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  • Day2

    Steirerhof und Schladming

    August 14 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    9:50 Uhr planmäßige Ankunft in Schladming! Damit hatte ich ehrlich nicht gerechnet nachdem die Bahn gestern in Lüneburg mal eben 70min Verspätung wegen eines Weichendefekts hatte. Aber gut, etwas schneller fahren, kürzere Pausen machen und eine andere Route einlegen schon sind wir dann doch planmäßig um 6 Uhr morgens in München. Nach einem weiteren Umstieg in Salzburg erreiche ich also on time Schladming, ordere in einem Bäcker ein steirisches Frühstück und schaue mir das Örtchen ein wenig genauer an, bis ich um 15:30 Uhr vom Hotel abholt werde und das Zimmer beziehen kann. Ramona und ihr Onkel Frank sind noch auf dem Weg und Werden Schladming erst um 19:50 Uhr erreichen. Also packe ich aus, springe unter die Dusche, gönne mir mein verspätetes Sushi-Mittag und ein Stiegl-Grapefruit bevor ich eine kleine Runde um das Hotel gehe und gegen meine aufkommende Müdigkeit ankämpfe.Read more

  • Day5

    Riesachwasserfall, Alpinsteig „die Höll“

    August 17 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Heute entscheiden wir uns für die Wanderung zu den Riesachwasserfällen. Über den Alpinsteig „Die Höll“ geht es entlang des Wasserfalls hinauf zu einer schönen Hochalm die uns mit einem traumhaften Blick auf den Riesachsee begrüßt. Der Wasserfall ist mit seinen 140m Höhe schön anzuschauen und sorgt mit seinem Getöse für ordentlich Arbeit der Gehörgänge. Insgesamt überwinden wir 1.065m Steiglänge, 155 Höhenmeter und eine 50m lange Hängebrücke bis zur Gfölleralm mit dem Riesachsee. Nach einer kleinen Pause splittet sich die Gruppe in die die noch nicht genug haben und noch weitere Höhenmeter bis zur Preintalerhütte brauchen um glücklich zu sein und die die der Anblick des Sees vollkommen zufrieden stellt. Ich muss wohl nicht erwähnen zu welcher Gruppe wir gehören…

    1h später sind wir also oben etwas durchgefroren bei der Hütte angekommen. Um dem wieder entgegenzuwirken gibt es eine leckere Kaspressknödelsuppe und einen
    Milchkaffee, um den Abstieg zurück auf die Alm und im Anschluss ins Tal mit ein wenig mehr Energie und innerer Wärme zu meistern. Das Hotel empfängt uns wieder mit Kaffee bzw. in unserem Fall Tee und Kuchen sowie einem entspannenden Saunabesuch.
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  • Day4

    Let’s go skiing

    January 20, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    Dianne and I spent the day skiing and found some challenges. For Dianne the mountain was generally steeper than she likes, and for me generally not steep enough. Even so, there is a host of restaurants and other dining options available all over the four mountain area that our ski pass gives us access to. We took advantage of that while we planned where to go next.

    I have heard about skiing in Europe, and how people enjoy the food, refreshments and long runs. All of that is true. What I miss is the steep 50 degree slopes that I’m used to at home. Moguls are almost non existent, although I did find some small ones at the top of one mountain. They won’t last long because they groom the whole place every night. My friend and fellow pilot Neil Potter was spending some time today with a local who is a good skier so maybe he’ll be able to show me the goods tomorrow.

    Tomorrow we also need to find Dianne a way down off the mountain. She has found some nice runs up top but finds the way down a bit challenging at the end of the day.
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    SBG and Lizzo Travels

    You look ready to go to an English football match...

