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  • Day50

    The Sucker Comes to a Fiery End

    April 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Back in the "pre Covid" days we used to take the dog to the groomers for her regular haircut and beauty treatment. Those days are now long past. A few weeks ago Maggie ordered a set of dog clippers on line and set about learning how to cut hair (both hers and the dogs).

    This afternoon she decided that the dog really needed a trim. She propped the unwilling little beat atop the washing machine and set about attacking her tight black curls with the clippers. After about an hour of furious clipping the laundry floor was covered with black hair and the poor dog was modelling her new "Madam Pompadour" haircut.

    Maggie announced that the dog was finished and then set about vacuuming up all the hair clippings. For a little while the house resounded with the normal sounds of vacuuming, and then all hell broke loose. The air was rent with ear splitting cries, just like a demented banshee. At the same time Maggie started yelling for help.

    At first I thought she must have sucked the little dog right up the hose and into the vacuum cleaner.

    "It's on fire", she yelled. No, not the dog, the vacuum cleaner. By the time I ran to the laundry the room was full of acrid black smoke, billowing from the cleaner. It was quickly switched off and cast into the yard. All the windows were opened to clear the smoke. Once out into the open the cleaner continued to billow out smoke for some time. Now that was quite an unexpected turn of events, although in a strange way it did give colour and excitement to an otherwise drab day.

    The vacuum is still sitting outside, but we both know that it has sucked its last gasp. Its next resting place will be the garbage bin. I suppose we can't complain since we only paid about $70 for it around 10 years ago. That works out to about $7 a year. Not too bad.

    Later in the day we had another picnic by the inlet and then drove to investigate a future bike ride to Venus Bay. It was a nice ending to an exciting day.
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  • Day45

    Oh No, Not The Tour

    April 15, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    I woke up this morning to the news that the 2020 Tour de France is the latest casualty of the Covid19 virus. Although it was almost inevitable that it would join the likes of AFL football, the Melbourne Grand Prix, Wimbledon, The Olympic Games and so many others, it still seemed a little hard to accept that we will not be glued to our TV sets in July watching those glorious views of France.

    So many things have been taken away from us this year. If 2020 was a computer program, I am sure that we have hit the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys to reboot and start again. Unfortunately it's not that simple. It is looking like it will be a long, long winter for most people.

    Since we can only live one day at a time, we decided to make maximum use of the fine and sunny weather to get back out on our bikes. This time I left the gears well alone and we were able to get underway without yesterday's delay.

    Our first destination was the RACV Country Club at Inverloch. Of course we knew that the lovely restaurant would be closed, but we thought that it would be fun to at least ride around the bike paths.

    As we entered the main gate a group of maintenance staff gave us a friendly wave. We waved right back and continued up the hill. It was only when we riding past the main building that we heard a shout somewhere behind us.

    "Did you know this centre is closed ?", it shouted.

    Well actually we didn't. There was no sign at the entrance and the maintenance staff obviously didn't know it was closed either. I could have debated the situation, but it was much easier to play the "confused old person" card instead. We Uturned our bikes, waved to the grumpy guy and headed back down the hill. There were plenty of other places to explore.

    A short time later we were at the other end of the town and looking out over the beautiful waters of Anderson Inlet. If we are going to be locked up for the next few weeks, this is not such a bad place to be.

    Later in the day we returned to the beach with our dog. Over the past few years the beach has been steadily retreating away from the Esplanade. There is now a wide expanse of sand at least 500 metres wide where the sea used to be. This makes for a lovely quiet walking location - absolutely perfect in times where we have to practise social distancing.

    I guess the only people who are probably not excited about the retreat of the sea are the people who own the mansions along the waterfront. These places used to be able to boast that they were within a few metres of the water, now the water is a 10 minute walk away.

    The Weather Burea is predicting that the fine weather might be over for a few days. That probably means that we will not be able to get out on the bikes for a little while. It's just as well we have plenty of books to read.
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