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    • Day 8

      Erste Woche in Hobart

      January 31 in Australia

      Hey und willkommen zu meinem ersten Footprint meines neuen Reiseabschnitts. Die monatelange Arbeit ist nun beendet und wird sich demnächst nun hoffentlich gut auszahlen, denn nun beginnt der schöne Teil meiner Reise.
      Am 24.01. habe ich also Sydney verlassen und bin in der tasmanischen Hauptstadt Hobart gelandet. Hier habe ich nun insgesamt eine Woche in einem Hostel verbracht. Meine Highlights waren das Wandern auf den Mount Wellington, vor Allem der Rückweg von diesem, auf welchem ich vielen einheimischen Tieren begegnet bin, und das berühmte Kunstmuseum MONA. Ansonsten habe ich diese erste Woche allein genutzt um mich ein bisschen zu sammeln, auszuruhen und Pläne für die nächste Zeit zu machen.

      …und es haben sich sehr spontan verrückte Pläne aufgetan…😉
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    • Day 389

      Hobart third part 🐸

      March 16 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      The frog became more and more of a home (even more after Jamie got us a fridge for our room), the Den became such am exciting learning source where I got to create a cocktail for the menu, started prebatching the house cocktails and had some nice trainings. Got offered a 3IC position, which I was so excited about, but so many obstacles appeared in my way, some mental, others real. Insecurities, pressure, doubts... Kept appearing and reappiring in many shapes telling me I wasn't suit for the position; but at the same time so much curiosity, interest and motivation came next to it. But the truth was that I couldn't fin a visa that would alloow me to stay. After many lawyer meetings, so much research and lots of frustration, I had to refuse the job offer and give my notice. Now I had to start figuring out what to do next.
      Even though my work life was a big proragonist of my life, I also started hanging out a lot with my boss, Mateo; and started doing some plans and feeling more confortable with my work collegues, such as Ella, Leo, Mak and Santosh. I started feeling like I was becomming part of the comunity.
      🍸 Drinks: society, the den, pablos bar
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    • Day 373

      Living in Hobart Second Part 🐸

      February 28 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Some people left, others came like David from New York who was so easy to like so quickly; Ky from Canada who worked in reception and we did creepy tuesdays or complementing strangers wednesdays; Beunoit and Till came back from their road trip who were just instantly part of the group; Julianne donut Guillaume and Guigui as the french team; Loic, Romina's boyfriend; Italian cheeky Tomas; charming Clemant; Will my cocktail in crime partner and Jonnhy, Thomas, Lina, Iride, Niek, Matias, Basil ... It was a family, somehow I felt more and more in love with this place every day that I spent here.
      Once the den became an option I decided I wasn't gonna do my farm work just yet, that I wasn't ready to let bartending go, so didn't take my farm work and quit my other jobs (which I hated) and started at this cozy place. The team felt so proficient and organised from the very beginning and I felt so insecure about my self. But at the same time from the beginning my managers started talking to me about supervising and management, which shocked me a lot. I started getting more and more shifts and hours every week, and learned so much and felt more confident with my previous knowledge and experience. And just got more and more excited about the place and hobart. Everything seemed into place, didn't it?
      Romina left and came back because she missed me, Isaac left to go to Europe, Ky and I became closer and closer, we had cooking nights like mexican, dhal, chilly, shaksuka... Romina, Maximo and I tried pole dancing, we did a cocktail training in the hostel and we explored Hobart's hospo scene.
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    • Day 354

