 15 minutes. We decided rather than sitting being attacked by mosquitos we'd walk it and catch it further along if needed. Armed with phone torches, white shirts and Nick's reflectors on his backpack that are conveniently arrow shaped pointing to the right we set off up the highway. It was a windy country road that had a steep 1km ascent and the a 1km steep descent. We managed it with ease and felt like we were flying along compared to earlier on the hill walking track. We arrived at the bay we were at earlier where we started the off road track and soon we were at the harbour. After a quick stop in the shop we walked the last 15 minutes and it was then that we saw the bus go past. This last section was a bit spooky because the biggest bat we've ever seen decided to jump out of the tree above us and fly away but the sound of his wings beating was so loud it really made us jump. Further along what we assume to be a koala broke off a thick branch in a tree and that smacked to the ground just a metre from us. Finally though we made it back safely and had beans on toast to celebrate. We didn't make it to Horseshoe Bay but we were out for 9 hours, walked around 11km, saw 8 koalas, countless lizards, a spider the size of my hand and had the most incredible day ever. Magnetic Island you are sensational.Read more

  • Day145

    Let's get our walking boots back on

    July 11, 2017 in Australia

    After our great walking explore yesterday we were keen to get our boots back on and head in the other direction to the way we walked yesterday. We woke up earlier but the tiredness from walking kicked in and it took us a while to muster up the strength to get out of bed and make breakfast. We got ready and headed out from our accommodation in the direction of Picnic Bay. Our aim was to reach West Point where you get great views of the mainland, it is a 12km walk each way but we were determined. We soon reached a walking track that took you down the hill we'd just climbed into the Picnic Bay area. On our ascent we saw there was a view point on the top of a huge rock up a hill so decided even though the sign said it's a two hour trip we'd give it a go. It was a tough climb in parts but it was so incredibly worth it. The section of land protrudes out into the ocean so we had views of both sides of the island and the mainland. We sat and ate our sandwiches on the top before heading back down. We walked through Picnic Bay and found the road that leads to West Point. We diverted part of the way down to a small cove where the tide was out and boats sat moored in the mud/sand. We considered walking along the sand for part of the way but as we didn't know when the tide would come back in we thought it was best to not be caught off guard. After walking along the road a couple of kilometres we came to realise that the track wouldn't change. It was just a road with no view so was proving less enjoyable then yesterday. We were tired anyway so we decided that we'd head back instead to do some planning of day trips for our next two places and maybe go out in the evening. That was the plan anyway. We sat on a bus stop back in Picnic Bay and having discovered the bus wasn't for over an hour we chose to eat more of our lunch before walking. It was during this time that an elderly gentleman walked up the street and joined us on the stop. We were concerned for his welfare from the off because he was very hunched over a shaking but he struck up a conversation with us and it turned out that he has Parkinson's disease. He was wanting to find a woman who lived near where we are staying to thank he for giving himself and his wife a lift from the ferry to their accommodation. We decided it was in all our best interests to help so waited with him for an hour for the bus. We talked about his life, his gliding hobby when he was younger and our trip. His wife competes in scrabble championships and won a couple of years ago so they are here for a holiday and for her to have a few matches. It wasn't clear to us if she knew he'd left the hotel and what his plan was. We got on the bus and it was lucky we were with him as I'm not sure he would of had a clue when to get off and the driver didn't ask where he was going. We walked around looking for the woman's car and knocking on a few doors but with no luck. We only had a first name, car colour and general area to go on. We asked a couple who were outside if they knew anything and they were lovely with trying to help but sadly they knew no more than us. We did see some kookaburras which he was super happy about as an hour before we said we hadn't seen any yet. He decided he wasn't going to find her and we sat again waiting for the bus. We offered to go with him to make sure he got back okay. After 30 minutes the bus hadn't come that was meant to and with that the couple we spoke to pulled up in their car. They offered to take him around other streets to look then drop him back at the hotel. I felt a little uneasy about it and even more so when he asked us to come too but there wasn't room in the car with the baby seat. He agreed but I'm not sure he was keen. After they drove off it didn't sit right with us, we needed to know he got back okay. We got the bus back to the bay where we hid like crazy people in a bush watching and waiting for their car. It came but they parked up and spent a long time inside. In the meantime we saw the amazing east coast side of the sunset over the bay and jetty. After a while we decided to just go in even though the couple was there, after all Peter had asked us to pop by or to get the same ferry as them tomorrow because he wanted to invite us to visit them in Brisbane. He was happy to see us and thanked us for everything and from speaking to his wife the couple knew who the woman was and promised to thank her personally for helping them yesterday. We're pretty sure his wife didn't know where he'd gone and apparently he wonders off a lot so I imagine she must always worry. We took her number and left them be knowing it all ended well, we're so glad we went to check in on him. It wasn't the afternoon we planned but it felt so good helping someone. It was also scary seeing someone who is so together mentally be so withheld by their condition. Hopefully we can visit in Brisbane but if not we'll never forget our time spent listening to the amazing stories and mind of Peter.Read more

  • Day27

    Magnetic Island

    November 4, 2017 in Australia

    So zwiespältig die Kommentare im Internet auch waren - da wir nichts verpassen wollten, buchten wir für diesen Tag die Fähre um nach Magnetic Island zu fahren.
    Magnetic Island wurde um 1770 von James Cook entdeckt, welcher aufgrund seines nicht funktionierenden Kompasses davon ausging, die Insel bestehe aus magnetithaltigem Gestein.
    Ich habe des weiteren recherchiert, dass man hier auf jeden Fall freilebende Koalas sehen kann und die fehlten noch auf unserer Liste. Leider sahen wir weder einen einzigen Koala noch irgendetwas anderes interessantes. Am Strand sahen wir unsere erste tötliche Qualle und eine Bar, die mindestens genauso tot war. Hier gab es zwar jede Menge Personal, dafür aber nichts zu trinken. "Toller Tag"" ..
    Da wir anscheinend auch nicht die klügste Entscheidung damit getroffen hatten, den Hafen Richtung Picnic Bay zu verlassen, haben wir quasi GAR NICHTS gesehen. Auch das Wetter gab mal wieder alles an Hitze her, was ging, deshalb nahmen wir den Bus zurück zum Hafen (hätten wir den mal genommen, um zu der Bucht zu gelangen, bei der ein bisschen mehr los ist).
    Alles in allem also nicht so spektakulär - und von mir keine Empfehlung. ;)
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