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  • Day46

    T5 - Tasmanien

    December 6, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    ▪️Der Wind war in der Nacht so heftig, dass er unser Vorzelt zum einstürzen brachte
    ▪️Lynn musste Julia und mich befreien, weil wir mit unserem Zelt darin schliefen
    ▪️ Weil es so windig war konnten wir nicht mit dem Sessellift den Berg in Stanley hochfahren
    ▪️Standley ist ein richtig süßes Vintage Dorf
    ▪️Gegen 11Uhr sind wir zum Narawntapu National Park gefahren - kein Mensch kann es vernünftig aussprechen 😂
    ▪️Waren am wunderschönen, Menschen leeren Strand - Griffiths Point
    ▪️Wollten in Tama Valley eine Weinprobe machen
    ▪️Konnten uns nicht einigen wer nūchtern bleibt und einen flußläufigen Campingplatz in der Nähe gab es auch nicht
    ▪️Also fiel die Weinprobe aus und wir sind direkt zum nächsten kostenlosen Campingplatz gefahren
    ▪️Der war 5min zu Fuß vom kleinen Lilydale Wasserfall entfernt und mit Toilette 😃

    💡Bei fast jedem Haus hat das Veranda Vordach richtig schöne Verzierungen in den Ecken.
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  • Day30

    Rocky Cape National Park Teil1

    December 9, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Bei diesem schönen Wetter mussten wir natürlich wieder einmal die Landschaft erkunden. Die hatte sich seit unserer letzten Wanderung gravierend verändert. Der Weg führte uns von Sisters Beach - im kleinsten Nationalpark Tasmaniens - über Broadview Hill, Anniversary Bay, Lee Archer Cave und Wet Cave.Read more

  • Day182

    The North Coast

    December 2, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Yesterday was great. I got to pet a wombat, spotted quoll, and Tasmanian devil! I bought some food for the birds, wallabies, and roos. The swans and ducks gathered right at my feet although not close enough to touch. There was an adorable little red-neck wallaby who ate right out of my hand. He grabbed my hand with his front paws and chowed down. I could even stroke his neck a little while he ate. But I think the best was a large male kangaroo (a buck). He was lounging in the shade of a tree/bush using a flat rock as a pillow. He was pretty intimidating with his giant hind feet and claws, but I had the bag of food that his nose seemed to recognize. I crept closer and closer, then slowly extended my hand with feed in it. His soft nose brushed against my fingers as he gently licked up the food from my palm. It was incredible.

    After the Wildlife park, I went to Mole Creek Caves that contain, most notably, glow worms. They're really larvae of Fungus Gnats and they are very bright, especially once your eyes have adjusted to the dark. There's also a chamber with the "Palm Tree" because of its shape (it looks so much like one, I guessed its name) and the Cathedral, in which I belted out the first verse and chorus of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. Had to be done. 😉

    Another greatest moment of a very full day was in Devonport at 9 pm when I watched Little Penguins come in to feed their chicks. You must use red light so they don't get scared, so the few pictures I took didn't really come out, even after I converted them to black and white. The two attached are one coming out of the water (on the left, dark spot in the surf) and three preening on the beach. They're about a foot tall, the smallest of all penguins, and the only ones native to Australia. I was the only person (other then the three volunteers) who stayed long enough to see one nest where both parents had been out feeding, came back, and fed the two chicks. Magnificent.

    Today has been mostly driving along the northern coast. I've made several stops, but just as I get started on walking around it starts to rain. Then the sun comes back out. Then it rains again. The wind is very high and gusty, and the temperature is about 17°C/62°F. When the sun is out, it's downright hot, but the stupid wind is frigid. Come on, Tazzy, it's summer!

    Interesting fact about Tazzy: it's the world's leading producer of legal poppy (medicinal use). Some of the poppy fields are in bloom, and all of the fields have signs posted identical to the one in the picture. The growing conditions are great, but most of all, this is an island whose borders can be more easily guarded making smuggling on or off the island very difficult.

    Now, I'm at Three Sisters Beach and about to head to the northwest coast where I plan to spend the night. Probably in the car again. Hotels are at least $100 Australian a night and can reach $250 near the tourist draws. Waaaaay too much.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day30

    Boat Harbour Beach

    December 9, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 15 °C

    Nachdem wir quasi den Regentag im Auto verbracht hatten, schien am nächsten Tag die Sonne wieder. Noch dazu hatten wir an diesem traumhaften Platz übernachtet !

