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  • Day68

    Lagune in Townsville

    January 13 in Australia

    Heute sind wir weiter nach Townsville gefahren, jetzt sind wir nur noch 350km von Cairns entfernt! Wir waren den ganzen Tag in einer Lagune, also einem öffentlichen kostenlosen Swimmingpool💦 Wir haben uns vor kurzem Schwimmnudeln gekauft, damit wir immer schön chillig am Wasser treiben können und die haben wir heute gleich mal getestet👍🏼 Einfach genial😂🎉 Am späten Nachmittag sind wir dann noch schnell einkaufen gefahren und dann zu unserem heutigen Campingplatz, ein Truckstop an einer Tankstelle🤷🏼‍♀️ Aber hauptsache umsonst👍🏼 Dann haben wir noch unsere Fähre für morgen gebucht, denn für morgen haben wir einen Tagesausflug zu den Magnetic Islands geplant, die ca. 8km von Townsville entfernt im Meer liegen, also mit der Fähre nur 25 Minuten👍🏼Read more

  • Day70

    Castle Hill Lookout

    January 15 in Australia

    Heute morgen sind wir den Castle Hill hochgefahren und dort zu einem Lookout gegangen. Man hatte dort einen hammer Ausblick über ganz Townsville und konnte auch Magnetic Island sehen😍☀️ Und für kurze Zeit konnte ich sogar ein kleines Känguru über die Felsen hüpfen sehen👍🏼
    Danach sind wir zu den Rock Pools gefahren! Das war wieder ein Swimmingpool, aber dieses Mal direkt neben dem Meer, also einfach ein abgetrennter Bereich zum Schwimmen mit Meerwasser🏊🏼‍♀️ Dort sind wir den ganzen restlichen vormittag und mittags geblieben! Am frühen Nachmittag haben wir uns dann direkt an den Strand auf eine kleine Bank gesetzt und Sandwiches gemacht🥪 Dann sind wir dort gleich noch Duschen gegangen und danach in ein Einkaufszentrum gefahren👍🏼 Dort hab ich mich dann kurzfristig dazu entschlossen zum Friseur zu gehen und meine Haare abschneiden zu lassen💇🏽‍♀️ Ich hab dann auch sehr spontan entschieden wie viel weg soll, weswegen meine Haare jetzt echt ziemlich kurz sind😂🤦🏻‍♀️ Aber egal, die wachsen ja wieder!Read more

  • Day10


    June 14, 2017 in Australia

    Heute morgen haben wir uns gemütlich fertig gemacht um die restlichen Kilometer bis Townsville zu fahren. In der Hauptstadt Nord Queenslands angekommen machten wir uns auf den Weg zu einer Laundry um unsere Wäsche nun Mal per Waschmaschine zu säubern, nix mehr Dip Dip in the water 😁😜
    Nach einer knappen Stunde war alles gewaschen und durch den Trockner gejagt.
    Dann ging unsere Fahrt weiter auf den Castel Hill. Gott sei Dank konnte man mit dem Auto bis ganz oben fahren, das wäre echt zu anstrengend geworden für den Tag. Die Sonne bratzelte nur so auf uns runter!
    Oben angekommen hab es verschiedene kleine Rundwege die man gehen könnte um in die verschiedenen Himmelsrichtungen wundervolle Aussichten genießen zu können 😍
    Nun gabs noch einen kleinen mittags Snack, bevor wir in an the Strand fuhren. Das ist eine Esplanade entlang des Meeres mit Sandbuchten und grün Fläche dahinter 🙂
    Da es nichts mehr groß zu sehen gab entschlossen wir uns weiter zu fahren! ✌
    Unsere heutige Übernachtungsstätte hieß Home Hill Comfort Stop. Und er war wirklich komfortabel, überdachte Küche mit zwei BBQ stellen, Toiletten und sogar warme duschen! Alles kostenlos!!👌
    Zum Abend gabs ne Runde Bratwurst mit Brötchen 😋 und danach noch eine lange Runde romee.
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  • Day56


    June 3 in Australia

    From Mission Beach led our journey further South. Unfortunately we still couldn't find any of the elusive Cassowaries so we ultimately said goodbye to the region. Next stop: Townsville!
    A pretty town and local center with all amenities. Especially remarkable was the large lagoon next to the beach. Even though it's artificial, it still has a great ambient. The sea is either too cold or inhabited by potentially deadly stingers! Another highlight of Townsville was the Castle hill that reached up right in the middle of the city and offers spectacular views to the sea and the mountainous inland.Read more

  • Day114


    August 11, 2015 in Australia

    Due to some inconsiderate guests we got a disturbed night's sleep at our hostel, something we expect but never come to accept when backpacking. You can be anywhere in the world but a noisy dickhead is still a noisy dickhead when you are woken up in the middle of the night.

    Whilst Alex went to investigate, Kim fired off a double barrelled email to management. The result got us a sincere apology and a free upgrade to an ensuite for the next two night's stay. Lesson - don't mess with Kim's sleep.

    Our lost sleep quickly forgotten we set out to explore sleepy Townsville. We started by hiking up Castle Hill for views over the town and bay. We took the Cudtheringa trail, which a sign informed us took 1420 steps or just over 1 km to reach the summit. Although we have hiked steeper and longer climbs, the powerful sun quickly sapped our energy. With our boots grinding into the stone staircase and heads down under the beating sun, we quickly forgot we were in a town. The trail of fiery red rock bordered with wisps of bush and deathly pale gum trees echoed postcard images of the Australian 'outback'.

