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  • Day50

    Lake Argyle (sunset)

    August 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    It's not often we think a 2 night stop is worthy of more than one "footprint" but the sunsets at Lake Argyle are truly something else! Wish we'd stayed longer just to see them a few more times!
    Mid-afternoon we hopped in the car to check out the dam wall (amazing feat of engineering) and pretty picnic spot on the other side of it, alongside the Ord River. We then made the short trip back to Pannikin's Sunset Lookout point. The short drive off the main road is only about 1.2km but definitely requires 4x4. A Victorian family we'd met in Darwin had been at the pool the day before and recommended the spot and said it was really quiet so we were quite surprised to see a number of cars on the hill as we approached. We soon found out someone was having a wedding at the spot! Luckily it was all over just before the sun disappeared behind the hill so we could enjoy the amazing scenery too!Read more

  • Day266

    Lake Argyle, Katherine & Co.

    May 21, 2018 in Australia ⋅ 🌬 31 °C

    Der letzte Teil unserer Reise von Kununurra nach Darwin führte uns am Lake Argyle vorbei. Einer der größten Seeen Australiens, der allerdings mit Hilfe eines Staudammes angelegt ist. In der Wetseason enthält er sogar mehr Wasser als der Hafen Sydneys. Den Tag haben wir gemütlich nach einem schönen Walk am bzw im Infinity Pool ausklingen lassen.
    Weiter ging die Reise zu einem noch eher unbekannten Nationalpark, der bekannt ist für die Bungle Bungles des Northern Territory. Genannt wird eher Keep River Nationalpark und ist definitiv einen Besuch wert. Da wir allerdings die richtigen Bungle Bungles schon gesehen hatten, war es für mich persönlich nicht so eindrucksvoll und überraschend schön (ich weiß, da bin ich schon viel zu verwöhnt höhö)!
    Weiter ging es nach Kathrine in die Hot Springs und zu den Edith Falls. Was für schöne Plätzchen es auf der Welt gibt, erstaunt mich dann doch jedes Mal auf 's Neue.
    Die Nacht wurde im Auto übernachtet, da wir schon abends die Dingos jaulen gehört haben. Und tatsächlich als wir beim Frühstück saßen hat einer vorbei geschaut. Was für ein Erlebnis mit so einem Herzklopfen ich sag es euch, einmal ist okay, aber das reicht mir echt!
    Weiter geht es an den wunderschönen Robin Falls, wo wir wilde Schildkröten entdeckten, zum Litchfield Nationalpark.
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  • Day62

    Kununurra (Kangaroo Haven)

    August 17, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    We'd read great reviews of the Kangaroo Haven on WikiCamps so thought it was worth checking out. We headed out to Mandy's house, just outside of town, at 3.30 on Thursday afternoon and headed in to her kitchen to meet the first 6 (of many) joeys hanging in bags on the backs of her dining chairs!
    We all had a cuddle and checked out the new arrivals - rare twins that were only 5 months old so didn't have much fur yet and seemed to be all legs and tail and eyes.
    Then we made our way outside to help feed the joeys that live outdoors in the shed and pens - more young joeys in bags and then some older ones out in their yards. Unlike the Kangaroo Sanctuary, patting the kangaroos was okay and it was lovely to get up close to them and feel their beautiful plush fur.
    After getting our 'roo fix, we met Mandy's spectacular blue and gold macaw and then she showed us around the rest of the outdoor enclosures - so many birds! Exotic yellow and orange ones from South America, emus, ducks, geese, turkeys, lorikeets, chooks, tawny frogmouth owls and whistling kites to name a few!
    She's running an amazing operation - rescuing many animals that vets tell her should be put down, flying animals in from surrounding locations (at her own cost) and getting up at 4.30am every morning to feed all the joeys before she heads to her "day job" as an Educational Aide working with troubled Aboriginal teenagers (which she loves, but is also a necessity to cover some of the $2000/month costs of running the Haven). We all loved the experience, and the kids rated it as one of the best days of the trip so far - and we'd have to agree!
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  • Day52