  • Day30

    Rocky Cape National Park Teil2

    December 9, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Hier der Rest der Bilder dieser schönen Runde, auch wenn die Fliegen die uns permanent hundertfach belagert hatten ( wir hatten doch erst vor 2 Tagen geduscht !?) sehr nervig waren☺

  • Day31

    Table Cape

    December 10, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Den Aussichtspunkt und den Leuchtturm am Table Cape haben wir auch besucht und was soll man dazu sagen, hier pflanzt ein holländischer Tasmanier Tulpen an und exportiert sie nach Holland.

  • Day39

    A tiny slice of paradise - Boat Harbour

    April 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    This must be it! The most beautiful place we've seen in Tassie. Really? I don't know, but definitely close to it.
    After driving through Tasmania's remote West on the mostly unsealed Western Explorer road, listening to Carlos Ruis Zafon's "Shadow of the wind", mesmerized by the marvellous landscape despite of the rain, we reached Smithton yesterday in the late afternoon. The town seemed grim, everything was grey and wet and there were hardly any places to stay. Wikicamps guided us to a free RV campspot on something that looked like a golf court. Technically, we weren't allowed to stay as we're not fully self contained, but it was late and we staid anyways, determined to leave early in the morning.
    So this morning, for the first time ever, we got up, packed our stuff and moved to Smithton's foreshore, where we had breakfast (and more importantly coffee ;-)). Great choice, as we saw the sun rise above the withdrawn sea and the scenery was picture perfect. And the town didn't seem to be that bad after all.
    With only two days left, but also only about 2hours away from the ferry, we weren't in a hurry. The sun had won against the clouds and it promised to be a beautiful day. Neither of us had planned to come to this part of Tassie, so nothing was planned and we decided what to do on the go. I had seen a picture of the "Nut", a fairly high rock formation standing tall in the ocean next to a small town close by, and we decided to head there first.
    What a pleasant surprise this town called Stanley was! Apparently it had even been the showplace of a movie (Tall between the oceans?) a few years back. Quaint little shops and cafés, countless accomodation options but above all the Nut and the fact that the village was bordered by two beautiful beaches, must make this the perfect holiday location. We "hiked" up the hill (it's only 450m of steep incline and then a 2km circuit on top), wandered along the main street and then decided to buy local fish for lunch. Being a bit tired of greasy fish and chips, we took a raw pink snapper fillet and headed over to the beach, where public BBQs would help us cook. This is where we met a lovely local couple that had taken their grandchildren out for a BBQ lunch. They are from Boat Harbour and praised their hometown highly. The locals recently voted to encourage "wild camping", probably due to the fact that there is still land for sale and the community would benefit from the money tourists will spend at the few local shops and the café.
    Whatever the reason, we are grateful for this decision. Personal recommendation had guided us to an awesome spot before (read our mt Wedge article if you don't recall) and hence we decided to spend our last night in Boat Harbour.
    The - so far - tiny village is built into a hill, only a few kms off the highway. It's got one of the whitest beaches I've ever seen (voted one of Australia's Top Ten!), caressed by a calm ocean. There is a little headland that can be surrounded in 10min max and offers beautiful views. It's dividing the sand beach from the beautiful rugged other side, a stoney patch leading to the wild open ocean. The local café, "Sweet-ness by the sea", offers great meals and coffee (at least so we hear from our camping neighbours), there are friendly dogs and as friendly owners everywhere and the locals work out in a garage that has been built in behind the public toilet block. A playground and several BBQs complete the offered facilities. If it wasn't our last night, I think we would stay for a while... and so I sit here, writing this article, thinking about how blessed I am to be able to experience this. It's not common or usual, it's special. And I'm soaking up the sounds of the waves, the last rays of the autumn sun and the spot where the ocean meets the sky on the horizon and hope that I can share this with you by writing about it. Another day in paradise.
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  • Day58


    November 17, 2015 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Wenn jemand mal das Ende der zivilisierten Welt besuchen möchte, dann sollte er hier hinfahren😁

    Die Bevölkerung sank von rund 10.000 (Goldrausch) zu 300. Da ist Sachsen-Anhalt ja relativ stabil😁

    Dafür Wasserfall in der "City" neben der Main Street
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  • Day27

    day 6 - 'the nut'

    March 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    This morning I woke up on the beautiful beach it was a really nice view.

    First we went to a few caves. That was okay and the hike was nice, then to a lighthouse. The lookout over there was nice.

    Before lunch we climbed the nut. It is like a big round flat rock rising out of the sea total 143 meters high. It was a steep climb but it was good! On the top we could just walk around and enjoy the view. Also saw some a animals there.

    Afterwards we went to see some waterfalls that was okay and it was next to the road so that's easy.

    In the en of the day we found a nice campspot and we made a fire there. officially not allowed because it's summer. But anyway it went well.
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