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    • Day11


      September 27, 2021 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      As I walked up towards the waterfall, I realized that this is my 1st experience of an alpine river. So instead of a picture of a Wasserfall near Hallstatt, here are a series of pictures along the river, beginning with the waterfall in the 1st 2 pictures. The 1st looks upstream and the 2nd looks down stream. The 3rd and 4th pictures are taken at a couple places that had signs noting that locally famous artists had painted and written about this stretch of river. The 5th picture looks toward where the Waldbachstrub empties into the Hallstattensee.
      The last is identified as a rock that fell into this narrow valley about 12,000 years ago. It is called Runenstein or rune stone. This picture tries to pick up what seem to be runes.
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    • Day2


      April 21 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

      Wir sind angekommen 😍 Der Campingplatz ist super gelegen und ziemlich nah am See, wo wir gerade sitzen und die herrliche Aussicht genießen.
      Gleich geht's weiter in das Örtchen, auf der Suche nach einem köstlichen Kaffee. Bilder folgen sobald sie gemacht wurden ☺️Read more

    • Day3

      Salzwerke Hallstatt

      April 22 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Heute waren wir in den Salzwelten Hallstatt. Der 400 Höhenmeter Aufmarsch machte sich mit einer unglaublichen Aussicht und einer super interessanten Führung bezahlt. (Man hätte natürlich auch die Bergbahn nehmen können, aber das ist ja zu einfach 😉)

      Unter der Erde wurden wir durch die salzige Geschichte Hallstatts geführt, sind mit Bergmannsrutschen tiefer in den Berg gerutscht und mit der Grubenbahn wieder ans helle Tageslicht gefahren.
      Abschließend gab's eine heiße Schokolade und einen Apfelstrudel mit tollem Ausblick.
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    • Day11


      September 27, 2021 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      What a beautiful place. Hallstatt rightly is a UNESCO site. It is located on an Alpine lake at the foot of a mountain below a salt mine. Yes, this is still in the Salzburg principality with salt as the primary business and source of wealth. So it was under the rule of the Salzburg prince-archbishops (see the several Salzburg posts).
      The 1st picture is of Salzburg taken from the lake. The train station is on the other side with a ferry connection to the town. The 2nd and 3rd pictures look along the lake. Number 2 was in the morning, and 3 was taken in the afternoon. Weather changes in the Alps and dramatically affects the scenery.
      The 4th and 5th pictures look at how the town built up the mountainside. There is only a narrow strip along the lake. So going uphill was the only choice. The 4th picture picks up a small waterfall, right in the center.
      The last picture is a look at some of the waterfront buildings.
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    • Day4


      April 23 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

      3 Stunden, 1000 Höhenmeter. Es ging ausschließlich hoch und gegen Ende waren die Wanderstöcke unser bester Begleiter im steilen Schneehang. Oben gab's zur Belohnung den schönsten Ausblick über den Hallstätter See und die einkesselnden Berge 😍 Nach der ausgiebigen Mittagspause inkl. Fotoshooting ging es rasch wieder runter zu einem Cappuccino und einem spritzigen Sommergetränk.
      Nach der wohlverdienten Dusche ging es Abend noch ins Städtchen zum Essen: Bärlauchsuppe und Kaiserschmarrn gab's😋😍
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    • Day3

      Wiesberghaus - Adamekhutte

      July 4 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Wiesberghaus - Mittlerer Ochsenkogl 2365m - rozcestí- sedlo Hosbwandscharte 2180 m - Adamekhutte 2196 m

      8.30 - 15 10 AV, PJ 15.30
      9,2 km
      Stoupání 828 m
      Klesání 523 m

      Ráno jsme se probudili do bouřky a deště. Než jsme se nasnídali, přestalo pršet a dokonce prosvítalo slunce.
      Snídaně byla vynikající, kromě standardní šunky, sýra, chleba byly lívanečky, porridge, domácí bílý jogurt a hodně ingrediencí do něho. Chatu jsme opustili docela pozdě v 8.30. Po obědě má začít pršet i bouřka.
      Dešti nic nenasvědčovalo, občas mráček. Mělo nás čekat 5h chůze.
      Krajina byla opět nádherná, krásné výhledy, impozantní skály. Dřív tu byl asi ledovec, šli jsme po celistvých skalních plotnách. Parádní výhledy na ledovec a horu Dachstein (2990 m).
      Po třech hodinách jsme došli do nejmenovaného sedla a s hrůzou jsme zjistili, že do cíle nám zbývá 5h. Navíc se začalo schylovat k dešti. Oběd (manu) si dal jen Víťa, JaP se ani nezastavili a šli dál. Kolem 14.30 začalo pršet a bouřit, i blesk se objevil. Kluci to natáhli a upalovali do chaty. PaJ šli rozvážným krokem :-)
      Do chaty jsme dorazili lehce promočení. Dali jsme si čaj s rumem, kafe, víno, radlera. Pavlíček si šel lehnout.
      Ještě před večeří si dal VaP gulášovku, JaA víno, čaj s rumem.
      K večeři byla brokolicová polévka, bramborový guláš a jako dezert tvarohový krém.
      Sprcha zase jen studená.
      Poseděli jsme tak tak do 22.00 a šli spát. Ono by stejně nešlo sedět déle, večerka byla také ve 22.00.
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    • Day25

