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  • Day13

    We did it.

    July 23, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We did it.
    We drove back down to Taree.
    Paid the mechanic.
    And drove Bumper back to 32 Turpentine Ave, Sandy Beach NSW!!!!!!!

    We are so proud of ourselves.

    I don’t think normal people get as stressed as we do about old buses, the mechanics that work them and the 5 hour round trip to bring Bumper home.

    But we do.
    Though neither of us said a word to the other.
    We were just doing it.
    Come hell or high water ...

    And we did it.
    And I cannot stress enough how proud of ourselves we are!

    Bumper is now beautifully parked amongst the trees in Daryl’s front yard.
    And he looks magnificent!

    We cleared him out.
    (Packing up to travel always involves things in funny places)

    Daryl and Martine came in to admire.
    Lots of “ohs and ahhs “

    I cleaned out Tin Tin.
    Emily and Winston had been sleeping in there for 10 days.
    Packed things back where they should be.

    Daryl and Martine went for a picnic dinner on the beach.
    Emily and I ordered pizza and sat at her outdoor table to eat it.

    Wonderful, wonderful day.
    We did it.

    Very tired now.
    In bed 7.30pm.
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    Carolyn Arch

    There is Winston in the window. One very happy cat to be back in Bumper!

    Carolyn Arch

    At Taree Airport after returning the hire car, waiting for a taxi to the mechanics.


    Clever girls other successful day [C]

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  • Day6


    July 16, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Up at 7.30am.
    Not hard .... seem to be in bed by 8.30pm.
    Seems wandering along beaches is very exhausting.

    Off to Sandy Beach.
    Emily’s One Wheel got a lot of attention, mainly from surfers about Daryl’s age. All fascinated.
    Beautiful sunny day again and warm.

    Then a bit later, we headed out to do a rain forest walk near Woolgoolga but turned out dogs were not allowed.
    So back to the wonderful Woolgoolga Lake and beach.
    Picnic on the bank .... just pies.
    Then off for a stroll and paddle in the water.
    But I called into the caravan office to see if I could get 2 sites together for our stay.
    The lady was wonderful and after some juggling, we ended up with my original site 66 with the huge tree and #67 right next to it.
    Photo attached.
    So my van will pull in on the far right facing the tree. Bumper will drive in on the far left with her awning out towards my van and the sun shelter and my table and chairs will sit under the tree.
    Short walk to the lake for kayak launching!
    So with the 2 sites together, we will have a huge area.
    Just as well ... we have a kayak, a paddle board, Daryl’s push bike, a postie bike and a one wheel.
    ( I’m thinking of getting a pony.)

    Wandered the lake and beach.
    The sea was unbelievably warm.
    Daryl has always said that .... water temp today was 22 degrees ... and you can tell! It was beautiful.
    Home and read for the afternoon sitting in the sun in the back yard.
    Lovely day.
    Daryl put the 2nd coat of paint on the roof.
    A relaxing meal of leftovers.
    Amazing choice
    Spaghetti Bol
    Roast pork.
    ( See how confused all this food is making me .... can’t even spell them.)

    The mechanic rang.
    Thinks he has found a part in Sydney.
    Fingers crossed.

    Great day xxxx
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    Carolyn Arch

    Martine and Daryl checking out the paint job on the roof!

    Carolyn Arch

    Empty grassed area on the left is Emily’s site. My van will be parked almost where the white car is parked. Heaps of room.

    Carolyn Arch

    My bedroom at this wonderful house.

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  • Day4

    Woolgoolga Lakeside Caravan Park

    July 14, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Went with Daryl, Martine and Scout to check out the sites we have booked at Woopi Caravan Park.
    All the caravan parks are full.
    People travelling north to get to warmer weather.
    I booked these sites several weeks ago and still couldn’t get 2 sites together.
    So was keen to see what they were like.
    Lovely little caravan park.
    Right on the beach but sheltered by trees.
    Apparently we can walk 5 kms to Sandy Beach at low tide.
    I think Emily will be trying that on the One Wheel!
    ( I’ll just jog along behind.)
    So right on the beach but also flanked by the lake.
    Very shallow lake that is formed by a creek running into the sea, and becomes wider every time the tide comes in.
    Lots of sandbars at low tide.
    Perfect for the kayak and paddle board.

