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  • Day241

    Day 4 - Kev's House

    November 29, 2017 in Australia

    Today Kev took us to the small town of Kiama which is around a 45 minute drive from Kev's house. On the way we stopped off at a coffee house in North Wollongong for a brew. They roast all of the beans themselves which is pretty cool.

    Kiama is a really cute town with lots of cute little homeware shops to look around. After having a mooch around some of the shops, we walked along the harbour to Kiama Lighthouse and Blow Hole Point. The Blow Hole wasn't particularly impressive as the sea was pretty calm however it was a nice walk. On the way back to the car we stopped off in a cool little cafe for some lunch. We all opted for burgers with a side of scrummy sweet potato fries.

    On the way back from Kiama, we stopped off at the Five Barrell Brewing Company in Wollongong to pick up a growler of beer. Kev's housemate Chris, is back this evening from work (they both work away) so the four of us went to Ziggy's House of Nomms for some dumplings. They didn't have a table right away so we popped round the corner to a really cool rooftop bar and had a quick beer in the sunshine. Ziggy's is also a tea emporium and there are hundreds of different types of tea to choose from. We opted for a green tea and a black tea, both of which were really nice and a selection of dumplings. The dumplings were delicious however I really struggled to eat the slippery little beggars with my chopsticks and ended up flicking soy sauce all over myself and the lady sat on the table behind us - someone get this girl a fork!
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  • Day241


    October 20 in Australia


    Finished work then got on our way. It took about 3 hours to get to Kiama. We check in and we’re lucky to find a park cause there was a wedding.
    Checked in and I liked our room but Will was a bit annoyed cause he thought he booked a hearbour view.
    I was happy regardless.
    We were tired so we watched some telly then went to bed


    6 years together today. #dreamteam.

    Was up and ready to go by 10:30.
    We decided to walk towards the blow hole and get brekkie on the way.
    Found a place with pancakes - winners!
    Will ordered a coffee and I impulsively did too then quickly regretted it lol.

    Walked up the hill to the blow hole and unfortunately the waves/wind was going the wrong way so it wasn’t really working. Hope to visit before we leave tomorrow.

    Because of this Will suggested we visit the little blow hole instead.
    So we began walking - we walked for ages and eventually had to start climbing over rocks.
    I love looking in rockpools but they were empty.
    Along the way we found a dog. He had run down the hill to say hi and his mum said around 40 times.
    “MAX, COME!”

    ... max was never gonna come. He jumped in the water pool before I lead him back up hahaha

    The views were beautiful.
    My knee gave way at one point but on i trouped.

    So glad Will was there cause he had to guide me up and down some rocks and help me find grooves for my hands etc.

    Long story short:
    Beautiful fun walk but we actually couldn’t reach the blow hole so we turned back. (Well maybe could have but we walked for 2 hours and got like 1/3 of the way haha

    Back was quicker cause we climbed up the hill I send max the dog up then walked back via roads.

    We were super thirsty and sweaty so we walked to woolies to buy water and deodorant (we smelly) then went back to the hotel.

    Did a great poop then we decided to visit Carrington waterfall.
    It took us about 40 minutes and we saw a few dead wombats on the way.
    I started to STRESS cause my car. Alastair has no balls the whole journey was uphill and it wasn’t until it was struggling did I realise we had no petrol. Only 2 bars and it was NOT looking good.
    I suggested maybe to turn back but Will reckoned we would make it so we kept going.
    When we got to the water full we took our shoes off and had to walk through water to get to rocks on the other side.
    I giggle cause when we were traveling every second person was scared to go to Australia cause everything can kill you and there we were walking through the bush bare foot 😂😅😅
    We sat and looked at the top of the waterfall a while. Unfortunately the lookout was closed so we couldn’t get a better view.

    Water was so cold.
    Lucky it was shallow cause sections were super slippery. We left and my stress returned.
    It started to rain AT LEAST WE THOUGHT IT DID BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY 10000000 bugs.

    The scenery reminded us of Wales.
    Very lovely.

    On our way there we got overtaken by some dickhead going like 150km and Will made comment I hope they crash then 5 minutes later we come round a corner and the same car was stopped there in the moddle of the road and Will lets out this massive “ YES!!!” Hahahah
    They didn’t crash they were just checking their phones for directions I think but why a fantastical horrendous reaction 😂😂😂

    We made it to a petrol station, JUST.
    It was quite literally the SLOWEST pump ever. It took 5 minutes to reach $20 worth.
    So we put in that much then left - we will fill up somewhere else tomorrow.

    Went home and showered cause we still smelly. Heh.
    Got easy for dinner and I was outrageously overdressed, so awkward when we walked in.
    Resturant was called silica and I had the best lamb ive ever had. A coriander disaster though were I ate the entire plant and fished it back out of my mouth. Super classy harry.
    Brownie was great too.
    People outside on the beach were playing drunk frisbee. Bottle in hand. Bless haha
    Went home and chilled out in the air con.
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