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  • Day62


    August 7, 2017 in Austria

    Salzburg is also famous for being the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for The Sound of Music play and film. We went to a couple of the film locations - the lake; the palace; church (at Mondsee); and the gazebo which has been relocated to the Hellbrunn Palace Park where the Hellbrunn Wasserspiel (the Trick Fountain) is also located. It was fun to remember the movie by visiting where it was made....and there may have been a little singing to accompany the viewings!Read more

  • Day61


    August 6, 2017 in Austria

    Our journey to Salzburg was via a national park or state forest which was the route chosen by our GPS! Although not planned we enjoyed the scenery, particularly Walchensee or Lake Walchen which is one of the deepest and largest alpine lakes in Germany.
    Salzburg's "Old Town" is internationally renowned for its baroque architecture and is one of the best-preserved city centers north of the Alps. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Everywhere you turned there was an amazing building to photograph.Read more

  • Day23

    Salzburg, Austria

    September 25, 2016 in Austria

    It turns out we needed more recovery time than expected after Oktoberfest, as we started battling a cold in Mozart's hometown - Salzburg. We found out the hard way that no pharmacies or grocery stores are open on a Sunday so we had to fight through our colds by taking it easy, but we still managed to enjoy our limited time in this beautiful city. The scenery is unique, nestled in the Alps with a river running through it, buildings carved into the cliffs, a castle overhead and an old wall surrounding the town. They also had a lively atmosphere in the town due to their own Oktoberfest celebration; their culture seemed similar to the Bavarian culture we experienced in Munich, but a smaller town feel.Read more

  • Day80


    June 26, 2017 in Austria

    We discovered in Vienna that a lot of Austrians have not heard of, or do not particularly care for, the Sound of Music. I on the other hand, do.

    The coach tour was our main reason for visiting Salzburg. Stuart was delighted that for about 3 weeks preceding this visit I had insisted on listening to the CD in the car on loop so I could be fully prepared for the singalong!

    We found out on the tour that the film was actually a flop in Austria and Germany. The Sound of Music is based loosely on the life of the real Von Trapp family who fled Austria in not so dramatic a fashion before the Second World War. There had been a previous German language film made based on the story and therefore people there were not flocking to see the Hollywood remake. So much so that it was pulled from cinemas due to lack of sales.

    This was our first coach tour and the lack of the enthusiasm from the other tour passengers (except the Canadian mother daughter duo next to us) meant it was a little underwhelming. You do however learn a lot about the film on the tour and visit the church in a lakeside town called Mondsee where Maria and the Captain were married in the Hollywood film - which was beautiful - so it was worth doing.

    Apart from the tour, and in between my recreating scenes Julie Andrews style, we did have time to visit some other things in Salzburg. We walked half way up to the fortress overlooking the city. Only half way as that was as far as my knees and the humidity would allow. We also visited the Cathedral and heard a choir sing in one of the churches.

    We also met a chap called Mick from Milton Keynes in a bar who is a trucker travelling on his own and showed us his tattoos of the flags of the countries he has visited. He also used to frequent the pubs where Stuart grew up in Buckinghamshire, so we had a lot to talk about.

    Most importantly we ate a doughnut pretzel about the size of my head... sweet sugary goodness it was great.
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  • Day21

    The Sound Of Music House

    April 16 in Austria

    So I'm an idiot who only realised that the Sound of Music was filmed in Salzburg when I decided to Google it while driving through Austria. There were literal squeals of delight when I found out we where heading straight there. This also meant an obligatory road stop on the way to see the house where the Sound of Music front scenes were filmed (the garden scenes were somewhere else). The house is now a music school and I could hear beautiful violin solos from the gates. The house overlooks a field and the mountains and is on a tree lined road. The urge to sing the 'I have confidence' song while skipping up the lane was resisted (barely).Read more

  • Day41

    Wet, actually soaked

    October 7, 2017 in Austria

    Today when we woke up, we were ready to go and catch the bus to the snowy mountain. From the bottom of the mountains we could not see much and where the sky rail even stopped.

    As we went up the cart slowly moved into the cold, dark, hazy fog... we saw nothing. Then, as we came out of the fog there were small white icicles dropping all over my window. Then the mountain became clear, there was cold, white snow drops on the little hills. There was tall trees covered in the snow that we saw in front of us. We came to a stop. Time to get off at the top. You will see the cold snow outside the frozen doors. A place to eat and settle down. As we walked outside we got hit by the snow falling from the sky and the hard wind that never stoped. We discovered that it was too cold to stay outside so we came inside, had something warm like a hot chcolate and tea. Findlay and I wanted to go outside to look around and feel the ❄️. When we were coming back I picked up some snow and I wanted to throw it at Finn so I did. Then I started laughing and dad was too.

    Soon after we came down we visited a palace. We saw a fountain with big fish and everywhere you went there was a water trap, this place was called the trick fountains. One of them was at a dinner table and whoever sat at the head would not get water shot up their bum. At the next trick we went into a grotto where there was the rolling stone and a fountain that made sound made by splashing water in different ways. As you walked out you got squirted. There will be two moose statues that you walked under and got soaked at. There was wet sprays coming out of the stairs the people stood on B.T.W. YOUR LEGS GOT WET A LOT.

    The last trick fountain was a little hill smaller than me on top of the hill was a party hat sort of thing, cone shaped and it will be shot up into the air by water. Water was coming out from underneath you too. When we where walking out of the last grotto there was some water spouts that shot from above you I was happy that being short was an advantage for once. After that the guide warned us to watch out at the end it seemed that he was right I turned around as I did that there was some people that were shot everywhere by water. I was shot in my eye. This day was fun even though it was cold snowing and raining. The funny thing was even though you where inside you where always wet and cold.
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