    The sites look great.
    I’m ready.
    Booked in from 5th August.
    Me for 6 weeks.
    Emily for 3 months.
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    Carolyn Arch

    Scout at the entrance to the beach from the caravan park.

    Carolyn Arch

    My site #66

    Carolyn Arch

    Emily’s site #62

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  • Day15

    Hey, it REALLY rains up here.

    July 25, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    That rain is coming down in sheets.
    Such a wet day.

    Not happy Jan.

    But will probably get over it.

    Daryl cooked breakfast.
    Look at that meal.
    We sat out on the back veranda as we ate and just watched the rain coming down.

    Then Emily I I checked out a wonderful junk/antique shed just up the road.
    I think I could have bought several things home if I wasn’t going to be camping very soon.
    Anyway, fun to look.
    Into Woopi.
    Chasing a hobby for when it is wet and Emily is working and I am in my van.
    Bought some paints and brushes.
    This will be interesting.
    Not an artistic bone in this body.
    (There were canvas with pictures outlined and all you had to do was paint between the lines. Emily wouldn’t let me get those.)
    And jigsaws looked like a messy proposition.

    Into a wonderful cafe for lunch.
    We were very wet so sat on a comfy couch, pulled a rug over our knees and really settled in.
    Bit of a walk round town then back home for a read...
    And I watched “How to paint videos.”
    ( Honestly....)
    Lying on the bed in Bumper listening to the rain on the roof, and promptly fell asleep.

    Wonderful dinner cooked by Daryl.
    Then this amazing chocolate cake baked by Martine.
    It was delicious!

    ( I’m turning into a food blogger.)

    It’s OK though .... will be cooking for myself again soon ... well sometimes anyway.
    This is amazing.

    Still raining and heavier rain expected tomorrow.... though 21 degrees.

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    Make the most of the deliciously amazing looking food while you can Carolyn!!! It’s back to chicken and salad soon haha. Sounds like a relaxing day xxx [Luisa 😁]

    Carolyn Arch

    I know!!!!! And I am!!!!

    Katrina McGee

    wow that looks amazing. I would never leave if I was you

  • Day11

    Emily’s Postie Bike arrived!

    July 21, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Wonderful delivery guy.
    Said he was embarrassed to be carting a Postie,
    ( His number plate was YAM 650 ....)

    Check out Woody and Buzz Lightyear on the back bumper.
    His mates at work did that to his truck.

    Great fun....
    Lots of talk and laughs.
    Man walking past offered his battery charger.
    He lives just down the street.

    It’s here.
    And there is one excited girl...
    Plus one jealous brother.
    I like the colour.
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    Katrina McGee

    Can’t wait to see you on the back of the bike

  • Day14

    Quiet day today

    July 24, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Bit overcast and showers today.
    A quiet day.
    Recovering after the trip, I think.

    Did some washing.
    Emily and Lacey and I headed to Sandy Beach for a walk.
    I drove Tin Tin.
    First time up here as we have been making use of the hire car previously.
    And then to the Sunken Chip for a snack.
    Loaded Chips.
    Met and chatted to a lady whose mobility scooter is made to look like a Harley Davidson.
    Looked spectacular.
    She used to ride Harleys and misses riding terribly.
    I have seen her on her 4 wheel scooter travelling along the sand on the beach.

    Daryl was telling us that people gather on the beach in Woopi for ‘Fluro Friday’.
    All types.
    All ages.
    Just a way to meet people.
    They meet a dawn.
    Probably a cult.
    But I’m in.
    Off to St Vinnies to get something fluro!
    If all else fails, Lacey has a fluro jacket.
    ( I can’t find her in the dark otherwise!)

    Emily worked on her one wheel, changing the ‘smooth’ tyre to one with a large tread.
    Went into Woopi in the end to ask a mechanic to get the tyre off the hub.
    She is thrilled with the new look.
    Also having fun organising Bumper today.
    ( Apart from the fact she managed to break the snib off the small barrel bolt on her security door and had to ring me to break her free. She was stuck .... last resort, climb out a window. So a bit of a change to be actioned there.)

    Martine and Daryl headed out to wish her cousin Francis a wonderful time on their trip to Darwin this evening.
    A quiet night in for us.
    ( Real party animals us! And you can still go out up here.)

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    Carolyn Arch

    Lacey checks up on me in the bathroom.

