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  • Day22

    Was für ein Tag!!!

    June 21 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Es fing alles gut an!! Bis Lenggries ordentliches Wetter und es rollte gut. Dann zog es sich langsam zu und in Höhe des Sylvensteinstausees fing es an zu regnen bis hin zu Hagelschlag mit Blitz und Donner und mitten im Wald. Beim Versuch mein Rad an einem Baum anzu stellen rutschte es ab und samt Gepäck den Hang runter. Gott sei Dank nur der Kabelzug der Vorderradfämpfung gerissen. Bis ich alles wieder oben hatte dauerte es. Völlig durchnässt weiter auf kaum befahrbsren Waldstrecken mit Schiebepassagen und durch querende Sturzbäche. Entscheidung: Auf die Landstraße! Regnete immer noch wie Sau. Noch 30 km in strömenenden Regen bis Maurach. Dann lag an der Straße ein einzelnes Haus und davor stand ein Kombi. Entscheidung: Ich hielt an klopfte am Hausund fragte ob man mich bis Maurach fahren könnte. Er tat es tatsächlich. Ende gut alles gut
    In die Badewanne, jetzt essen und morgen Ruhetag. Was für ein Tag!!!!!
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  • Day15

    Half term expedition

    September 7, 2016 in Austria ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    This is in response to Phil's wish for me to write more. It is full of Chalet School speak and covers the same day as "up the alm on the back of a truck".

    I realised today and tomorrow are the mid point for my trip so it is obviously half-term.
    In the absence of some hefty seniors to give me a hand over the strenuous parts I opted for alpenstock.
    I had a suitable fruhstuck of porridge (well bircher muesli) and a roll.

    To Gern alm we were headed. I was on the lookout for the hay cart but instead discovered the cheery Tyrolean had a truck and trailer. Forgiving my lack of tobacco he accepted my Euro instead.
    It was a bumpy ride but we eventually made it up the alm. Like any new girl I gushed over the cows with bells on that we saw on our way up.

    It was time for elevenses, I checked my rucksack, alas it was emplty of dainty sandwiches and boiled eggs. It was also empty of water.
    Fortunately there is a gasthaus and I was able to order something to drink and eat. As I have not yet reached "types of studels" when learning my ten German words a day I had to guess at what I was eating. Possibly a cream cheese strudel with vanilla custard, it was nice if a little heavy.

    I cast a surreptitious glance around for Matey, not seeing her I shrugged of my blazer er jacket. I'd risk the chill as it really beautiful day. Taking my alpenstocks I set off on a short walk up to where the river meets the path. It was a big river bed and a small trickle of a river. I checked the season and heaved a sigh of relief but also a small amount of disappointment. Autumn means probably no flash flood but also then no opportunity for the doctor of my dreams to rescue me (although The Doctor of my dreams is number 10 so even more unlikely).
    I met the truck and this time was invited to ride in the trailer.

    On returning to the hotel I had just enough time to fetch my waterbottle and visit the er... splasheries (to tidy my hair of course! Why else would a chalet girl visit there except for a bath!) before catching the bus to Maurach for I am going to the Sonnalpe!
    I briefly contemplated scrambling up, who am I kidding? All along I planned to take the cable car.

    It is cetainly high up, all I can say is that it must have been a small San to fit up here.
    Needing the fresh air to whet my appetite I went for a ramble with Hilda and Freda, as my alpenstocks have named themselves.
    I didn't quite make 10 miles (I doubt I made 1!)
    The gasthous provided a beautiful if late mittegessen.
    I met some people who had walked from Maurach, it took 3 hours. It would have been longer and harder to visit the Sonnalpe surely. Those schoolgirls sure were tough.

    I realised I did not have any new material for my article in the Chaletian so I stopped off at the Vitalberg Museum of Tirolean Shale Oil. I won't spoil the article by giving anything away here.

    As I had missed my midday rest once I returned to the hotel I took my book (ipad) down to the garden (balcony) for some quiet time. Of course silence was required and fortunately there were no prefects around when I spoke to myself. I amused myself watching the paragliders.

    Karen did herself proud at Abendesson.
    Eigan has obviously been fishing. He only caught a few trout though, enough for two mouthfuls each.
    I gave the broth with liver dumplings a miss and had cream of garlic soup instead.
    The lamb rack was delicious.
    I was too full for dessert but it was Sacher torte. The oppurtunity to eat Sacher torte in Austria was too great to pass up so I asked for some napkins and bought it back to my room for a midnight feast.

    Looking back at Gern alm
    The Tiern Pass?
    Track from the Sonnalpe to Maurach
    View of Tiern See from the Sonnalpe
    Karlson the 10 yr old beagle who did walk up from Maurach
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