      Hallstatt, Austria

      September 27, 2016 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      It took us 3 hours on the public bus to get to Hallstatt but it was totally worth it! The trip went by quickly even though we had to change buses 3 times since most of it was spent admiring the scenic drive through the mountains and small villages of the Austrian Alps. We also got to watch all the local kids get on and off the bus since we quickly realized they don't have traditional school buses.

      Once we made it to Hallstatt we came upon such a tranquil and pristine view of the lake that surrounds the tiny town in the heart of the Alps. We rented a little cottage apartment right by the park where we got to sit out and enjoy the swans in the lake. The following day we had a little adventure where we went to the ice caves formed over 10 million years ago and hiked the Alps to get some amazing views and fresh air! We also discovered a new hobby we hope to take up one day.... paragliding! How cool would it be to soar about the mountains and experience things from another perspective!?
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      Loretta Ottonger

      Is that you Mitch or you Rupal? Love to join you...Ha! Ha! So glad you don't have my genes of "scared of heights". Love, Mom

      Daksha Patel

      Wow ! Very scenic !

      Andrea Freeman

      You might want to visit Interlaken, Switzerland, too. Means between the lakes...gorgeous! Enjoying reading about your travels - have fun and stay safe!

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    • Day2


      September 22, 2021 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      I woke up extra early to catch the train going to Hallstatt. I really liked the rooms for the place I was staying at, big and private beds with burgundy curtains and there were just three of us in one room so it wasn't too loud. I ended up accidentally flooding our shared bathroom due to my shower curtain positioning. The water even reached the carpet of the main bedroom. I scurried off to get to the main station, getting on the wrong bus in the process which made me even a bit more panicky but I got there just fine, even had time to buy some McDonald's for breakfast. I was a bit worried as today was supposed to be a rainy day and I had wanted to get some sun for beautiful pictures. The train ride was actually very comfortable, too comfortable in fact as I didn't realize I was sitting at first class. When the ticket checker came to confirm my ticket, I realized I was in the wrong place and was asked to move to forward to the other cars. I passed by a small restaurant bar in one of the cars before making it to the seats for "normal" people. I was still able to get a window seat luckily. Most of the ride was very chill, I used it as an opportunity to get some much needed rest after numerous days of continued traveling. It was a long ride, watching Austria's country side as our train cruised along was something I truly enjoyed. As we approached Hallstatt, the scenery started to morph into something more grand. Mountains loomed huge and combined with these blue lakes made for such a picturesque scenery, There were some houses and pastures with sheep along the way as well. After a couple of more stops, we finally arrived at the other side of the lake. I went down to the docks and grabbed a roundtrip ticket and got on the boat that would take us to Hallstatt's port.

      The boat ride was very pleasant, seeing the lakeside town loom closer as we passed each wave gave me a nice idea what I was in for. As soon as I stepped down the boat, this sense of surreal excitement started to creep in. It was such a wonderful place, I remember I was still texting with my mom on my phone then, I was sending her these photos I took from the boat and she was really proud of me. First things first, I had to grab some lunch. I went to the first nearby restaurant to see what they had and was waiting for quite a bit but when I checked the menu, they only had breakfast so I used the bathroom and left to find some food. I decided to also start exploring as well, all the houses here were residential and all of them had these amazing coloring, blooming flowers, and wooden finishes. Just going around the narrow streets and alleys, going to wherever it leads was one of the best ways to explore, just getting lost in this small town. I was able to find some churches, a cemetery and even a waterfall. I took the non-tourist route and ended up going up a lot of stairs but it was quieter with no people. I later backtracked and took the tourist route and saw a lot of shops. I was quite lucky to have come here during Covid as there weren't that much tourists. Usually there would be thousands of Chinese tourists, made apparent by the signs around Hallstatt in Chinese. I circumnavigated the lakeside as well, they made for awesome pictures. There were a lot of swans hanging around the lake which added even more beauty to Hallstatt. I reached the end of the town and decided to have some pizza. It was so big actually, I almost couldn't finish it but it was also very delicious and a bit pricey but such is Europe.