    Carolyn Arch

    An old photo... but there it is. The fluro jacket!

  • Day12

    Burner officially registered

    July 22, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Emily went off to the NMRA armed with all necessary paperwork.
    She was gone about 3 hours.
    Had to queue to get the one slip to apply for a NSW bike licence.
    ( I think the story is that you cannot register a vehicle here unless you have the matching licence.)
    Another queue to present the above form and be given the licence.
    Then back to the first queue to show the NSW licence and register Burner.
    (I may have missed a queue or 2, but that was the general story.)

    One very excited registered Postie bike owner.

    Quiet evening.....
    End of Season 3 Line of Duty.
    We all cheered .... and went to bed.

    Up at 7am. Leaving at 8am.
    Bumper, here we come!

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  • Day12


    July 22, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Knock at the door.
    I glanced towards the door.
    ( It’s got glass panels.)

    “Daryl, the police are at the door.”

    Daryl goes to the front door and opens it wide.
    “You’re looking for me.”
    “Are we, Sir?”
    Giving him a very stern look....
    Thinking ... “This is going to be the easiest nick of all time.”

    (I’m making that up. Emily and I were now hiding. Couldn’t see them.)

    “Yes. Daryl Street. Covid. Self Isolation.”

    “No, Sir. Another matter.”

    And lowered their voices.

    ( Should we run .... ?)

    Daryl comes back inside ...
    And beckons Martine.
    She goes out with them on the front veranda ...

    ( Come on .... )

    Much muttering.

    Is it The Postie?

    (They don’t know it’s called Burner and we are not giving that up easily.)

    Emily looks smug.
    She has just driven it into Woopi.
    Followed by me in Daryl’s car.
    Got the Road Worthy.
    All legal, we are.

    More muttering.

    Daryl and Martine wave the police goodbye and come back inside.
    And proceed to talk about breakfast!


    What was that about?

    “Oh ... disturbance down the street on Sunday night. Wondered if we had heard anything.”

    Talk about anti climax.

    But definitely ‘Blog Worthy’.... this does not happen every day.

    Just to advise, we are Covid legal.
    They weren’t really after us.
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  • Day11

    She’s excited!

    July 21, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Really excited.

    Out the back, washing it as we speak..

    Well she was.
    Then we shot into Coffs for a helmet and jacket, and a new battery.
    And she was off!!!!!

    She is loving it!!!

    And the job her work thought they had for her in Lismore fell through.
    Terrible shame, we don’t think.
    Working from the bus at Woopi caravan park .....paradise.

    Bike seems to be named “Burner”.....
    She likes the ring of Bumper and Burner.

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  • Day10

    Fun day

    July 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Well how about that then?
    Writing in 2 blogs.
    What a dill.
    Created one at home called “Bumper and Tin Tin Travels.
    Didn’t like that name.
    Wanted to call it “The Adventures of Bumper and Tin Tin”
    But too many letters... it wouldn’t let me.
    Anyway .... decided not to use that one.

    Created “Bumper & Tin Tin Tripping” (liked that much better)
    But didn’t realise that some days I wrote in one ...
    Other days I wrote in the other.

    Have to work it out later.
    Will try to stay in this one now!

    So sunny and warm.
    Emily and I headed into Coffs to lingerie shopping.
    Too scared to go to Fountain Gate the last few days before we left .... too many people.
    So we shopped here.
    Then Emily bought t-shirts and trousers .... and a great hat!
    Then I bought boyfriend jeans that are sooooo comfortable... and I can lounge at the caravan park or on the beach in them.
    And I bought a hat , not as nice as Emily’s, but a hat just the same.

    Home excited about shopping.
    Then off to Sandy Beach for a long walk along the sand and in the water.
    And played in rock pools.
    Lacey had a ball.
    She runs wonderfully along the beach and pelts back to us when whistled or called.
    She simply flies!
    And, as it was a bit windy, turns out she is great at chasing hats as they tumble along the sand.

    Reading again in the sun.
    Daryl finished the 2nd coat on the side wall of the house.
    Painting is all finished now.

    Daryl had a phone call from the police to check if he was at home and isolating.
    And would call in to check before Thursday.

    Dinner on our laps watching “Call of Duty”
    ( How the hell did that happen? I’m ‘binge watching’)

    Great, great day.

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