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  • Day225

    Molluscs & Museum

    April 19, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    This morning we walked via Darling Harbour (the area where our apartment is) to Sydney Fish Market. This is the biggest fish market in the Southern hemisphere and the 3rd largest in the world (after Tokyo & Mexico City). It was amazing - the range and quality of the fish and seafood was fantastic. There were also lots of places to eat there - we could happily have stayed all day and eaten our way through the menus (but we'd have needed to triple our daily budget to do it!). It was a far cry from the last fish market we went to back in Chau Doc, Vietnam - this one was not stinky and looked as clean as a fish market can (so no need for you to worry this time, Seth!). It was quite early when we went but the food looked so good that we stayed for a brunch snack - I had soft shell crab sushi and it was divine. On the way to the market we saw an Australian white ibis bird scavenging in a bin - shows the adaptability of this normally wetland bird...

    This afternoon we went to the Australian Museum, walking via "Hyde Park" and St Marys Cathedral to get there. The museum was dated in parts (think: stuffed animals arranged in seemingly random fashion) but had some interesting bits, including a collection of minerals & semi-precious stones donated by a local collector (more interesting than it sounds!), natural history of Australia and a few dinosaurs (which were Solana's favourites). There was also a section on the social history of Australia, that was a bit of an education for me in terms of the extent of the divide between the indigenous Aboriginal people and the white settlers (which sounded not dissimilar to S.Africa in the days of apartheid in the mid-1900s...).

    On the way back to our apartment we went for happy hour sunset cocktails at one of the many bars on Darling Harbour and soaked up some of the evening atmosphere of the area that is our home for this week.
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    Sandra Buckley

    How fabulous! Et you could conjure up a good lobster Thermidor 😄

    Peter Thurston

    Here's to more exciting things to do and see! Solana looks happy. We're loving her picture poses, such a cutie pie! Ive been to the cinema to see another mothers son, based on a true storyof louisa Gould who hides a fugitive Russian in Jersey during the WW2 Nazi occupation. It was a decent film, a story about heroism worth telling X

    Jennifer Bieda

    Aww I love this one x

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  • Day47

    Sydney Fish Market

    May 26, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Heute Vormittag sind wir über das Taste of Manly Festival geschlendert - mit seinen Weinständen und dem Street Food Verkauf ist es ein bisschen wie der Mainzer Weinmarkt unter Palmen am Strand.
    Allerdings gibt es hier einige (für uns unverständliche) Unterschiede: das Festival ist schon um 17:30 vorbei und man kann pro Weinstand maximal 4x sein Glas wieder auffüllen. 🤔😀

    Mit der Fähre ging es dann zum Circular Quay und zu Fuß vorbei am Darling Harbour zum Fischmarkt. Hier haben wir uns eine Grillplatte mit frischem Fisch und Meeresfrüchten gegönnt.

    Mit einem kleinen Schlenker durch Chinatown und den Garden of Friendship sind wir dann durch den Großstadtdjungel zurück zum Hafen gelaufen.

    Auf dem Rückweg konnten wir von der Manly Ferry aus noch einmal die Lichtshow von Vivid Sydney genießen.
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  • Day273

    Day 15 - #Thatchersontour - Sydney

    December 31, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It's New Year's Eve in Sydney which means only one thing, fireworks! To say I have been really excited to experience this is an understatement. After much deliberation over where to watch them we settled on Pirrama Park. We had been warned that if you wanted to get a good spot then it's best to get there early so in the morning Simon and I walked down to Woolies to grab some bits for a picnic and some much needed snacks for the long day ahead of us.

    Armed with our picnic, we headed back to Trio for breakfast. I decided to order slightly outside the box this time and went for chilaquiles which was a scrambled egg, spinach, cherry tomatoes, tortilla chips and guacamole concoction. I'm not sure if I would choose it again however it still tasted good. Simon went for something a little less sweet than the Nutella French toast and opted for a Reuben sandwich instead. The portions as always were absolutely huge so we wouldn't be needing to tuck into our picnic anytime soon.

    Pirrama Park opened at 2pm and we arrived not long after. We were some of the first people in there so we got a great spot with an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge. With 10 hours to go until the main event, we made ourselves comfortable and played cards / took a nap in the sunshine. One thing Simon and I have gotten very good at over the last 9 months is waiting. Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come, or a plane to go (10 points if you spotted the Dr Seuss quote there).

