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  • Day180


    March 15, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    I didn't sleep to much on the ferry. So when I arrived in Melbourne I parked my car and slept for a few hours.

    In the meantime I got to much groceries. I reckon for 3 weeks :-o. If I getting snowed in somewhere then I know I'm gonna survive :-P.

    Both evenings in Melbourne I went to a really small cosy bar called sister bella. It was all the way in the back of an alley so normally you wouldn't find it. The beer was really cheap. You could get a jug for 10 dollars! First evening I met some Swiss, French and ofcourse German people. The second evening I met some French and afterwards some people from Brazil. One of the guys was a professional bmxer, he was regional champion in Brazil, how awsome is that!

    On the trip to tasmania, Anna told me about hungry Jacks. They have an app and you can get a deal every day. Sometimes it's free sometimes is half the price. One evening I had luck. I had free fries, free cheeseburger and milkshake for only 2 dollars. (with 2 mobiles you can get 2 different things) so that was really good!

    Unfortunately the battery I had wasn't really good because after a few hours the battery was empty. So I went back to the guy to get another one and see how this one lasts. With the fridge it should last for at least 24 hours. See if I got it right this time.

    Just before I went to Nagambie I drove on the circuit where the formula 1 drivers gonna drive in 2 weeks.
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  • Day187

    Waiting for nice weather and people

    March 22, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Since Monday morning there are to less people for an load and the weather was bad until Thursday. So there was no jumping.

    I searched a bit for work for a few days. And the only thing I could find was mystery shopping. You get paid to go to a shop and pretend if you are shopping and afterwards you have to fill in a report. There was an motorbike dealership close to the dropzone where a mystery shopper was needed. It was only 75km one way. So I said that I wanted to do it but that I want more because of the fuel I spend. In stead of $55 I asked $90 and I got it. So that was good!

    While I still was in a bigger city I found some new shoes because the old once are a bit fucked. Hopefully the new ones will last just as long.

    Tuesday evening I went to the bathroom and almost stepped on a spider with a lot of tiny babies on her back. It is an wolf spider, it can live up to 11 years in ideally conditions. From the venom form a bite you can get a red swelling, milt pain or itching. They only bite if you provoke them a lot of times. So just leave it be. Here on the dropzone are thousands of tiny Spiders and a few big ones. One bit bigger one is an golden orb spider, it's Web is total 5 meters wide and 1 meter high, Amazing to see. The golden orb spider has similar venom to the black widow but only a lot less. So you could get sick form it. This spider mainly stays in his Web. I also saw some redbacks and maybe 10 other kinds of Spiders. But as with every animal, if you leave them be then they are not gonna attack you.

    Wensday I learned how to pack an rig (backpack that contains a Parachute) because I need to be able to pack an rig for my b-licence.

    Thursday I packed a rig again just to practice. Also I did an entanglement test. All the lines are trough another and I had to get everything out within 30 minutes. I also got a call this day form a project leader of McLean farms what's located near brisbane. Prinzen sold egghandling machines to McLean. Prinzen was the company I worked for in the Netherlands. So afterall I get an job in my own branch, how awsome!

    Friday I also packed a few rigs. Just practicing for Saturday and I'm jumping again!

    Saturday I had to wait the whole morning because there was a lot of clouds and I wasn't allowed to jump with only an a license. But in the end I got on a load and did my last B-rel. It took me a while to get to the group but at last I got the dock and that was the only goal to accomplish. My landing was perfect. So I'm finished with my courses! Yeah! Now skydiving isn't that expensive anymore.
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  • Day1


