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  • Day25

    Hallstatt, Austria

    September 27, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 61 °F

    It took us 3 hours on the public bus to get to Hallstatt but it was totally worth it! The trip went by quickly even though we had to change buses 3 times since most of it was spent admiring the scenic drive through the mountains and small villages of the Austrian Alps. We also got to watch all the local kids get on and off the bus since we quickly realized they don't have traditional school buses.

    Once we made it to Hallstatt we came upon such a tranquil and pristine view of the lake that surrounds the tiny town in the heart of the Alps. We rented a little cottage apartment right by the park where we got to sit out and enjoy the swans in the lake. The following day we had a little adventure where we went to the ice caves formed over 10 million years ago and hiked the Alps to get some amazing views and fresh air! We also discovered a new hobby we hope to take up one day.... paragliding! How cool would it be to soar about the mountains and experience things from another perspective!?
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  • Day3

    Op zoek naar zout

    July 9 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

    Wegens nog ietsje te fris beslissen we om de duikplank van ons privé-strandje te houden tot morgen en we rijden naar Hallstat om de zoutmijn te hezoeken. Klaarblijkelijk waren we niet de enigen met dit idee. Alle parkeerplaatsen zijn bezet en afgezet. Juist als we aan plan B willen beginnen, ruimen enkele Chinezen een plaats voor ons. Weliswaar aan de rand van de afgrond, maar de Audi,past er netjes op. We laten het treintje omhoog voor wat het is en kiezen voor het echte werk, 883 meter stijgen langs een zigzag over de steile helling. Een uurtje later staan we voor de ingang van de zoutmijn, nemen afscheid van Mitzi en rijgen ons in een overall.Read more

  • Day3

    Zoutmijn van Hallstatt

    July 9 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Vanmorgen zijn we de dag rustig begonnen: beetje langer geslapen, rustig inkopen gedaan en ontbeten.
    Daarna vertrokken we naar Hallstatt, een dorpje gelegen aan een ander meer met een zoutmijn in de berg. We waren echter niet voorbereid op de vele dagjestoeristen die alle parkeerplaatsen al ingenomen hadden. Na 3 keer door het dorpje te rijden, hadden we het geluk dat er net een auto wegreed. De parkeerplaats lag weliswaar juist aan een afgrond en ik vertrouwde het toch niet helemaal, maar bon. Mama en tante Zee hadden er wel vertrouwen in en we vertrokken richting de mijn.
    We konden ofwel met de trein naar boven ofwel te voet. Wie ons een beetje kent, weet dat we voor optie 2 zijn gegaan.
    Tante Zee en ik waagden ons in de mijn, terwijl mama buiten bleef met Mitzi.
    De mijnbezoekers moesten een beschermingspak aan, daalden af met houten glijbanen en kwamen terug buiten met een treintje.
    Hierna wandelden we terug naar beneden en aten we aan het meer. Deze keer wel met een hugo!
    Gelukkig stond onze auto nog gewoon op zijn plek en was deze niet weggerold.
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  • Day45


    October 10, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    The rain disappeared today, so we drove for an hour alongside a couple of the lakes to visit the beautiful lakeside village of Halstatt.

    Very picturesque to say the least. The water is crystal clear up close and I assume only looks black from the shores because it is so deep - we could see that it dropped away quickly. There were a large number of swans in the village vicinity and obviously accustomed to being fed because they got quite nasty if you go up close and didn't have any food for them.

    We also walked through the cemetery of the church on the hill, and it has to be the most beautiful cemetery ever! The plots were tiny, each one was well cared for, covered in flowers or ornamental shrubs and unique - gorgeous.
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  • Day20

    Arriving in Austria

    July 11, 2017 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    The first bummer of our trip happened today. The gorge we'd planned on seeing, which was the initial focus of our planning for this trip, was closed due to a big rockfall they'd had in May. They won't even get the gorge open until next summer. Disappointing, but we've experienced so many beautiful natural sites, we can't complain too much.

    As we drove through the Alps north from Slovenia into Austria, the terrain became more dramatic. By the way, "through" the alps is an apt term -- we travelled through many long tunnels on our route (some as long as 4 miles). The Austrian alps are more sheer and imposing than the Slovenian alps.

    We arrived at Hallstatt, a UNESCO designated town on one of the many lakes about an hour outside of Salzburg. The homes here cling to a cliffside, seemingly one on top of the other, most with only stairs to reach them. Walking around the area, we saw that they used a platform-and-pulley system to bring firewood and supplies to the homes from a small upper road. Winters must be severe here because there were large caches of firewood at every home (in Slovenia as well).

    Hallstatt is a very picturesque lake and town, and not so overrun as Lake Bled. The lake has swan paddle boats, but no kayak rentals as we were disappointed to find. Since it started raining soon after we arrived, that was okay. We enjoyed typical Austrian fare for dinner, of Wiener Schnitzel and Goulash, with "bier" and "wein" of course!
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  • Day4

    Hallstatt esti varosnezes

    February 29, 2016 in Austria ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    Si utan viszonylag gyors osszkeszules es irany Hallstatt esti varisnezesre. Nagyon szep kis varos, igazi kis ekszerdoboz, csak sajnos a seta felenel elkezdett szakadni az eso, igy teljesen szetaztunk. Raadasul minden normalisabb etterem zarva volt, mert errefele a hetfo a ruhetag, ugyhogy ott eldontottuk hogy megyunk a höllwirtbe vissza vacsizni. Ismet nagyon finomat ettunk es kozben lefalabb meg is szaradtunk. Sanyi eloetele fustolt szarvas volt, en ettem egy fokhagymakremlevest, majd feleztunk egy hatalmas adag kacsamellsalatat.Read more

  • Day19


    September 24, 2015 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Another really cloudy day for our first full day in the mountains. Undaunted we set forth on a day trip to Hallstatt, another tiny town on another lake, Hallstatter See. We first caught a bus to Bad Ischl - sort of mid way between the two lakes and then a train to the Hallstatt Bahnhoff (train station) which was very conveniently on the wrong side of the lake. So then we had a short boat ride to finish the journey.