    To make New Year's Eve even more special, we were also joined by my Uncle Chris, Auntie Jo and cousin Emily, who are also on holiday in Australia over the Christmas / New Year period.

    In addition to the midnight fireworks they also do a slightly shorter display at 9pm. This display was pretty spectacular so we knew that we were going to be in for a big treat at midnight. As it got closer to midnight the crowds grew and there was an amazing atmosphere. Unfortunately due to the amount of smoke that the unimaginable number of fireworks being let off created, accompanied by the wind blowing in our direction, meant that we couldn't really see the last 4 of so minutes of the display. The fireworks off the Harbour Bridge however were still incredible and it's a certainly a magical New Years Eve I won't be forgetting anytime soon.
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    Joanna Blake

    What a fantastic evening it was - a once in a lifetime experience which we were so lucky to be able to share in with you! A wonderful start to 2018! xx 🎉

    Jackie Blake

    I bet it was very memorable x🇦🇺🍾happy new year to you all xx

  • Day2

    All about the ocean

    October 19, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    A beautiful day in Sydney today. I started with a trip to the Sydney fish markets. Originally I had intended to do a tour at 6am but I didn’t book it ahead of time and last night they were sold out. A blessing really as I got to sleep in and I don’t think I would have cope with the smell. It was bad enough in the market without being on the auction floor.
    I started out with some brunch, most of the shops also sold ready to eat food as well as the seafood. It was an opportunity to try something I’d never cook. I had scallop mornay, abalone, oyster kilpatrick and grilled octopus.
    Both the scallop and oyster were drowned a bit in their dressing/topping but okay.
    The abalone was tough and not that appetising. I realise though at only $7.50 it may not have been the highest quality abalone. I don’t know that I’d bother with it again though. The octopus was good. That was my “safe” item that I knew I would like.
    I bought some seafood to have for dinner. There was so much to choose from but in the end I just got some fish. I looked at prawns, octopus and squid but of the ones I felt confident cooking none were Australian so I gave them a miss. There was plenty of Australian shellfish - pippies, Balmain bugs etc but with my limited confidence, ingredients and utensils I gave them a miss.
    That left fish. I bought rainbow trout, king George whiting and blue mullet. Just one fish of each, they filleted them for me and for $17 I have tea for 3-4 nights. The woman serving me looked at me with bemusement when I asked her to label each fish so I would know what I am eating. Comparing the fillets side by side they do look quite different.
    I also visited the deli and bread shop to get some lovely ingredients.

    After returning to the hotel to drop off my shopping I found the Bondi hop on hop off bus as my ticket included both routes. Apart from Bondi the route wasn’t terribly exciting. Bondi was nice, as I said it was a beautiful day today. I spent an hour there having a wander and some late lunch. The trip back went through Rozelle and Rose Bay.

    I wanted a few essentials to went to Woollies after I got off the bus. It was really weird, the store was quite small and seemed to sell junk food, itamins and toiletries. I walked around the store trying to work out how a supermarket could not have any veggies. Eventually I found the escalator, when down a floor and found the veggies.

    I had the blue mullet for tea. Very nice.
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    Kay Creasy

    Did you see the sculptures at Bondi Beach?

    Michelle Creasy

    No! I saw them on tv last night after I'd already been.

  • Day135

    Der Alltagstrott

    May 29, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Montag, 29. Mai 2017

    Viele wundern sich wahrscheinlich, warum wir nicht mehr schreiben... irgendwie sind wir jetzt im Alltag gelandet und haben den Blog ganz vergessen!
    Außerdem sind wir zurzeit sehr beschäftigt, ich habe auch endlich zu meinen normalen Alltag gefunden, der jetzt endlich wöchentlich gleich aussieht. Es haben sich ein paar Dinge verändert. Nun habe ich nur noch eine Patientin, sie dafür fast täglich 4 Stunden. Montag und Mittwochs gehe ich mach der Schicht noch in der Klinik arbeiten (wenn sie mich auch anruft, es läuft ja über die Agentur, aber bisher hat er immer funktioniert). Dienstag und Samstags habe ich einen neuen Job für drei Stunden gefunden, als Nanny. Richtig toll! Dadurch habe ich eine abwechslungsreiche Woche, auch wenn zwei Tage davon über 10 Stunden arbeiten bedeutet. Es ist ja nicht für immer... :) und soo anstrengend ist es nun auch nicht, denn gerade bin ich ja zB auch arbeiten :D

