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  • Day284


    January 12, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ -3 °C

    So tired but made it down in time for breakfast 💪🏻
    After we ate we went straight next door to the Inter-sport shop. We had to fill in a big form about height weight etc for the snowboard hire. They didn't have a snowboard as big as Will normally gets but close enough for him to ride.
    I ride goofy but he rides regular.
    My shoelaces are pretty cool, it's a windy up button. Will has regular ones ha ha. Sucker.
    We also realised when in the store that I have been a goose and booked one day longer than I realised. I thought we had 4 days on the fields but we actually get 5. This obviously raised the price a bit but we had kept $1000 aside specifically for this little adventure and the board hire and ski passes cost $1063 so pretty close.
    We did however have to also buy goggles as well because Will and the shop assistant were insistent we must have them.
    Cheapest was 49€ EACH 😭 so that put the price up again.

    Off we went - Will was excited, I was apprehensive. Lessons were stupidly expensive so I decided to give it a go and wing it.

    The lift up the mountain took about 10 minutes. We then reached the sort of middle point which had ski lifts going up into different directions.
    I successfully made it down a small hill without dying so that helped my confidence.
    We jumped straight on the biggest lift because the rest were T-bar lifts and they are so hard to use with a snowboard.
    Another 5 minute ride up to the top.

    The fog was insane! Couldn't see where I was going so that was really scary for me.

    Will fell over first hahahaha #winner

    I then had a really big fall and smacked the back of my head so hard on the ice my beanie and goggles fell off.
    From then on I kept my goggles off my eyes. I cant stand wearing sunglasses so I'm not surprised I didn't like the goggles.
    I had a small cry on the mountain about my head lol.
    Ok a semi big one Hahah

    I carried on.

    I hate the skiers. One nearly killed me. I don't like boarding on my toes cause that's when I fall so I go in zig zags as they do except they go 10000km an hour and I'm like a bloody snail. It is the person behinds job to watch the person in front. If they hit me it's there fault.

    I rode both goofy and regular - my board kept on switching around so I let it lol.
    I made it all the way down the mountain. Granted I had a lot of pit stops but I got there. ☺️
    I took so long we went and had lunch. Haha
    It was self serve and naturally super expensive cause its the only option.
    When I went to stand up afterwards my legs were like jello.

    We went up the same lift to the same run.
    I took it slow again.
    I had another major fall but in a different spot. I prefer the ice to the snow. The snow gets on top of the board and you get stuck.
    When I fell I did like three rolls and landed on my back again but this time I really hurt my thumb. It still is so painful now as I type this 10 hours later.
    I think I have just sprained it. It hasn't swelled up but that could be because of the immediate icing I gave it hahah ❄️❄️
    Apart from when I went with mum and dad when I was 6 or something I don't believe I have yet gone snowboarding without hurting something or going to the hospital.
    1 thumb injury, 1 ass injury and I think 1 knee injury as well. I obviously have great skills.
    We will be getting helmets tomorrow - couldn't afford today. Money hadn't transferred off my card onto Wills yet.
    Once down we had another break in the cafeteria which has wifi so I sent off come emails.

    Back up we went and got down without issues - we went a different way at the bottom fork and ended up at a different ski lift which took us back up to the halfway point of the original mountain.
    My right quad was KILLING me. I had to break often. It's not hurt, I am just not strong enough to be in the break position the whole time which I pretty much have been. I'll be more adventurous with a helmet. But seriously omg. It was like a cork screw - I was at the very end of my very limited strength. 😅

    Made it to the bottom. Took a few pics and videos on this run.

    Up we went again - we got 1/5 of the way when Wills board broke. His shoe thing came off the board so we had to walk down the mountain which was difficult until we found a ski lift. Will was so annoyed and foul - he wanted my to board down the mountain WHILE CARRYING HIS BOARD to take it to inter-sport to get fixed and then bring it back to him.
    No, I don't think that's gonna work somehow...
    I did the obvious thing and asked a worker for help. Duh... 💁🏼
    He didn't have any screws so we caught the cable car down (not to the bottom cause that wasn't possible) where Will got picked up by a snowmobile. It could only fit one so I went back up and boarded down and met Will at the inter-sport. (Not the one we rented from - there is one in the snow field)
    Made it down safely. Apparently they fixed it easily.
    We went back up for one final run.
    Oh my lord.
    It was impossible to see in front of you. Wishing I didn't have a white jacket... although it's currently very brown hahaha
    And then it began to snow.
    I put my goggles back on. Hated it but I had to. Kinda glad I had to so it means the money wasn't a waste cause they were bloody expensive.
    We took it slow and made it safely - Will went ahead of me because I had to keep stopping because of my quad.
    We took the lift back home.