      Hobart, the pickled frog🐸

      February 9 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      We were in the bus one day and Sarah and Jesse said to me, do we get a private room with three beds on the ferry? And I looked at them awkwardly and excited at the same time and said, guys, I think I am not leaving just yet. After that moment I was dropped in the pickled frog. First night felt lonely and said, putting it into context, this last exciting year full of adventures was pretty lonely most of the times, and Sydney was the cherry on top of the cake. And then Jesse and Sarah were just a bit of an actual family and comfort for the first time since longlong, I felt so part of the place and loved so quickly.
      So first night met some people, felt bored and out of place, but did an effort to see were it was going. Next morning I woke up and a girl that was sitting at the other end of the big table was having breakfast, and we had exchanged a few words before, so just decided to sit next, still with a grumpy face and not much interest. They were speaking in french, she quickly switched to english and kept on going so I could be part of it. Then she started explaining she had just done her first yoga class recently, showed and explained some postures to the friend, and inside I was finding the situation so comedic. And at some points, she faces at me and says, have you ever done yoga before? And I awkwardly laughed and said, "yeah, I'm actually a yoga teacher. Are you gonna go to a class today? Because I kinda really need some tbh". And that broke the ice and made my arrival to hobart a completely different experience. That was Romina, who became my new family and best friend, we did everything together, from cooking, going daily to yoga or just sit in a caffe in silence. She was so bright and social, she had this beautiful energy that everyone loved, so being with her started reopening my social energy and we started meeting all this people and started making this new group of friends.
      There was Armand, a sweet guy from France that always had red wine for dinner; Sara a finish girl who was absolutely in love with Australia; the sweet Katelyn from Scotland; Ben who was the absolute organizer of activities in the group; Ana the most unique german, in love with glowing things and pavlovas or anything with sugar; Tati a lovely girl from argentina; Isaac, my absolute favorite human in this place, just bright curious innocent and ready to eat the whole world (he used to be offended because I called him a puppy); the quiet, smart and kind Simon; Aaaaaa Kylian always so funny, unexpected and himself; loud and crazy Valentine; Daria as something else; Max, my first friend in Tasmania; Maximo always my partner in crime for handstands and always with him lovely italian Luca who would only eat pasta; sunshine and unique Camila and Oshin in love with climbing and always a kind word for everyone.
      After chasing Jamie for enough time I managed to volunteer at the hostel folding sheets for accomodation. First days I needed to recharge so for the first time in so long, I did nothing for more than a week, just sat and chat to people, go to yoga, cook... Not much really. At some point Kylian was going to drop resumés and I decided to join because it was time already... Without much effort I quickly got a few options. I really wanted to work at this cocktail bar called the den, but the job process was so long that I had to take to jobs on the meantime so I worked at the shipwrights arms hotel were Nico, a really nice guy from the hostel got me a job and the watermans hotel.
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    • Day 14

      Die Wineglass Bay

      November 9, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Auf geht's zur angeblich schönsten Bucht mit weißem Strand und glasklarem Wasser. Vorher geht's aber zur Aussichtsplattform. Nach einem anstrengenden Aufstieg können wir die Wineglass Bay von oben sehr gut sehen und beschließen die Wanderung zu verkürzen. Lieber wandern wir noch zum Leuchtturm und zur Coles Bay. Leider gab es hier kein Eis. Nachmittags war Urlaub angesagt mit ausruhen und Füsse baden an der Honeymoon Bay. Es war s... kalt aber gut für die Durchblutung 😜.Read more

    • Day 20

      Aperol Spritz Time

      March 28, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Relaxing having an Aperol Spritz before my Gold Class Movie. (The drink has bitter sweet, Aperol, Prosecco, Soda and Orange.)

      Seeing The Batman starring Robert Pattinson.

    • Day 19

      Charmed by the Wallabies

      March 27, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

      I went to go hang up my laundry and ran into a Wallaby outside the laundry room! They are charming me.

    • Day 18

      Morning Views from my Airbnb

      March 26, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

      Talk about an ideal way to wake up. It was 10 and now it's warming up nicely.

    • Day 17

      Do you see how hilly it is?

      March 25, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      I legit barely made it up these steps again with the grocery. It was uphill and downhill all the way. I'm getting a workout here. How many stairs do you reckon there are?

    • Day 17

      My Airbnb

      March 25, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Stunning views from my Airbnb. And everything is very clean and modern inside. Had some of the wine they left for me tonight. It was great. Can't wait to get into the espresso tomorrow.

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