    Mein Job als Nanny ist richtig toll! Das Kind ist 2,5 Jahre alt, blond und hat blaue Augen. Total knuffig! Die Mutter hat vor kurzem ihren zweiten Sohn bekommen, da hat sie natürlich viel zu tun. Auch wenn Alex ein richtiges Mama - Kind ist, gewöhnt er sich langsam an mich und wir genießen die zeit im Park und auf dem Spielplatz. Oft werde ich gefragt, wie alt mein Kind denn sei. :)

    In unserer WG hat sich auch einiges verändert. Zwei Leute sind ausgezogen und zwei weiteren Deutsche ein. Anfangs waren wir skeptisch, da wir dachten es wird nur deutsch gesprochen und man kennt sich ja noch nicht. Aber mittlerweile ist es richtig toll geworden. Deutsch reden wir zwar trotzdem öfters, aber dafür sind wir jetzt ne richtige "5 er Party - Group" geworden. Die zwei Deutschen haben uns nochmal gezeigt, was es bedeutet, die Nacht zum Tag zu machen! :D Erholung gibt's gerade nicht soviel, aber dafür jede Menge Spaß. Leider bleiben die Sonntagsausflüge dabei etwas auf der Strecke liegen, aber trotzdem unternehmen wir kleinere Dinge wie Strandspaziergänge oder einen Ausflug zum IKEA. Momentan ist auch ein tolles Farbenevent in Sydney, es heißt "Vivid". Unglaublich wunderschön!! Aber dazu andermal mehr...

    Und was noch zu erwähnen ist, ein Deutscher der eingezogen ist, ist gelernter Koch! Da gibt's zB manchmal ein leckeres Brunch oder der ein oder andere Tipp fürs kochen ;)

    Unsere Wochen sind gezählt und wir freuen uns schon total auf unsere Reise. Die Campervans sind auch schon gebucht... und der Rest ergibt sich dann :)
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    Nadine Schlauraff

    Danny..sind deine Haare lang geworden 😉

    Jassi Frank

    Sind jetzt um einiges kürzer ^^

  • Day6

    Gott nytt år från Sydney!

    December 31, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Sista dagen på året vaknade vi upp på vårt hostel i Blue Mountains, ovetande om hur dagen skulle bli. Jag hade haft många märkliga feberdrömmar under natten, bland annat hade jag haft ett långt samtal med en sked?! Som ni förstår var jag fortfarande sjuk och bävade inför utcheckningen och den långa uppförsbacken som ledde till tågstationen. Uffe som alltid är omtänksam och ställer upp för mig bar så mycket av mina saker som han kunde. Vi tog oss till tågstationen i lugnt tempo och jag kunde återhämta mig på tåget som skulle ta oss in till Leichhardt (little Italy) som ligger hyfsat centralt i Sydney. För några månader sedan hade vi efter mycket sökande hittat ett boende över nyår - som inte åt upp hela resebudgeten. Ett dubbelrum på nyårsafton på ett trestjärnigt hotell kostade från 6000kr upp mot 10 000 kr. Vi var mycket nöjda över att ha hittat det lilla italienska pensionatet som kostade 1800 kronor/natten.

    En bussresa och en liten promenad senare var vi framme vid vårt boende. Ett trevligt gammalt italienskt par hälsade oss välkomna och visade oss runt i boendet som hade kök, vardagsrum, sovrum och badrum. Kylskåpet var laddat med frukost. Efter en liten powernap gick vi ut för att äta lunch. Vi hamnade på en trevlig liten familjär restaurang som serverade fräsch och hälsosam mat. Jag beställde surdegsbröd toppad med quinoa, avokado, halloumi, grönsaker och granatäpple. Uffe tog pasta med kyckling och en smarrig sås. Efter lunch kände jag mig på bättringsvägen, till och med lite pigg.

    Tillbaka på boendet gjorde vi upp nyårsplanerna. Jag hade förlikat med mig tanken att jag skulle vara sängliggande på nyårsafton men jag hade börjat må bättre och bestämde mig för att försöka vara med. Uffes vänner från Kristianstad, Henrik och Marcus var också på plats i Sydney och vi bestämde att vi skulle mötas upp på en av utsiktsplatserna. Det kluriga var att bestämma vilken. De allra bästa platserna kunde vi glömma för de hade redan uppnått maxkapacitet klockan 10 på förmiddagen. Vi bestämde oss för Pirramara Park. Uffe och jag tog en Uber dit klockan 19 och fick riktigt bra platser med utsikt över Harbour Bridge.