    August 7, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Kununurra turned out to be a surprisingly picturesque spot, particularly seeing as we managed to secure a fabulous camp site right on Lily Creek Lagoon. We had a great patch of shady grass to sit and relax, watch the abundant bird life and check out the local freshwater crocodile who enjoyed sunning himself on the bank a few sites up from us each afternoon. Another amazing sunset (and moonrise) spot, we were fascinated by the flying foxes who flew out at dusk each evening in a long line - all 1.5million+ of them!
    The kids got a taste of "real outback" when they headed to the camp draft and checked out some impressive locals in action. They certainly stood out from the crowd in their crocs and sun hats!
    We were keen to show the kids some zebra rock (mined just out of Kununurra and only found in this one location) which, as its name suggests, is striped like a zebra but usually in brown hues. We headed a few kilometres out of town to the Zebra Rock Gallery, and hanks to a tip off from our neighbour, we packed a bread roll...
    The gallery displayed some beautiful finished pieces of sculpted rock and a video explaining the process from mine to finished piece. After checking out lovely things we couldn't afford, we headed outside to say hello to the talking cockatoos ("hello" was all we could get out of them!) and see the workshop. The workshop had lots of pieces of rock in an unfinished state so we bought a bag of mixed pieces to take home and the kids each chose a small cylindrical shaped piece - the lovely volunteer working on polishing a large piece of rock gave the whole lot to us for the bargain price of $30. We headed down to the lake and the fun really started - fish galore! The bread roll was quickly broken into 3 and the feeding frenzy began! Hundreds of catfish swirled around in the water chasing the bread as the kids threw it in, very entertaining for fish and humans alike! We spotted an enormous catfish we immediately labelled as the "grandpa", and then when the bread ran out other fish began to appear, including Archer fish who spat water at us! It was a pretty spot with a view of Kununurra's "Elephant Rock" in the afternoon sun and the kids would have happily stayed until dark - luckily it shut at 4pm so we could convince them we had to leave.
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  • Day61

    Kununurra (round 2!)

    August 16, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 35 °C

    A second visit to Kununurra meant we could revisit some favourite spots and cross off a few "next time" spots leftover from our first visit! We dropped the caravan off at Metaland first thing Wednesday and headed back to the Zebra Rock Gallery for some more fish feeding. The kids enjoyed another session with the huge catfish but there was no sign of the "grandpa" we'd seen last time. Owing to the morning sun, we could see the fish a lot better but it was also quite hot in the sun so we retreated to the shade of the frangipani trees where Roy and Finn enjoyed mango smoothies (including Meg and Marley's which they didn't finish). There was a unanimous vote to stop at the banana farm on our way back so we bought 2kg this time around!
    We got a call just after 11 to say the caravan was ready to pick up. We were quite pleasantly surprised to find we only needed the one bolt replaced and it was only $120! We headed back to the caravan park and set up again and discovered Rhonda & Geoff who we'd camped next to on our first visit were next to us again (only difference was they hadn't left in the time we'd been out and back - Rhonda was very taken with the Lagoon view). The kids were very pleased with this turn of events and promptly moved their chairs in next door! It's pretty easy to see why they'd stayed so long - the view across the Lagoon is pretty special any time of day, but particularly so every afternoon at sunset. We joined our neighbours for drinks on the grass and soaked up the scenery.
    We had to reevaluate our travel plans to ensure we would still be in Broome in time for our rendezvous with Grandma and Grandpa so unfortunately a second attempt at the Gibb just didn't seem wise. Instead we made the call to stay a couple of extra days and check out a few more of the local sights and the head down the highway later in the week. We rode our bikes up to the picnic spot at the Diversion Dam (and endured another hot-Meg-meltdown on the return was 36 degrees in the shade!), checked out Molly Springs (and had the swimming hole to ourselves!) and visited the amazing Kangaroo Haven....but that needs a whole footprint of its own!
    Roy and the kids enjoyed a 1 hour paddle on the Lagoon (even if it did require a pre and post swim to cope with the 35 degree temperatures!) and the kids enjoyed listening to local entertainer, Steve Case, for the second time around...Jen not quite as excited about listening to his repertoire again...lucky the view was great!
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  • Day50

    Lake Argyle (WA begins!)