    We went to the supermarket and bought bread to make sandwiches with for tomorrow so we don't have to buy anything - we then got out of our wet clothes.

    We went next door for dinner.

    I am so sore omg. I can't lift up my neck when I lie down. I think I must have tensed it the entire day lol

    *** I read this back to Will and he would like me to add the fact he wanted to buy goggles in Italy at decathlon but I said no so it's my fault we had to pay so much. 😂👍🏼
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  • Day287


    January 15, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    What fresh hell Is this?

    I can't move my arms 😂😂😂😂

    We did the same rush job breakfast then I was granted another hour sleep while Will Skyped people.

    Thankful the ski lift is so close because the boots hurt my calves at the beginning while I adjust. You cant really stand straight they push you so you lean forward.
    I like the little wrist pocket in my jacket for my ski pass. It makes going through the barrier very easy - dont even have to get it out.

    Didn't have to share again. Thankful cause 11 minutes is a long time for an awkward silence with strangers.

    I hate the first hill.
    When you get off the lift you have to clip your snowboard on to go down a hill to the main section.
    It's so bumpy.
    I have to then walk to the next lift.
    Everyone looks like a dill walking in the boots. Me included.

    Less crowded today.
    We did one run. On the way up it was snowing and the proper pretty snowflakes kept landing in my hand. They brightened my mood. They were beautiful.
    I only had a tiny fall where I landed on my knees so that was ok.
    Some parts of the mountain I'm really good at others i loathe. I am good at going slanty across the mountain and around corners. Just not straight 😂

    We both hate the same stretch so we always break before it. It's just lumps and lumps of powder.

    Forgot to mention yesterday A MAN SKIIED DOWN THE MOUNTAIN BACKWARDS.
    Like holy hell. Wowza.

    Made it to the end and breaked for lunch.
    We had to sit outside but found a semi covered section.

    We did one final run. I didn't fall but Will did.

    Went to the shops after and bought some nibblies.

    I fell asleep.

    Dinner same spot.

    Came home and watched the movie "bright"
    Will recommended it - I liked it - keen for the sequel to come out.

    On the second time up the mountain the Ski lift stopped and Will was freaking out. It was kinda funny.
    He was stressing that it was broken and he would have to get a ladder down.

    We look like dicks in our helmet hats.
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  • Day288


    January 16, 2018 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 1 °C

    Will bitched breakfast but I went down like a trooper.
    I came back up and slipped back into bed hoping not to wake him and continue sleeping 😌

    When we woke up he said some magic words....

    "My back hurts"

    So I asked

    "Do you not want to go?"

    And he said ....



    *fakes disappointment and goes back to bed*

    I had a 30 minute sit in the shower and then I packed my bag.

    We went and returned our boards, helmet and shoes. it's a bummer we wasted money paying for 5 days yet I really ain't too sad. I hurt hahahah 😅

    Will returned his ski pass and got 2€ for it but I kept mine to add to my book :) :) :)

    We went to the shops and bought some snacks to hold us over until dinner.

    Watched cars 2 - great movie 👍🏼

    Went to dinner next door and there was a snail in my salad but still had to pay for it.
    I wish I was one of those make a fuss people. Would have saved some money. lol

    Watched princess bride then went to bed.

    Photos from tomorrow par the salad with snail on rim.
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  • Day286


    January 14, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 0 °C

    Alarm was set for 9 because we missed breakfast yesterday which really put the hotel owners out of sorts. Apparently they waited for us until 10 even though brekkie is from 8-9:30. 😳

    Quick feed then back upstairs - I went back to bed for an hour because I felt at deaths door 😅

    It was snowing quite hard outside
    Ok ready to go at 11:30 after much fiddling around haha

    I timed the first snow lift today - it takes 11 minutes.