    Ett skepp kom lastat med fyrverkerier på väg mot Harbour Bridge, runt ett ton skulle jag tippa på. Totalt skulle fyra ton skjutas upp klockan 21.00 och ytterligare 8 ton vid tolvslaget. Vi åt medhavd picknick och smuttade i smyg på Prosecco. Alla offentliga utkiksplatser hade alkoholförbud men vi lyckads smuggla in lite till picknicken och till nyårsskålen. Solen gick i moln och kyliga vindar blåste upp. Dumt nog hade jag inte tänkt på att ta med mig en tjockare tröja. Det blev kallt och för att inte bli mer sjuk skulle jag gå ut från området och försöka hitta en butik. Uffe tyckte det var bättre att jag satt kvar och vilade upp mig och erbjöd sig att gå på tröjjakt. Tacksam satt jag kvar och mumsade på jordgubbar. Efter en timme hade Uffe fortfarande inte kommit tillbaka och jag började bli orolig. 20.57 kom han äntligen springandes i hög fart för att se barnfyrverkerierna. Han hade gått långt för att hitta en tröja och en handduk att sitta på till mig. Det var en riktigt fin kärleksgest <3.

    Barnfyrverkerierna kan beskrivas med ett stort WOW! En otroligt vacker färgexplosion som fick alla på området att komma i feststämning. Tillsammans med Uffe kom också hans vänner från Kristianstad. Vi hade det väldigt trevligt och timmarna sprang iväg. Tolvslaget gjorde sig påmint och om barnfyrverkerierna var imponerande var de inte i närheten av de åtta ton fyrverkerierna som sköts på tolvslaget. För att fira att Australien röstat fram ett godkännande av samkönade äktenskap lös fyrverkerierna i regnbågens färger.

    Det blev dags att ta sig hemåt tillsammans med hundratusentals andra nyårsfirare. På grund av vägavspärrningar tog det lång tid att promenera till bussen som Uffe tittat ut. När vi hoppade av var vi nöjda med att kommit billigt undan.. Dock visade sig att vi åkt till fel Renweck street som låg på andra sidan stan. Gah det var bara att beställa en Uber och skratta åt missen. Slutet gott, allt gott.

    God fortsättning till alla er där hemma!
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  • Day3

    Arriving in Sydney

    February 2, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Good flight to Sydney, couldnt sleep so watched trash movies, Wonder Woman and Kingsman. Ali more interested in the flight path watching Aus get nearer. Lisa and Dave met us off the plane with our personalised Welcome to Oz board. Drove to their appartment in Glebe a leafy suburb close to the City and Harbour near the Anzac Bridge. Went for a walk and took tram to Pyrmont Bay / Darling Harbour where we had our first beers of the trip. Then back to Glebe via the Fish Market. Amazing place, look forward to getting some inspiration when in Chef mode. Managed to stay awake until 7.30 then out like a light.Read more

  • Day4

    Walk - Glebe to Sydney Opera House

    February 3, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Glebe is a walkable distance to Central Sydney (sort of!!). It has tree lined roads and a range of individual shops, restaurants and cafes with every type of Asian cuisine you can think of. Our route took us first to China Town where we had lunch at East Ocean Restaurant. There was no menu, instead there was a constant stream of waitresses pushing trolleys trying to get you to have whatever they had on offer. We had a small selection of dim sum, Peking duck, fresh veg, pork dumplings and noodles. Next stop Paddys Market a massive indoor market with all sorts of tourist tat including a bottle opener with a set of Kangeroo testicles attached, classy. The fresh food area was excellent everything looked so bright and vibrant. We walked through the central business district. Lots of road works due to the extension of the Tram system. Passed the site where the first flag was raised by the first settlers and on to Circular Quay. The Harbour Bridge dominates the scene despite the presence of a massive cruise liner. The Opera House was different to what I expected. A series of buildings rather than one and beige in colour as opposed to white. We had a drink in the Opera House bar and watched Sydneys beautiful people strutt their stuff. Got an Uber home (feet aching a bit). Made some smoked trout bruchettas to go with a bottle of Bolly that Lisa had been keeping and Dave fired up the Barbie.Read more

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