    August 5, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    We headed off early from Katherine towards the WA border. If we'd had more time, a stop at Victoria River and the Judburra (Gregory) National Park probably would have been a good idea - another spot for the "next time" list! We arrived at the border just before 3pm NT time, offloaded our few remaining fruit and veg and the firewood we'd been carting around on the roof since Kakadu, adjusted our watches back 1.5hrs and drove the last half an hour to Lake Argyle. Nice treat to have spent a long day in the car and still arrive just after 1.30pm! We set up on our shady site and headed for the infinity pool - looked amazing but it was absolutely freezing! Roy and the kids braved it for some photos and then got straight out!
    The scenery at Lake Argyle was spectacular - photo opportunities at every turn. We enjoyed the Bluff Lookout walk (6km return), even if the kids did gripe about the patches of spinifex grass! In the afternoon we walked down the steep Jesse's Trail to Bamboo Cove for the kids to swim in the lake which was warmer than the pool! It was only after they'd been jumping in for about 15 minutes that we spotted a local freshwater crocodile floating around in the shallows - it was more frightened of us and scurried off into deeper water but it did stop the kids from wanting to get back in!
    In the morning before we packed up I headed up the hill behind the caravan park on the short Ord Gorge lookout walk - more spectacular scenery of the Ord River and Lake Argyle and the enormous dam wall. Lake Argyle is a really beautiful spot.
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  • Day31

    Glamping from Broome to Darwin 1

    June 13, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    After some weeks of basic camping Milou and I decide to relocate a camper from Broome to Darwin, that means we don't need to pay for the camper if we return it within five days. The camper was true luxury with a shower, toilet, kitchen and a queen size bed!
    Our first real stop is Argyle lake, the lake is full of fresh water crocodiles (aka freshies), but still tempting enough to jump in! In Katherine gorge we see trees full of 'flying foxes', the largest bats in the world. They are often hanging in the sun and you can smell them from miles away.

    Picture: Infinity pool @ Argyle lake, Katherine Gorge
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  • Day191

    lake argyle

    August 18, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Mir sind jetzt bim lake argyle, en riesige Stausee. Mir hend en schöne Campingplatz mit Sicht uf de See, live Musig und infinity Pool.

    We are now at lake argyle, a lovely campsite with a view to the lake, including a infinitypool :)

  • Day193


    August 20, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Mir hend widermal oisi Ässensvorrät chönne uffülle, und das mer die nid grad wider ufbruuched machemer zabig e Sunneuntergangs-barbecue-schiffsfahrt :)

    S Highlight vom Tag: mir hend chönne es Wallabie-babie (e chlini Känguruart) hebä und und es ganz chlises Rots Riesekänguru streichle :D


    We filled up our food stock, and so we don't use Food, we booked a sunset barbecue boat cruise :)

    But the best Thing of the Day: We hold a baby wallabie and pet a baby red kangaroo :D
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  • Day191

    Gibb River Road - 855km lang rüttle :)

    August 18, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Mir hend villi schöni Schluchte und Wasserlöcher gseh, aber d Strass sälber isch relativ langwiilig und seehr holprig... Ussert me gaht näbet use, det wirds spannend :)

    Das Jahr hets sehr wenig Wasser geh i de Wet Season und drumm sind die ganze Flussüberquerige zimmli Wasserlos gsii... Das heisst mir müend widermal choo wenns meh Wasser het :)

    We saw a lot of pretty gorges and waterholes, but the street itself was kind of boring and very bumpy.
    Only the sidetracks were interesting.

    This year there wasn't a lot of rain during the wet season so all the riverscossings weren't very exciting.
    We'll have to come back when there's more water ;)
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