  • Day1

    1.den Schladming

    July 5, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    4.00 - 9.00 autem Praha - D. Dvořiště - Schladming - parkoviště u lanovky
    Lanovka 46 EUR

    11,3 km
    Stoupání 796 m
    Klesání 666 m
    10.00 - 16.30

    horní stanice lanovky Hochwurzen (1849m) - Rossfeld (1919m) kluci odmítli skupinové foto - Latterfussattel (rozcestí oběd) - Schiedeck (2339m) jen J, ostatní spali u cedule - jezírka, sněhová pole - chata Ignaz Mattis Hutte (1986m)

    Po probdělé noci jsme byli hodně unavení, ani jsme nezahráli žádnou hru a ve 20.00 jsme byli už zalezlí v posteli. Dneska celý den svítilo sluníčko a dost jsme se všichni spálili.
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  • Day5

    Off Piste

    January 21, 2020 in Austria ⋅ 🌙 2 °C

    Our plan today is for Dianne and I split up and ski with other skiers closer to our respective abilities. As we parted company this morning I am convinced I will not see her again all day.
    The local ringer, Deiter, is going to guide what turns out to a big group of folks who consider themselves expert enough to keep up to him. I think I qualify.

    Our initial hoard consists of 8 pretty good skiers, and we do a couple of fast runs from the top to warm up before we rendezvous with Deiter and some others at 9:30. When we all get together, we number around 12. Jim Egglestone, John Wilkes and I are the oldest, and everyone else is about 10 to 30 years younger. Deiter takes us off piste from the start, which means we have to ski over the 18 inch wall that develops from the grooming machines making the groomed trails I have previously complained about. One down now as Scott breaks a pole getting over the wall.

    This new terrain isn’t as steep as some I’ve skied but the snow is deep and not skied out. There are some good turns to be had here. Trees are widely spaced and it seems that nobody skis here because there are not too many tracks. There are some steep pitches and by the time we make it down to the lift I’m breathing hard. Deiter is kind enough to wait for the group at various spots along the way and I stick close so as to not get lost. We go up the lift again with the group intact.
    When we get to the top, I see Dianne getting off the chair lift with some other girls. I did not expect that. She looks a little rattled as she is afraid of heights, but still game. We speak briefly and I say I have to go because this group doesn’t wait for me. We are on our way to a new mountain. I don’t think I’ll see her again until I get to the hotel.

    The route to Hauser Kaibling is mostly off piste and there are some moguls on the way. They are the friendly kind of moguls, nicely spaced, not too tall, and soft. I really enjoyed them. The group is thinning out now. “Attrition”Jim calls it, but he and John are still there. We take 5 different lifts to get to Hauser Kaibling and what turns out to be the holy grail of what I like to ski. It is a shaded stretch of nicely spaced trees on varying terrain in soft deep snow. Everyone left in the group, about six of us can ski powder, only some faster than others. When we get to the bottom, Deiter tells those of us left that there is an assortment of groomers around if we are interesting. Jim says to me “ it looks like he’s saying goodbye”. When we get to the top of the lift Deiter is gone. On the way up though we connect with Sandra, Heather and another female first officer who’s name I forgot. They were guided by Deiter to this mountain yesterday, so the six of us continue to ski this most excellent pitch until lunch. When we stop for lunch, and are looking for a table, Sandra says to me “I just saw Dianne, that’s your wife right”? I can hardly believe it, but it’s true Dianne is here. She is sipping a coke with the girls she was skiing with. I’m so amazed and tired from the mornings activities I decide I’m skiing the rest of the day with her.
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    SBG and Lizzo Travels

    Beautiful views, especially the beer.

  • Day9

    Das schönste Klo der Welt!

    July 31, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Klar, bei so einem atemberaubenden Blick, steigt die Aufregung. Senta muss als Erste aufs Klo. Und siehe da, zufällig befindet sich auf dem Gipfel die Sky Toilette. Der Name klingt schon lustig, aber wir wären ja nicht auf die Idee gekommen, dass er auch hält, was er verspricht...