      After having lunch, I went outside again back to the grocery store I passed by before and bought hazelnut bread for breakfast the next day. I hanged around here for a bit, just trying to let the time pass as it was raining very hard and the train I was planning on getting on was still a bit later in the day. After taking shelter in the grocery store, I went and sat by a bench under a tree that overlooked the lake, the rain was still drizzling but the tree was a good natural umbrella. I was worried about the rainy and cloudy weather but I realized they added so much drama and mood to my pictures, I wouldn't have had it any other way. I was planning on taking the postcard photo of Hallstatt at a specific time frame in the day when the sun would come out a bit so I just spent a lot of time visiting the various stores in the tourist road and staying inside the church for when it started to get to cold or rain. I then made my way to the hill overlooking the town pass the opposite side of the docks. I staked my position and waited for the opportune time to take photos, taking a lot of them from various angles. After I was satisfied, I went back to my trusty church and waited for the boat to take me to the train station at the other side of the lake. There, I waited with another person in the waiting room and finally got on the train which took us back to Vienna with a nice sunset behind us, as if it were saying good bye. I had to transfer to another train and then our train did get delayed multiple times before we reached Vienna.
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    • Day2

      Hallstatt - Wiesberghaus

      July 3 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Busem Obertaun - Hallstatt
      Pěšky: Hallstatt - Wiesberghaus 1884 m
      11 km
      9.40 - 1.6.30
      stoupání 1570 m
      klesání 200 m

      Ráno jsme vstali dřív, než jsme chtěli. Vzbudili nás motorkáři, kteří byli čilí jak rybičky už od 6 a dost hlučeli.
      Ráno jsme ocenili, že nemáme auta v kempu. Odjížděli jsme před 8, a to byla ještě zavřená závora.
      Rychle jsme posnídali, sbalili stany a odjeli k lanovce Krippensteinbahn. Na parkovišti se Adam začal balit. Včera jsme si špatně přečetli jízdní řád a byli jsme tu o hodinu dřív, ale Adam se aspoň v klidu dobalil.
      Bus jel včas. Přesunuli jsme se do Hallstattu a vyrazili už po svých.
      Stoupali jsme podél řeky, viděli jsme krásné vodopády, zprvu cesta společná s bikery (MTB). Les vypadal jak v pohádce, mechem obalené kameny a skály. Údolí bylo čím dál užší. Stoupalo se celkem prudce, bylo vedro.
      Na chatu jsme dorazili v 16.30, dali si pivko, Víťa podmáslí a čekali jsme na večeři.
      Sprcha byla s výhledem, tj. venku za dřevěnou plentou byla hadice na konci se sprchovátkem, napojená na velký barel, voda studená.
      K večeři byla polévka s frigátovými nudlemi, zeleninový salát s bramborovým salátem, uzené (tlusté), opečené brambory, zelí (hnusné) a křenový dresing, dezert - palačinky se zmrzlinou.
      Nad chatou je takový pidikopeček, ze kterého jsme pozorovali západ slunce.
      Spát jsme šli kolem 22.00.
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    • Day3

      Zoutmijn van Hallstatt

      July 9, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Vanmorgen zijn we de dag rustig begonnen: beetje langer geslapen, rustig inkopen gedaan en ontbeten.
      Daarna vertrokken we naar Hallstatt, een dorpje gelegen aan een ander meer met een zoutmijn in de berg. We waren echter niet voorbereid op de vele dagjestoeristen die alle parkeerplaatsen al ingenomen hadden. Na 3 keer door het dorpje te rijden, hadden we het geluk dat er net een auto wegreed. De parkeerplaats lag weliswaar juist aan een afgrond en ik vertrouwde het toch niet helemaal, maar bon. Mama en tante Zee hadden er wel vertrouwen in en we vertrokken richting de mijn.
      We konden ofwel met de trein naar boven ofwel te voet. Wie ons een beetje kent, weet dat we voor optie 2 zijn gegaan.
      Tante Zee en ik waagden ons in de mijn, terwijl mama buiten bleef met Mitzi.
      De mijnbezoekers moesten een beschermingspak aan, daalden af met houten glijbanen en kwamen terug buiten met een treintje.
      Hierna wandelden we terug naar beneden en aten we aan het meer. Deze keer wel met een hugo!
      Gelukkig stond onze auto nog gewoon op zijn plek en was deze niet weggerold.
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      Schoontje. Die moet niet snorren, die heeft al een snor.




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