    The journey itself was quite fun and Hallstatt was worth the time and effort as well, so it was a win. This place has been around for a long time and its claim to fame is a salt mine. It is hard to get a grip on just how important salt was back in the day. The salt mine is still there and is the major tourist draw card. We didn't go the the mine, but they had a small museum which was really interesting. Lately the place has grown to have great archaeological interest. The place has been going for so long and there is so much salt spread around the place that they are finding artifacts in a very well preserved condition. A couple of hours was plenty to see what there was to see. You can tell my fascination with the layer of cloud that had formed around the lake at just a certain altitude.
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  • Day536

    Day 537: Hallstatt

    August 5, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Hallstatt is a beautiful little village in Austria, perched in an impossibly small patch of terrain between towering mountains and a shimmering lake. With the red roofing and a slender church tower, it's basically perfection. If you've ever heard of that Chinese business man who liked a particular village so much he had a replica built in China - it's Hallstatt.

    So although it's a World Heritage site, it's also incredibly, incredibly popular. To beat both the heat and the crowds, we left our accommodation super early in the morning, around 6:30am! It was about a 30 minute drive around the mountains to Hallstatt but we arrived at around 7:15 and were among the first cars in the car park. Nice.

    We walked slowly through the tiny little town, soaking up the buildings and the atmosphere with hardly anyone around. A couple of locals walking dogs, delivery people with supplies and mail, and a couple of tourists with clacking wheely suitcases. But on the whole it was super peaceful and tranquil, so we did a bunch of filming as quickly as we could.

    There's a great vantage point just north of the town so we headed up there first and filmed as much as possible, then wandered around grabbing other clips. It was slowly filling up and by 9am it was basically like Venice. Not many European tourists though, probably about 75% were Asian (mostly Chinese) and most of the rest were Indian. Not sure why - although the town is very pretty, it's not all that remarkable for an Austrian village.

    Funnily enough, it's on the World Heritage list not because it's a nice place (although I'm sure that helps), but actually because it was home to a huge salt mining operation dating back several thousand years. Obviously salt is a valueless commodity these days but for much of history it's been extremely expensive, so mining salt from the mountains made Hallstadt very rich.

    Wanting to escape the crowds we rented a small electric motorboat for a reasonable price (15 euros for 30 minutes), and headed out onto the lake. Was nice to get a completely different angle of the town, and to film some clips from an unusual spot!

    Back on land, we grabbed an early lunch of kebabs (about the only thing reasonably priced), and then headed back to the car. Was an unusual feeling to be done by 11:30, but our strategy was vindicated when we saw the enormous line of cars queued up to get in the car park!

    Drove the 30 minutes back to Abtenau where we dropped Schnitzel in the room and then headed to the nearby local swimming pool. Enjoyed going down the waterslides like a kid again! After that closed we headed back into town and had pizzas for dinner. A local band was playing so I stuck around for a bit to watch that, just like old times. Moving on tomorrow!
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  • Day41


    July 9, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go! Hallstatt is a very small town in the Austrian mountains that has existed because of salt mining. But enough with the spoilers, I’m not at the salt part yet! We started our visit with a walking tour of the area described by Rick Steves as “a tiny town bullied onto a ledge between a selfish mountain and a swan-ruled lake”. Our tour was very authentic and given by a local women who has always lived in the area. My favorite part of the tour was seeing a church where inside are a bunch of painted skulls that serve as a tombstone for those people. This is the only place in the world that has painted skulls like these and it was very interesting. Our tour was very small with only us and another couple from Seattle. The guy was very into art history and geeked out at all the details of a religious paintings in the Catholic Church we visited which was odd but endearing. After the tour we had dinner and then left for our hotel since the entire town of Hallstatt seemed to shut down at 5. Our hotel was at another lake 20 minutes away which was also beautiful, and it had a big bath which was very relaxing for me to use. We started the next day with a visit to Dachstein Dalzkammergut which was on the way to Hallstatt. There we took a cable car up the mountains and then hiked to an ice cave. Our tour of the ice cave was quite unique with animatronic bears growling and light-shows with dramatic music. It was a bit goofy but that added to the fun. The ice caves were beautiful and the light show allowed us to see the ice in many different ways which was cool. After that we took another cable car up even higher to hike to the 5 fingers lookout. The 5 fingers lookout is a serious of 5 viewing platforms jutting out of the very top of a mountain. The views were unreal. I went into each of the fingers and loved the views in all of them. This was my favorite thing we did during our trip of Hallstatt and I view it as a must do while there. After enjoying the view we took the series of cable cars back down the mountain and got back in our car. On the way to Hallstatt we stopped at a small park and had sausages for a quick lunch picnic. When we got into town we took the funicular up to the Hallstatt salt mine. Our tour of the mine would have been incredible if we had a smaller and less annoying group. However we did get to see and do cool things on the tour such as slide down two miner slides, see the oldest wooden ladder ever found in Europe, and take a miner train out of the the mine. This concluded our trip to Hallstatt, so after this we were able to sing “hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Salzburg we go!”Read more

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