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  • Day28

    What a Day! Perth - Sydney -FF

    January 27, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Nach exakt 5.804 gefahren Kilometer an der Westküste mit vielen traumhaften Orten und tollen Erlebnissen ist der erste Abschnitt meiner Reise schon vorbei. Wahnsinn wie schnell die ersten knapp 4 Wochen vorbei gerast sind 😢
    Mit dem Flieger ging’s ins knapp 4 Stunden entfernte Sydney. Aufgrund der zusätzlichen 3 Stunden Zeitunterschied war es hier schon 18:30 Uhr als wir gelandet sind!
    Während der Fahrt zum Hostel schwirrte mir die ganze Zeit im Kopf herum, dass die Foo Fighters heute in der Stadt sind und im Olympiastadion ein Konzert spielen. Realistisch zeitlich eigentlich unmöglich in 1,5 Std zu schaffen um im Hostel einzuchecken, Gepäck los zu werden und ins außerhalb liegende Stadion zu fahren 🤨
    Als ich im Hostel war hat’s mir trotzdem keine Ruhe gelassen und ich dachte ich fahr mal raus und höre von außen etwas zu... 🎸🥁
    Glücklicherweise fuhr direkt vor meiner Unterkunft ein Sonderzug raus zum Stadion und ich war schneller dort als erwartet 😊 eine Ordnungskraft teilte mir zwar dann mit, die Ticketschalter sind bereits geschlossen und daher wollte ich einfach mal drum herum laufen als ich doch noch eine offene Ticketbox entdeckte und diese sofort ansteuerte, schnell die Kreditkarte zückte und schon war ich doch noch dabei! Ich konnte mein Glück kaum fassen 🍀 Zwar hab ich die ersten 20 Min verpasst, aber da das Konzert 3 Stunden ging wurde ich mehr als entschädigt!
    Es war der absolute Wahnsinn! Definitiv eines der besten Konzerte die ich je besucht habe! Die Band war Mega drauf, die Leute gingen voll mit, dazu ein Bier was will man mehr 🤟
    Sydney 💖💖
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  • Day2

    Olympic Park Sydney

    June 15, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 18 °C

    Holy crap on a cracker! I never knew this place was so damn HUGE! I decided to risk it for a biscuit and catch the train from the city out to the venue. First mistake! The walk from the station around to the entrance nearly killed me! Fortunately I wasn't the only one with sore feet and I met some new people which is always fun.

    Finally got in at 1pm and went straight to the ticket booth to get all my tokens for the next two days... GOD BLESS VIP!!!!!

    Then came the wandering... and the wandering... and the wandering...

    Apparently this year they have opened a second pavilion for the con so it is split between two... more space... but more walking!

    Finally after having a "Chip of a Stick" (we call them Hurricane Potatoes in Perth) I headed into the DC Legends Panel. I opted not to ask questions in this one as the ones I want to ask are for individuals so it's better to try for their single panels. But the banter was good and the four guests Carlos (Cisco; The Flash) Stephen (Oliver: Arrow) Julianna (Dinah: Arrow) Matt (Constantine: Legends of Tomorrow) were brilliant - even when the inevitable cringe worthy "I've written a script..." question was thrown their way...

    I'm now off to wait for the Nocking Point wine tasting... If I am still upright I will update!
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  • Day3

    Olympic Park Sydney

    June 16, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 17 °C

    I've been waiting about 10 years to drop this beauty... and today presented the perfect opportunity!

    If you remember a show called "Whose Line is it Anyway?" They used to play a game called "Superheroes". The first superhero name was always called for from the audience; improbable man and Jelly Boy spring to mind. I had one name that I always thought would be perfect but I obviously never had the chance.

    Until now... Sort of

    At Carlos' panel today he was asked a question by a girl. "Given that Cisco comes up with all these great nick names for Metahumans... what do you think he would call *you* or what would you call yourself?"

    (for context... Carlos Valdes plays the character of Cisco Ramon on "The Flash". The character has a habit of naming the new 'super heroes/villian's in town ie 'Captain Cold' 'Reverse Flash' etc... )

    Carlos explained that the fan who had asked this question had first asked it of him the day before when she had come to his table at the autograph area. He couldn't think of one then and there, so she said she would be at the panel and that she would give him time to think of one (which of course he didn't...)

    So... now Carlos was left floundering trying to come up with something...

    It was at this point that my brain kicked in an I said...


    Carlos's eyes lit up and and looked at me... "YES! Yes! Captain Conundrum... I Love it!!!"

    He explained that he often has a hard time deciding things so this was the absolute right name :D

    So, I was very happy... I think however he may be in for a bit of a surprise when he comes to Perth next weekend. He trying to discourage people from cheering when it was discovered that he had a BA in Musical Theatre... he couldn't understand why everyone was so excited... (NIDA's here I interjected)... God knows what will happen when the WAAPA kids get wind of him being a MT geek!
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