    We were a sweaty mess once we reached the summit but the effort was worth it. We rested in the shade, guzzling water as a cool breeze and a sense of achievement feathered over us. We gazed out over balmy Townsville and the glittering bay. Out to sea, container ships drifted from their harbour port whilst inland dense bush fire smoke rose to block the horizon.

    Descending back down Castle Hill, the 'outback' disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. The trail ended in a cul-de-sac of expensive suburbia and we walked past large expensive properties on our way down to the sea. There, on a preserved naval redoubt, we stood at 'Kissing Point' we looked out upon diamond waters. Bright flowers, lit by the sun and their natural colour, bloomed in the foreground whilst a crescent moon of beach arched away to the north. A hawk stole its way along the shoreline
    as we soaked in the day.

    Back down from 'Kissing Point' we lunched in the gardens of a man made lagoon whilst families and bird life flittered around us. We walked the length of The Strand, a colourful promenade of art, playgrounds and cafes. At the corner of the historic Flinders Street, rusting Victorian verandas and stone facades mingled with the intricate roots of giant fig trees and even a waterfall.

    Our day was sealed with a very enjoyable dinner of 'Kanga Bangas' (kangaroo sausages) with sweet potato mash and snow peas. Awesome.
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  • Day113

    Cairns to Townsville

    August 10, 2015 in Australia

    After the 21 hour journey north to Cairns from Agnes Water, the 6 1/2 hour journey back south to Townsville did not faze us. Rainforest hillside stood by, their peaks shadowed by lone cotton wool clouds, as we drove out onto the Bruce Highway. Curtains of sugarcane and banana plantations lined the roadside as suburbs turned to farmland.

    Leaving the highway temporarily, we veered through snaking roads, the debris of less careful drivers littering the corners of hairpin turns. Further on through rainforest we were lucky to spot a lone male Cassowary, a giant flightless bird we had not been able to see whilst exploring the Tablelands last week. It bobbed along the roadside on its powerful legs like a flamboyant ostrich, its bright blue and red face standing out against the green backdrop. Equipped with a raptor-like claw and bone fin atop its head, it has been named the world's most dangerous bird but also said to be misunderstood. However there was no time to test either theory as we rolled onward.

    We stopped at Cardwell and sat looking out on the water, feeling a lot better than we had when we had stopped 18 hours into our journey north. The tide was out leaving a blurry mirror of wet sand that reflected the sky and its clouds. In the surrounding silence the water sounded as if it quietly creaked against the shoreline.

    The landscape shifted from lush tropical green to an ochre of dry bush, dotted with the sandy mounds of termite hills. Brown turned to black as the charcoal aftermath of a bushfire came into view.

    Whilst the humidity of the rainforest had been left behind, the heat remained as we arrived in Townsville. It radiated from pavements and windows where it felt more like Sunday than the Monday it was.
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  • Day116

    Magnetic Island to Townsville

    August 13, 2015 in Australia

    Sunlight and the hush of the waves broke through the gaps in the beach hut walls. Drawing back the curtain the room became drenched in the sea view, which we watched from the white linen of our bed eating banana and peanut butter sandwiches. The sounds of Arty and Bakermat bounced off the a-frame ceiling, which gave the room the appearance of a chapel. Hallelujah magnetic mornings.

    We strode back to the ferry terminal along the palm lined esplanade, snacking on juicy kiwis brought from a local roadside seller (ironically the kiwis were not local at all with 'product of New Zealand' stickers on them - at least it didn't say 'China').

    On the ferry back to Townsville, gulls dive-bombed the waters to catch fish as we were ruffled by warm cross winds. Once off the boat we past through the peaceful marina and memorial gardens to park ourselves in sun kissed greenery.

    On a side note, check out Australia's response to men's mental health - brilliant!

    The whole website can be seen here -
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  • Day75


    June 13 in Australia

    De ersti Tag in Townsville und mehr sind in Pallarenda Conservation Park gange😍 Nach es paar Stunde wandere und hemmer no es paar alti Bunker gfunde vo wo us es deutsches Kriegsschiff versenkt worde isch🙈 Das Wrack liet immernoide nöchi vo Magnetic Island uffem Grund und es gitt Tauchusflüg dett anne☺️

    Leider hani da dezue keii Ziit ghaa!!

    Am Namittag und nacheme wietere Nationalpark isch Pauline in Townsville acho und bevor sii s Boot nach Magnetic Island gno het hemmer eus no troffe😁 Mehr sind denn alli zemme an Strand vo Townsville gange hend gredet und Grafitikunst bewunderet😍 Nach ere Stund und em schwumm vode Gabi simmer denn id City gfahre hend no eppis im Woolworth kauft und denn scho richtig Castle Hill ufbroche zum de Sunneuntergang zgseh🌞🌚

    Das isch eine vode beste Sunneuntergäng woni gseh han da in Australie eifach wunderschön❤️❤️ Nachdem hemmer d Pauline am 19.00 am Fährhafe abglade und sind zrugg zu eusem billig Campingplatz😂😂
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