    January 3, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    After 10 days in Rangiora we landed back in Melbourne at 11pm and promptly repacked to depart by 10am next morning with caravan in tow. As the caravan is for sale with no buyers yet we saw the opportunity to enjoy a few more days in camping mode. Euroa is about 2 hours north on the road to Sydney. Weather was promising warm conditions. That was an understatement. Stopped at Seymour for lunch. This town has a large Vietnam war memorial area. Worth visiting. Arrived in Euroa mid afternoon with temperatures in early 30's. After set up went for a walk into the village for food.
    Euroa is a small town that was bypassed by the Hume highway. It's very quiet but the small river that passes through is lovely. Not many shops but the local supermarket is a large general store selling groceries, paint, clothes,hardware and pretty much anything you may need. And a bottle store of course! The town boasts some large renovated historic buildings with placards explaining their heritage. A warm nights sleep in our caravan with small double bed and no aircon.
    The next day started very warm. 30 degrees by 10am. A river walk for us then into the camp pool. By midday it was past 40 degrees so we hopped in the car for some relief and sightseeing. A drive to Mt Wombat up a rutted track tested the vehicle clearances. At the top there was a volunteer bush fire warden watching for smoke. He was already watching 2 puffs of smoke in the distance that we couldn't see. He was in his flight tower hut with aircon which was lucky. Within 2 hours of us leaving I believe he got very busy as a large fire started a few miles away. It lasted for a few days and burnt over 10000 hectares.
    We continued a circuit to Polly McQuinns weir and dipped our feet. Was really just too hot to be outside the car by then. A coffee stop at Violet Town then back to camp and the pool which by now had quite a few like-minded people in it. Then out to an airconditioned pub for a meal. Still in low 30's when we returned to our caravan but thankfully a cool change was due overnight.
    The cool change arrived with wind, rain and 16 degrees. Talk about extremes! We also have no heating in the caravan so the wardrobe choices really contrasted to the previous days. A quiet relaxed day reading for our last day before returning home to face the first day of the 2019 work year.
    Happy New Year everyone.
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  • Day183

    Skydiving Nagambie!!!

    March 18, 2017 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    In the morning there was no breeze, nice and sunny weather. Perfect to skydive! :-D

    Because I haven't jumped for 3 months I had to shoe emergency procedures. And that's it! So not too bad. And I could do immediately a solo jump so glad with that. I did a bit of turning in the sky with my legs, nothing special and had a perfect landing!

    Second jump I had to do a solo. Because all the other jumpers did an 8-way and I'm not yet allowed to do that. But I could practice a bit more.

    Thirth jump I did an 3way with some guys, linked exit, did some formations. That was a really good jump. The fourth jump was my B-rel 4way with thesame guys and an instructor. The exit was really good. When we went to the second point everyone drifted away. And it got a bit messy, that was fun. But got together eventually and made 3 different formations so 3 points. So I got 2 things of the 4 you have to do for B-rel 6. Now only 2 unlinked exits and link. So that should be easy.

    My fifth jump was with 2 other people and practiced an unlinked exit. And the jump was perfect, we got quickly an dock and had in total 7 points. One time I came in the burble of somebody else. So then you fall out of the sky :-P.

    On the last load one guy landed with downwind and he had a lot of speed and tumbled and sliced with his landing and unfortunately disabled his shoulder. But he'll be fine in a few weeks ;-)

    Afterwards we all drunk beers and had a good chat!So a almost perfect day afterall.

    The next, day it was thesame weather so perfect!

    I got on a load but couldn't do an B-rel. So I ending up doing a 2way with some guy. That was fun. It took me the whole jump to get to him and get an dock. But we made it.

    The next jump was my B-rel stage 6 2nd time. I only had to dock as 3 or 4th. When we got out the plane. We had some separation. The dock was okay it didn't took to long and after the separation of our 1st jump one guy just dropped and he was gone. So we did 3 other points with only 3 of us. But that worked out fine. It was fun. And I passed so only one B-rel stage 6 to go. And it would be thesame as this jump just get out the plane and dock.

    The last jump of the day I did with the packer. So a 2way. We got out and got together. Got on level and did an high five. And turned 360 and again high five. With in turn I hit him it was not that hard so it was fun!.

    At the end we had do drink beer ofcourse and had a good time!. The guy who dislocated his shoulder was also on the dropzone and he was OK.

    So a good weekend with total 8 jumps and almost my B-rels done! I'll see when I can do the next one.
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