    We decided to go on one run and then we would eat - up we went. The sun was bright today which I thought might be an issue because of my lack of goggles but thankfully it was not in my vision.

    I took it so slow I didn't make it over the first flat bit 😂
    So many ski school kids today.

    I kept an eye out from my goggles but no luck.
    I just really hope no one tripped over them and hurt themselves 😖

    I had one fall and it reallyyyy hurt my ass.
    Fell like my tailbone shattered but I got up. ha, this will be the death of me.

    The second half of the course is way better because the course lead off into others and we are on the flattest most unchallenging course they have so it's way less crowded so I can zigzag in peace.

    Made it to the end thank heavens hahaha

    Into the resturant where we sat for an hour and ate spaghetti bolognese. It's like rsl standard and yet yum.

    Money still not in Wills account for whatever reason so we are still using my nab card. The conversion isnt that bad actually. Quite pleased.

    I had to prep myself for the next run.
    Last one
    Last one
    You can do thissss

    Up and away.

    I didn't fall once 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    We went home and both slept for 4 hours 😅🙄😂

    Went next door for dinner.

    Back home - legs are recovering slowly but now my arms are sore lol
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  • Day285


    January 13, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 1 °C

    My body hurts.

    Logged into skype and chatted to mum,dad, Annette and Jessica.
    We chatted a fair while but unfortunately my internet cut out mid convo so we didn't say bye but it just never came back on so we got dressed and left.
    We went next door to hire helmets. For hygienic reasons we had to buy head scarf things. Will looked ridiculous. He looked like a hood rat/ice T in law and order hahaha

    All up was 50€ - expensive but worth it.
    Got in the lift and went up the first mountain- as we were getting on a girl got out and she couldn't walk - she might have broken her foot.
    Up up up we went.

    Today is a Saturday so there is soooooo many more people today.
    The line to get on the lift took ages and we had to share today - yesterday it was just us.
    Everything is made for skiers. Nowhere to rest your board so it just dangles painfully off your dominate foot on an angle while twisting your ankle.
    Made it to the top and down we went - I was the first to fall today. The second time my knee twisted but not to badly.
    There is soooooo much more new snow today it made it so difficult! So bumpy!!
    I made it across the flat bit for the first time today - all yesterday I didn't have enough momentum and had to walk a bit of the way.

    The fog was at the bottom of the mountain today not the top. The views were lovely! 😍

    I was so damn sore I said to Will he should go on a run by himself and I would wait for him at the seats so off he went.
    He was about 30 mins before he rejoined me.
    We sat for a bit. Will ate some sandwiches but I wasn't hungry.

    I don't know how, but his board shoe thing came off again 😂
    He has some pride issues sometimes so he spent an hour fixing it himself instead of walking 30 meters to the shop where they would fix it for free with the proper equipment..
    He wasn't in the best mood cause the board pissed him off, we are both so sore from falling and there are so many people.
    So, we decided one more run then we would go home.
    I was so fine with that.
    I'm aching. My thumb finally has a bruise though which I'm happy about - evidence!!

    Up we went.
    We decided to go down separately so I could stop without effecting him (leg still weak AF)

    I had 4 falls.
    2 major ones.
    First one I fell cause of snow but no injuries.
    Second I fell to prevent myself going off the side of the mountain - I did a few spins but no injuries.
    Third one I was uninjured only because of my helmet. I wacked it hard. Helmet now worth every cent.
    Fourth fall I ate shit. My knees hands and ankle hurt. I let out a small, singular sob and continued on.
    NO VISIBILITY - even worse than yesterday- took it soooo slow.
    But made it to the bottom alive and that's the main thing.
    As we went to leave Will goes
    "Where are your goggles?"

    Fuck. They must have fallen off on one of my 4 falls 😪😪😪😪😪
    Goodbye money.
    They weren't on my eyes and I didn't notice they had come off because of my helmet 😖😖😖
    Not buying more though.

    Will suggested I go back down the mountain to try find them but in reality they could by anywhere and the fog would make it even more of a challenge.

    Got home and I washed my knot hair then fell asleep.

    Went to dinner at the same place.

    I am so sore I can barely move 😂😭😭😭😭😭😭
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