    Senta „sitzt“ gerade und zwar vor einer Panoramascheibe! Unglaublich. Glücklicherweise haben wir zu Hause nicht sowas, da würde der Papa seine Auszeiten mindestens verdoppeln!

    Nach Senta mussten alle mal:-)
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  • Day9

    Gala night!

    January 25, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

    First; drinks and conversation at Neil & Gayles; then down to the dining room to get the results of the race.

    Before the race results were announced, I learned that two of my colleagues, Jean and Mark missed the race. At race time, there was a lot f confusion about which group would start first, where to get your race number etc. They decided to go for a bite to eat and come back when it was all settled. When the two returned, the organizers were pulling out the gate poles. Both those guys are good skiers, so my chances of placing just went up. I told Dianne before I saw the results that I thought I came in forth. That turned out to be true. I finished fourth. What pisses me off is that my time was less than half a second faster than Neil’s, who claims to have not tried hard at all!

    As Tom came in fourth this year; he won no prize but he has set the bar for himself.

    The dinner was, as usual amazing. Too much food. Then we all decided to try the shooting range. As I have never held a gun before I got a few tips; lined my shot and hit the bullseye the first time!
    That was lucky, now it is off to bed! Tom takes his shot and hits the target! Good try Tom!
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    SBG and Lizzo Travels

    Well done Dianne! Congrats on your 4th placement Tom!

  • Day3

    7. Hochzeitstag - Perfektes Ambiente

    June 14 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Der Beginn des Tages war schon perfekt. Der bestellte Blumenstrauß war genauso perfekt, wie das bestellte Wetter. Dass bedeutete einen Ausflug zum entdeckten Outlett, mit Erfolg. Danach Schladming, Bummel, Mittagessen, Fotos... Ausklingen des Tages am Pool und wieder 3. Gänge Menü.Read more

  • Day5

    5. Tag - Wanderung zum Stocker-Wirt

    June 16 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Nach dem ausgiebigen Frühstück ging es los, die Gegend etwas zu erkunden. Entlang vieler Häuser der einheimischen Bevölkerung ging es zum Stocker-Wirt. Leckere Bewirtung. Am Abend geht bei uns noch der Grill an, mal sehen, welche Leckereien sich unser Wirt einfallen lässt.Read more

  • Day7

    Smashup & Strudel

    January 23, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Today we decided that I would ski in the area I liked and Tom would ski with his buddies on tougher terrain. We would all meet at noon for lunch. Good plan.

    It is another beautiful day here, not a cloud in the sky and just a few degrees below zero. I am skiing the less challenging stuff but still out of my comfort zone. But I am skiing in Austria! Things are going along well until someone comes from behind me and takes me down. Skies, poles and legs go flying. Now on the ground I do the check to see if everything still worked. It did. Now to collect myself and equipment. One of my poles had landed in the middle of the ski path and I needed it to be out of the way so there would not be another wipeout! I half crawled and used my other poles drag it out of the way. I managed to get my ski on, get righted, poles in hand and went on my way still shaking. The women who sent me flying had waited to make sure I was ok and apologized for the accident. I, of course reassured her I was A-ok.

    I continued skiing but was extremely cautious of the skiers around me as the hill was quite busy today.

    Tom surprises me with an early meet. We go up the lift again but I am done skiing we pick up our skis and head up to the spot to meet the others. I(we) decide to walk, mostly up hill. In a perfect world Tom would have preferred to take another chair to the top and ski down; it would have taken less time and less sweat on his part but I wouldn’t hear of it. I had been to the top and had seen it all! So we walked, not our best moment. Our reward was a plate of delicious apple strudel with vanilla. It was warm, comforting and delicious. Perfect end of day.

    I took the ride down in the gondola and Tom skied down we arrived within a few minutes of each other.

    At dinner we met up with friends and talked over our days adventures! I talked about the strudel!
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    SBG and Lizzo Travels

    Strudel looks delicious!


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